Top Ten Pet Peeves About Chores

When we all do our chores, some things just bug us...

The Top Ten

1 When sorting the laundry, that one shirt that's red and white

I had a similar problem cause I have a white and blue striped shirt

WHERE DOES THIS THING GO? Either way, it's always the wrong one - Haumea

Uh, where do we put it? The whites? The darks? - Turkeyasylum

Because no one likes pink you know... - Ananya

2 When you can't scrub the junk off the dishes

You have to leave them in the water so they can soak.

Annoying as hell these days. - Turkeyasylum

3 Sorting other peoples' underwear

I do not enjoy touching other peoples' undergarments in the slightest. One of the things I truly detest. - Turkeyasylum

4 When your parent tells you to do something else when you're already busy


This is about a day in my house:
Mom: Can you sort the laundry?
Me: I'm already emptying the dishwasher!
Mom: Now?
Me: Look what my brother's doing, absolutely nothing!
Mom: Please?
Me: When I get done! - Turkeyasylum

My life:
Mom: go fold your clothes
Mom:go clean your room
Mom: go vacuum
Me: one at a time, I don't have any clones.
Mom: grounded! - ToptenPizza

5 No allowances

In the summer, I had to do a lot of chores because our cleaners quit! >:( And my mom promised to pay me for them but didn't do it in the first few weeks! She then started paying me later though.

I personally don't get an allowance. I'm jealous of people who get allowances. - Turkeyasylum

That doesn't exsist. "Your allowance is I let you have a phone and a computer and live in this house" - ToptenPizza

6 Vacuuming

After that, there's that annoying noise the vaccuum starts to make. Then you've gotta stop and get it out... - Turkeyasylum

Maid do that, but the noise agrhh so annoying! - Ananya

7 Trying to figure out where a plastic container goes

I can relate to parents are Asian and they have quite a collection of these!

There's always that one plastic container that doesn't fit inside any other ones... so infuriating! - Turkeyasylum

8 When the rake gathers leaves up

It bothers the stunner out of me. - Turkeyasylum

9 Cleaning pots and pans and realizing you're out of soap

This would suck because you're doing the chore which is already hard enough, and you have to explain to mom why it didn't get done. - Turkeyasylum

10 Cleaning pans where eggs were cooked


Oh no, Ew.. - Ananya

The Contenders

11 The time it takes to do them

Like yardwork! It takes HOURS!

12 When you get an allergy reaction when you're cleaning dust
13 When you sneeze while dusting
14 When you nearly puke while cleaning out the fridge
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1. When sorting the laundry, that one shirt that's red and white
2. When you can't scrub the junk off the dishes
3. Sorting other peoples' underwear


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