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1 Mouth Noises/chewing with mouth open

No offense but It's really gross when other people chew mushed up food with their mouths open in public. Even the image for this item on the list is really disgusting.

Oh good- I thought this peeve was rarer, but apparently it's pretty common. I can't say whether or not some people have a predisposition for this kind of etiquette, but it's gotten to be so intolerable for me that I find myself moving to other rooms in the house when trying to eat with my family. My mother and father both smack their lips, and my little brother (pardon my neologisms) "glurps" whenever he imbibes something. What I'd give for some peace and quiet!

Seems there are too many programs on T.V. where people are eating and talking with their mouths FULL; chewing, mumbling and rattling fast food wrappers as they gobble the grub. The 'great divide' between rich and poor is, unfortunately, a serious reality, but good manners cost nothing. These needless media-driven example of stuffing gluttonously sets a poor example for youngsters, and disgusts courteous people everywhere.
Please, writers, discard these rude scenes from visibility; they really do NOT make any story 'more real' in a valuable or constructive way~~!

This has gotta be on of my biggest pet peeves! My sister does this and some other people at school too and it's SO annoying like I just want to kill them! The worst part is I'm always telling my sister to stop and she's like ok she stops, the next day she does it again. I also hate when your at school and you sit next to someone who makes grunting/breathing noises and they sound kinda like there literally about to gag.

2 People who use the word "your" instead of "you're"

Bad grammar drives me nuts! Especially using the incorrect form of a word and unnecessary apostrophe usage. Especially when it is a business or some kind of published article. I swear, no one proofreads anymore! But the best is when someone is ranting in a "comments" section, like on YouTube, calling other people "stupid" and "idiots", yet their entire post is riddled with spelling and grammar errors. A reply to a posting like that is redundant, as they are already advertising their vast ignorance.

I have to agree with everyone on this pet peeve. It's very annoying to be a Floridian reading your own classmate who is older than you's work and notice that they spelled it wrong. I still can't believe that it was necessary, but a year ago, eighth graders were still being notified that there's a difference between the words. For example, it's is a contraction for it is while its is the plural of it. You're is a contraction of you are and your is a possessive. I know this, but half of my own grade doesn't seem to grasp it.

It's called grammar, people! I'm 13, and I have much better grammar than the vast majority of adults! I understand the occasional typo, or if you misspoke, but at least try! I don't mind small mistakes, like commas when they aren't needed, because I do that a lot. But with the your vs. you're thing, it isn't that hard! I have known the difference since second grade!

YOUR means belonging to someone, while YOU'RE WITH AN APOSTROPHE means you are! Understand? And don't even get me started on the they're, there, and their thing!

If I'm 13 and I can use proper grammar (most of the time. I am still a kid) then adults should be able to also!

Jeez, stop bullying people because of their grammar, It's no big deal. Not everyone's grammar is as good as yours and you need to realize that. I hate it when people judge others by their grammar so much because grammar doesn't matter in these comments, Who the heck cares if someone has bad grammar? I mean seriously, It's a huge problem in social media, people always want to be so judgemental about other people's grammar.

3 Poor driving etiquette

I live in Michigan, where statistically, we have the second worst drivers on the roads in the states (right behind California, who are beating us by around 1%. Must be all those people leaving lol). I hate driving here. I mean, they all preach that you should follow the rules, but my mom texts while driving, my dad speeds, my brother and cousin don't know how to slow down, there are around 4 accidents in Grand Rapids every day and 7 in Detroit. Freaking scary yo!

They pull out in front of you and then do 20mph. You look in your review mirror and there is not a car for miles! Also the sign says "Lane closed ahead, merge" and the idiots wait till the LAST second. If everyone would keep moving and let every other car in... There would not be a back up of traffic for miles! It's the people that think they are better and deseve to be in front of everyone that causes the backup!

I would say that bus is one of those slow drivers. They don't drive poorly 'cause their job is to pick up passengers and I totally understand. But whenever I encounter them, they really piss me off. I have to wait until almost every cars behind me on the left lanes past over me then I can get around them. Such a waste of time!

Coming from a person who lives in Massachusetts with the worst drivers of America, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Almost everyday, I see a car that was in a crash be taken to repair. It really makes me cringe seeing a car with so much damage almost every time I enter a car. And don't get me started on Boston rush hours...

4 Not washing hands after using the restroom

There is a reason that sink is in the freaking bathroom, use it. This honestly should be common sense that you wash your hands to not spread germs around, let alone germs from your excrements.

