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21 Mayor Goodway

She is clumsy but funny and her humor is

22 Daring Danny X
23 Mr. Porter

He was not on the list


24 Julius

They are so derpy

They talk at the same time

They are?

25 Moo Moo

Moo Moo is the teams oc dective and is so cute! She always knows how to make people laugh! Check out her page by googling "Paw Patrol Moo Moo" for more info! Moo Moo out!

26 Apollo the Super Pup
27 Walinda
28 Ace Sorensen

She's cool

She would be your substitute for penny if you hate Miley Cyrus Julianna Paul voiced her not Miley Cyrus. So she deserves to be top 5! Also she looks very nice and kind. I even have imaginary adventures and races involving her. If you have no idea who she is here's what she is: she is a stunt pilot. Guess what I'm gonna do: create a list that says top 10 reasons to love paw patrol and put ace in #1. Ace is like πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ›©

29 Princess of Barkingburg

Nearly as good as ace Sorensen.

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