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21 J. Stalin J. Stalin

Bang dance is his one of his best song to me of all time

One of the illist flows to come from the bay, true oakland gangsta slaps right here

Best rappers to come out of west oakland is j stalin and free Macblast

22 Cookie Money

Better than most

He ain't down for his stuff "hit licks" hahaa

Cookie. money go crazy

BeSt YoUnGiN DoInG iT oUt HeRe

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23 Fatha Dom


24 Seagram Miller

Skills like 2pac, he should be at the top of the list, reality check, check it out, RIP

Seag is best street rappers from the bay area we miss you so much

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25 Joe Blow

The real mafia cartel of the bay

26 Bohemia

Punjabi rap king from oakland, California, usa

Punjabi rapper from oakland.Bohemia started his carrier in 2002 with his album vich pardesa de and gave birth to a new genre Desi Hip Hop.

27 GMaly
28 Rappin' Ron

It sucks that he got in that car accident. He was starting to reach up there.

Best rapper from California die to soon to get his names but in the bay area

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29 Eddi Projex
30 Kehlani Kehlani

She mostly sings but she rap too!

31 V-Nasty

V nasty is dirty looking thang, and I like it!

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32 Mistah F.A.B

He one of the best bay rapper

33 Lil Beedy
35 Tejji and P.k

Very big fan of bohemia the punjabi rap king...
And very much inspired by bohemia
And the upcoming rapper

36 Young Droop
37 E-A-Ski
38 Pablo Skywalkin

New rap but slaps

He be in detroit and. east oakland he go crazy

39 DB Tha General

Best new rappers to out of east oakland

Db the general could be one of best from the bay if he stop beef with bay rappers but I love

40 Kaoztheassassin
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