This is extrememly disgusting! I know someone who has the nerve to use the bathroom and not wash her hands, then continues on to the kitchen to eat, touch other people, and touch objects in the house (such as doorknobs, the refrigerator, etc). I wash my hands EVERY TIME I use the bathroom!

So true! And it annoys me so much, that I actually Tell them to do so when they don't! Of course, only if I know them. (not to strangers laugh out loud) because I don't have to hang out with strangers all day and come in contact with their hands now do I?

I'm studying in France for a year, and I have yet to see a French male human being Wash his hands in a public toilet. This might be why all French People do the kissing on the cheeks, as they know that shaking hands is a certain way to spread diseases Down here -. -

5 The naming of celebrity couples

Naming your kids after adjectives (my Aunt teaches elementary school so I know this) is one thing (examples are Desire, Happiness, etc.). This is an abomination. It's only a matter of time before my Aunt tells me she is now teaching a Cam-whoever Cameron Diaz married. The other new baby name trend is throwing together a baby name prefix (like Br for Brianna) and a suffix (like lyn from Jocelyn, Brooklyn, Evelyn) and throwing together whatever in the middle. I hate that.

This is so annoying! I also hate it when the media give individual celebrities nicknames, like Ri-Ri and K-Stew. It just seems so contrived, unnecessary and idiotic. And it always seems to start with Jennifer Lopez. "Bennifer" was one of the first couple names and "J-Lo" was one of the first individual names. Are she and Casper called "Jasper"?

Why do people name their kids adjectives? It's the stupidest and most cheesiest thing in the world. It could ruin your kid's whole life if you name them "Lively" when they are actually a quiet and keeps to themselves. Who even started this trend anyway?

Stormi, enough said. Who are the idiots who came up with this name? The KarTRASHians. They are meta idiots who only care anout themselves and no one else like Logan Paul.

6 People who throw trash from their car window as they drive

What's the point throwing garbage out of the car when you can just put it into the recycling bin later on? Also innocent animals could die from eating plastic by mistaking it for food as well thanks to people dropping litter on the floor.

I detest people who litter, especially those who throw their trash right where a garage can is visible. Why is it SO hard to put the trash in the receptacle?...AND to throw something out of a moving vehicle just drives me crazy. I see this planet as shared by ALL of us and I find it disrespectful for you to litter my home. Please parents teach them when they are young. It is also extremely dangerous for our wildlife. OH, I COULD GO ON AND ON! but I know people who preach are someone else's pet peeve so I will acknowledge and respect their choices...Just respect other people and PLEASE DON'T LITTER!

I don't care if it's biodegradable, litter is litter, and someone has to come pick up your mess. You are probably on the way to a place with a trash bin, USE IT!

Trash makes me depressed. Littering is just plain selfish. I get joy from seeing the natural world undisturbed. Makes me crazy to think that people feel entitled to discard their stuff and expect someone else to take care of the mess.

7 When people copy you in every way

I have a story about someone copying someone else's work;

My school uses this tool which is used for checking plagiarising and collision, and that's where we hand up our assignments.

Anyways here how the story goes; there is a couple that goes to my school. I'm not going to reveal their real names, so I'll just call the boyfriend Mike, and the girlfriend Millie.

Millie had just finished her assignment before it was due, and Mike volunteered to print it out for her. However, Mike (who hadn't even started his assignment) only volunteered as an excuse to copy and paste Millie's assignment on to his own, but change a few words.

Millie and Mike both got detentions for "collusion", even though it was entirely Mike's fault. And they're still dating, which is beyond me. If I was Millie, I would break up with Mike first chance.

Yep. Once I was writing a story to show the class for our topic but my friend copied and finished hers. She then showed it to our teacher who read it out loud to the class and they were all so fond of her story - even though the credit was meant to go to me, then people kept asking why I copied her and her story title, and I tried to tell them that it was my work originally but they wouldn't listen and she copied me, she still does in writing and art. And I hate it, so anyone who does this please stop, it ruins our hard work.

This is a big one and I have been guilty of this myself. Seriously, there was this one girl I would say something or do something and it would be a day later she would do the same thing. This one guy I was talking buying a car and then he just started just saying every word I said. Like if I said a certain phrase to him he would start talking about the car and find some way to use the same phrase. Did not end up buying anything from him. It is super annoying and people have done it all my life.

Me: I hate the new PowerPuff Girls reboot.
My sister, Sasha: Well, I hate it too.
Me: I love Teen Titans. Melvin is so cute.
Sasha: I agree. Because I always have to agree with you, older sister.
Me: I love Vocaloid because the songs are so good, I love the song Happy Synthesizer by Luka and Gumi.
Sasha: I love that program and song, too!

