Most Overrated American Idol Contestants


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41 Jasmine Trias
42 Caleb Johnson

As if this planet needed another Meatloaf. Overrated.

He looks kinda like a girl! "Kayla" Johnson!

43 Michael Johns
44 Danny Gokey
45 Melinda Doolittle
46 Diana Degarmo
47 Nikki McKibbin
48 Bucky Covington

That dude SUCKS. Laugh out loud - GarynKatie601

49 Alison Iraheta
50 Matt Giraud
51 Josiah Leming

if you remember this guy, he didn't make it to the show but he kept making it through hollywood week.. - khib

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52 Michael Sarver
53 Blake Lewis
54 Ace Young
55 John Stevens
56 Tim Urban
57 Chris Medina
58 Crystal Bowersox

Simon campaigned for her the entire season. There was a lot of talent on Season 9, but those with the most promise didn't get any attention. There are tons of Crystal Bowerxoses in train stations and on street corners. Her voice wasn't very good. She was smug. She wasn't original. I'm glad she lost. That season would have been much better had they given other contestants air time.

59 Angie Miller

She was solo dramatic and off key a lot, although she played the piano very well. - coolactress198

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