Top Ten Worst Numbers from 1 to 10

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1 7

Hate that number! Bad luck for me whenever I have met anyone 7 years older or 7 years younger. Also, 7 is when someone is in 1st grade--which I HATE that grade as well!

Personally, I think 7 is the coolest number. It's also God's number. But mathematically, this is the worst...everything is made complicated...

7 is the best! All my important exams with high scores has the number 7, also my birthday is July 27, that is 7.27

Bro, why do you hate 7, it's God's number, 7 is also a very pretty number. I love 7. 3 is just overrated.

2 3

3 is the only number that is considered unlucky, 13, 23, and more on are unlucky, because it has the 3 in it, 3 is a bad sign that can cause death, like the 3rd year, the 3rd day of the week, the month of March, etc.

How is this not #1? This number is so annoying

3 is the best while 7 is the worst

3 5

Not talking luck, it just feels so clunky to write. Every other number has a nice flow when you wrote it, five just slowly you down with and awkward 90 degree angle that is followed by a curve

5 should be higher on the list. I have come to realize that it is the most unlucky one-digit number for me.

Yeh, 5 sucks. Gave me bad luck - adter spotting triple 5, a boy kicked me in the face.

I love the number 5!

4 9

Love! Favorite Number from 1-10

5 1

Cute but annoying number. Especially grade 1. Also, it sounds lonely as others said.

Nice number until it turns into 1st which I hate because I hated 1st grade!

6 2

2 is the worst because it is not 1!

7 6

Six is a perfect numbers. All its factors (beside 6) adds up to 6.

The number of my crush's birthday

8 10

A good number but a little overrated.

9 4

At least it's more significant than 5.

This is my hate number! I hate it!

10 8

It is a very unlucky number for me and my family!

For some reason, 8 just seems bland.

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11 1.23456789
12 3.14159

It sucks to compute for the numerical values of areas of circles without a calculator! My grade school years were hell because of this irrational number!

What? You guys are mean. Pi is like, the best number ever. I've memorized it!

These are the first digits of pi. Put pi at number 1!

Nobody said this had to be whole numbers...

13 6.99999999999999999999
14 6.9

It's a 69 interrupted by a period

15 2.42378
16 6.6666666
17 6.66
18 1.3
19 2.71828183
20 1.77245385091
21 9.11
22 7.6

Not quite 8 but too much for 7 to handle.

23 9.9999999999999

Bad because it's so close to 10, but isn't 10.

24 3.7

Not quite 4 but too much for 3 to handle

25 9.876543210
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