Top 10 Parallels Between Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob SquarePants

See? The shows really aren't as different as you may have thought after all
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1 Many of the Rocko characters have direct alternate-universe twins in the Spongebob cast

I heard that some people who worked on Rocko went on to work on Spongebob, so of course there are going to be similarities between characters.

Rocko (both the character and the show that he inhabits alike) is basically just a more realistic and non-irritating version of Spongebob
Mr. Bighead is a much, MUCH meaner version of Squidward
Mrs. Bighead is basically Krabs' daughter Pearl all grown up

Dr. Hutchison is a weirder but sexier version of Sandy Cheeks
Sheila (from the Wallaby On Wheels episode) also is basically Sandy

Spunky is a brainless version of Gary
Heffer is a slightly smarter and triply fatter version of Patrick
Mr. Smitty is Mr. Krabs without the money fetish (or the charm)
The random background characters are used VERY similarly to how those in the Spongebob series are used (for random cutaway gags where they talk about how much of pathetic losers they are, of course)
Filburt is often implied to be (at least roughly) the show's intelligence equivalent to Sandy and is also voiced by Doug Lawrence, the same guy that voiced Plankton in the Spongebob ...more

2 Both primary inspirations behind Camp Lazlo

Now you know who to sarcastically thank (sighs disappointedly)

3 Both hilariously over-the-top and ridiculous Looney Toons takes on "slice of life" shows

Just watch the show's intro; it pretty much says it all right there

4 Both heavily based off of (and basically good versions of) The Ren & Stimpy Show

Honestly, this show (despite the extremely obvious filler episodes here and there) is EASILY more memorable overall than its contemporaries, and vastly better as well

5 Both sitcoms in every sense of the word
6 Both astronomically overrated by their fans

Rocko being the best Nickelodeon show is something that I would say is actually pretty damned close to being true, but "best show ever" is still so much of a stretch that I don't even know where to begin (especially with golden-age South Park and Rick & Morty also existing within the animated sitcom genre)

7 Both have a profoundly weird obsession with going inside characters' bodies and showing their internal organs (most notably brains)

Since when Spongebob have that in Canon? If it was Canon, then I will never watched Spongebob SquarePants ever again, (I thinks that's probably reasons why, the creator of Spongebob SquarePants has died.)

8 Main character has sky-blue eyes in both shows (though you can't normally see it with Rocko)

Probably one of the first times (if not THE first time) it's shown in Rocko's Modern Life is in Kiss Me I'm Foreign, when Filburt publicly proposes marriage to him

9 Both gorgeously animated

Even when I claimed that Ren & Stimpy aesthetically LOOKED better than the Rocko series, I honestly have NO idea what I was talking about in retrospect; literally EVERYTHING
about Rocko (for the most part) was crisp, clean and beautiful to look at (most especially for the time, which R&S looked pretty dated even for)

10 Both shows follow Nickelodeon's classic "main character has a pet" cliche

I'll be honest though; apart from that one "Clean Loving" episode and those Bloaty & Squirmy sitcom parodies, Gary > Spunky any day of the week

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11 Both full of adult humor
12 Both jumped the shark in Season 4
13 Both contain lots of nudity jokes
14 Both have insanely inconsistent continuities

For example, Heffer going to Heck was mentioned in two different episodes, both of which treated the situation as though it really happened (the episode was just a dream).

15 Made by many of the same creators
16 Both among the funniest satire shows ever
17 Both full of grotesque close-ups and toilet humor (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse)
18 Both similarly amazing musically
19 Both have a theme song that just shouts the show's title over and over again
20 Both are full of "random" humor
21 Main character is short and stocky in both shows
22 Both feature "fat and skinny" duos
23 Both have "double-pack" episodes
24 Both originated from Nickelodeon
25 Both came out during the 1990s
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