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1 7

7 has always been a lucky number for me. In fact, I was supposed to be born on the 29th of Feb in 92. Instead though, I was born a little early on the 7th instead.

I was born on the 7 month 7th day and when I was born I was 7 pounds 7 ounces!

Yep! 7 is without a doubt the luckiest number in the world!

2 3

This has always been a number that I liked because of like three wishes, and everyone's always like count to three when you are little, so I always liked this number.

3 is the best number don't @ me

3 1
4 777

I love this number because it's the perfect number! I'm a Christian, so I love it because in the Bible, it says that this is the perfect number!

Did you know that in the Bible, God says that 777 is the Holy number!? :D That's why this is my favorite number! It's also the number you get when you win a jackpot!

5 4
6 5
7 21
8 23
9 77
10 9
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11 25
12 8

the number 8 + infinity! vote for number 8! by the way the number 8 is my lucky number same with the below
sorry that is a lot! I love them all <: <3

If you put it to the side it's actually the largest number: INFINITY well the second largest after infinity plus one

My lucky number

To Asians it is

13 24
14 6

ME lucky number me mate

15 11
16 27
17 666

This shouldn't be on this list. More of the evil number than lucky number. It also had to be 6s, just had to be my favorite number, they couldn't add any other number to it. So upset

The number of the beast is definitely the luckiest number ever

This is the number of the beast! Not a lucky one

This seems cursed... IT SHALL DIE

18 14

This is the day I was born. (August 14) so I have always loved this number

19 22
20 13

13 is when you become a teen and everyone loves that first moment where you wake and get to say I'm A TEEN! So I mean how can you not love this number

21 55
22 73
23 49
24 18

This is when you become an adult so you kinda have to love the number.

25 67
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