Top Ten Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus Characters With the Saddest Pasts

Who do you think had the saddest past BEFORE THE SERIES?

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21 Jason Grace

He should be ranked higher than Percy. Percy is amazing, but his past is not as sad. - Disneylover

He was abandoned by him mom at two years. Sure Percy had an abusive step father, but at least he had his mother

He grew up with NO parent and/or someone to actually look up to. He had to fight for HIS OWN safety(including others) since a very young age. and never got a childhood like most of the others on this list did. Plus his dad is Jupiter/Zeus who was the one who didn't want the Olympians talking to their children. So I think Jason has the saddest and roughest past.

Just because.

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22 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

How's that worse than anyone else's life?

She had rich and controlling parents

She was privileged.

23 May Castellan

Still making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Kool aid, and burnt cookies for a son she doesn't know isn't come home.

24 Damasen
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