Top 10 Pairs in The Loud House and The Casagrandes

For this list we'll be looking at the top character pairs from The Loud House and The Casagrandes.
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1 Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride

Best friends who are featured together in a lot of the episodes with Clyde usually helping Lincoln out with his plans though they don't always go well there have been times where they've butted heads such as when they were interning for Flip who pitted them against one another for a phony promotion for an unlimited Flipee and in another competed against one another in their grandmother's place for room at the senior home though they always manage to make up in the end.

2 Ronnie Anne and Sid Chang

Just like Lincoln and Clyde Ronnie Anne and Sid are the best of buds whose always got each others backs.

3 Harold and Howard McBride

Aside from being a couple they are shown to pretty good parents to Clyde though are a bit too protective of him to a ridiculous extent not to mention they compliment one another perfectly with Harold being the more laid back and level headed while Howard is the more emotional of the two and always worried for Clyde's safety.

4 Luna Loud and Sam Sharp

Best friends, bandmates and a soulmates though their relationship started off rocky in the episode "Racing Hearts" where they were partners for a scavenger hunt and find out how little they have in common and almost broke off their relationship but realized even though they don't have much in common they can always try new things that they might like another great episode with the pair was in the episode "Purrfect Gig" where Luna was having trouble taking care of the McBride's cats leading to Luna to call Sam who helps her out seeing as she's a cat whisperer.

5 Lana and Lola Loud

Twins who despite being complete opposites and more often then not get into fights with one another both do care for one another and have each others backs as seen in various episodes such as "Patching Things Up" where both attempt to become blue bell scouts and neither wanted to be in the scouts without the other.

6 Lori Loud and Bobby Santiago

Both are almost inseparable despite living apart from one another the two love and care for one another and are almost always talking to one another on their phone.

7 Lynn Sr. and Rita Loud

A loving couple who are pretty affectionate with another to an almost awkward level as seen in the episode "Suite and Sour" mainly the skinny dipping incident and while they aren't always the perfect parents they do show that they love their kids even when they mess up.

8 Lori Loud and Leni Loud

Just like with Lana and Lola Lori and Leni often times get into arguments over petty things but do show they care for one another with Leni even seeking advice from Lori when she becomes the oldest when Lori leaves for college and is left to look after the younger siblings for a day.

9 Luna Loud and Chunk

Chunk acts as both Luna's friend and roadie whose always willing to help her out with her equipment the best episode with the two was in the episode "Roadie to Nowhere" where Luna finds out that Chunk was like her in high school who dreamed of rock n roll fame but never quite reached the top causing Luna to worry that her dreams of being a Rockstar might not be possible but she learns from Chunk that even though he isn't selling out arena's he's doing what he loves which is playing with his band which is in his definition of making it as the episode ends with both performing on stage for the Royal Woods Royal Rumble.

10 Lincoln and Luna Loud
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11 Lainey and Alice
12 Lincoln Loud and Mrs. Johnson
13 Lincoln and Rita Loud
14 Luan Loud and Benny Stein

One of the few couples explored from the episode "L is for Love" Luan crushed on Benny and in the episode "Stage Plight" signed up for a play to get closer to him seeing as they only have one class together they eventually become a couple and end up going on their first date in the episode "A Pimple Plan" where Luan ends up with a pimple and was worried that Benny would reject her for it and tries to cover it up on their date only to find out Benny doesn't care as he like her for her.

15 Jackie and Mandee
16 Carl Casagrande and Adelaide Chang
17 Lori Loud and Carol Pingrey
18 Lynn Sr. & Luan Loud
19 Bobby Santiago & Parr
20 Ronnie Anne Santiago and Maria Santiago
21 Ronnie Santiago and Carlota Casagrande
22 Miguel and Fiona
23 Lynn Loud and Margo Roberts
24 Lucy Loud & Haiku
25 Rusty Spokes & Zach Gurdel
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