Top Ten Unluckiest Numbers

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1 13

I would say 666, but thirteen is a smaller number and more likely to be used. Also, there are more reason why thirteen is unlucky as to six hundred sixty-six being unlucky, but I don't believe any is unlucky anyway. Thirteen is actually my favorite number, but I see the multiple reasons why people would fear it.

Not really sure why 13 is so unlucky but there are a lot of people who still feel uncomfortable about the number 13 even though they would not say they are superstitious.

2 666

The sign of the devil,..

A triangle number. Sinus of 666 degrees equals the golden ratio. An even number...
Unlucky? More like suspictinous...

3 4

China's major unlucky number. Sydney Tower's levels do not have a single 4. Eg. (37,38,39...51,52,53,55)

What about 50? It doesn't ave 4

4 6
5 26
6 16

Umm there were so many unfortunate things in 16. Also 16 sounds disgusting and unprofessional. 16 is a curse.

7 169
8 23

How,Michael Jordan used this number

Many good basketball players have

Always been a lucky number for me

9 3
10 2
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11 99
12 8

I might be crazy to you, but this number is lucky to me!

13 12

There was actually another top ten list with a similar name that didn't have this number anywhere, but at least this top ten list DOES have it. I hate number 12. I understand 666 is also a bad number, but you'll probably understand of my unique superstition if you've ever heard about the Aryan Brotherhood (Warning, don't search for them if you're under 18).

14 42
15 14
16 30

Always been lucky for me

17 7
18 18

I might be crazy to you, but this number is lucky for me!

19 404

404 OH NO! Error number :<

20 27
21 19
22 237
23 29
24 52
25 104
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