Reasons the Nintendo 3DS is Better Than the PS Vita

3DS is possibly the best handheld out there. Today, I'll be talking about, why is the 3DS is better than the PS Vita.
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1 Better Games

The only games the vita has are JRPGs. Every other game is a port of PS3 games. The 3DS has Super Mario 3D World, A Link Between Worlds, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Mario Kart 7, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and so much more. Also, everyone is saying the vita is better because it has social media apps and better YouTube. You can get all those apps on your smart phone..

Isn't it obvious up to this point? Most of PS Vita games are mostly about PS3 games, and barely has a variety. While the 3DS has loads of games! Super Smash Bros, New Super Mario Bros 2, Legend of Zelda - Link Between Worlds, Legend of Zelda - Triforce Heroes, Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon ORAS, Mario Kart 7 and etc, and there's still a LOT of games coming their way.

2 Includes StreetPass Content Sharing

Possibly the best gimmick it has to offer. PS Vita tried the same, but failed kind of miserably.

3 It Comes With an SD Card

When you buy a 3DS of any kind, it always comes with an SD card, while the PS Vita, you have spend an additional $30-$40 dollars, just to get one.

4 Includes Virtual Console

I'm not actually voting, but the playstation vita has a similar thing, letting you play games like final fantasy vii and resident evil

If you want to play some old Mario, Legend of Zelda, or Kirby games, then stack up $5 to buy a game for virtual consoles

5 Better Customization

So what if you don't want the old wallpaper and home screen. You can always change the wallpaper, and put some "badges". You can change just about anything, on the Home Screen.

6 Has Backwards Compatibility

Imagine, you have a DS game, but you have a 3DS. What do you do? Put the DS game in the 3DS, of course!

7 Optional 3D Effect

I lot of people (including me) don't usually use the 3D setting, but it's a pretty cool mechanic, when you use it in-game.

8 Faster framerate
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