Best Non-singles from Linkin Park's The Hunting Party

This list is only for music from The Hunting Party who didn't become singles. The singles from The Hunting Party are: Guilty All The Same, Until It's Gone, Wastelands, Rebellion and Final Masquerade, as they are singles can't be on that list.

The Top Ten

1 A Line In the Sand

This song is undoubtedly the best from The Hunting Party, be it among non-singles or all of them. Those HARDCORE screams, and the epic guitars and drums, are plain unparalleled. It's the perfect end to the album... "You're gonna give me back what's mine, give me back what's mine, what's mine, what's mine, GIVE. ME. BACK. WHAT'S. MINE..."

A line in my sand is best shut down the polls - Paree

Why this song is so under rated...
I found this the best lp song ever...
The heaviest song I have heard this year...

2 All for Nothing
3 Keys to the Kingdom

I made this song 2nd place :)
This song is personally one of the best from the hunting party. Love the solos, the screaming, the whole song!

My top non-singles are:
Keys to the Kingdom
A Line In the Sand
All for Nothing
Mark the Graves

4 Mark the Graves

Amazing song... deserves to be at the top!

5 War
6 Drawbar
7 Lost In the Echo
8 In the End

This is on Hybrid Theory, Not The Hunting Party/:

9 With You
10 The Summoning

The Contenders

11 By Myself
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