Thankfully, the only thing I like and she doesn't is Pocky.

8 Cell Phone Drivers

There is no reason you should be on your phone while driving! If someone is calling you, put them on speaker and put your phone down or talk to them later. If they're texting you, respond using Siri, and if you don't have Siri since I know there are a lot of non-Apple users out there, again, text them when you're done driving! Nothing is important enough for innocent people and kids to die or get injured, and nothing is important enough for their families to have to go through the pain of losing someone they love because you were too irresponsible to put your phone down for a few minutes! Seriously, it's not going to kill you if you aren't on your phone for 20 hours a day!

Yeah, my mom is one of "those people" who texts at red lights. When it turns green, I have to yell at her that we can go because she can't wait 2 minutes to reach our destination before talking/texting/googling something. We sat through three 2-minute light cycles once because she was looking some cooking recipe up. Yeesh!

Ugh.. I live in California and just recently it's ILLEGAL to talk on your phone and drive.

I hate it so much, it makes everyone a bad driver. Did you know your four times as likely to get into a crash when you talk and drive?

I honk at people I see doing it.

Don't forget, in Florida, where there's at least three car accidents a day in Orlando alone, many of these accidents are from this exact problem. Pet peeve? More like something that should be a stronger law everywhere beside places like California.

9 Screaming children/ temper tantrums

My brother has tantrums all the time over stupid stuff. I get scratched, bitten, hit, and more CONSTANTLY because of them. It's more dangerous and hurtful than annoying. My brother has a high-pitched scream, so when he screams (again, almost constantly), it hurts my ears, but I also have fear of the police coming around because of the noise and maybe accusing my mum of child abuse (which she would never even think of doing, my mum is perfect with protecting and looking after me, my sister, and my brother). I guess it'll be more annoying than hurtful and fearful when the child isn't a relative to yours though.

Every time someone throws a temper tantrum whether it's a child or even an adult, it always makes me feel sad. I hate the sound of screaming and crying in general even though it's completely normal for babies and children to do that when they are at a young age.

Yes! I have a younger brother (who is 13) that always throws tantrums. He always hits, punches, scratches, bites, and shove me. Oh yeah, he screams really loud as well. It always happens whenever I go over to my moms house. I'm afraid my mother is going to get the police called on her because of my brother's tantrums. I always have bruises on my arms when I leave my mother's house. This should be in the top ten. So annoying!

This is so aggravating. especially when the parents wont do anything about it, other than say calm down, instead of actually disciplining their child. its also irritating when this happens during a movie in theaters, and the parents wont leave with their child so they don't disrupt the movie. Then the parent is just like "deal with it." and I'm like "I've been dealing with it for 2 HOURS! " AH!

10 Bitchy schoolgirls

This is why I decided not to marry a girl who attended my secondary school. I rather marry girl who went to school in asia for 12 years straight. She can live abroad, but only for 1 year. If she moved to US, Australia, Canada or any outside of Asia and settled there permanently before age 18, then she's out. Prom and homecoming doesn't exist in Asian schools. I do not regret not attending any of the school parties. Majority of secondary schools go by 10-12 grades. When I was in school, girls often drool at any boys they find interesting. Also they brag about popularity often. I got a lot of unwanted attention back when I was in secondary school. That's all in the past. I use to know this type of girl. She gets into trouble many times. Now I don't see she anymore. Nowadays I decided to distance myself from any of girls who attended my schools.

Most obnoxious schoolgirl I ever encountered was a girl in 3rd grade. Awful thing who tattled on me for every single thing. One time I was playing with some paper (I was bored as could be) and she started complaining. I formed a group to extinguish her (metaphorically speaking), and it worked. We began getting on her nerves and torchering her to the point where she couldn't take it. But we didn't stop there. We got the principal involved, who got angry with her. In just 6 months, my friends and I destroyed the most obnoxious girl in the school. Unfortunately, she was in my 4th grade class, and she was the same way, but I left that school.

I really hate the type of popular school girls who act incredibly obnoxious to other people just because they are not popular or good enough to be friends with them.

This should be number 1 by FAR FAR FAR! This girl in my class doesn't like me because I broke up with her so she told her dad (who happens to be the Principal) that I hit her which was a total and blatant lie because I'm one of the top and best behaved kids in my class. So he chews me out. Then she lied to all the girls and tells them bad stuff about me so they all hate me. It is terrible. They try to ruin your life because they didn't get their way and that seriously ticks me off.

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11 Teens that think they're 30 and tell their peers that they are being "immature"

Honestly, there are some very mature teens out there. If you constantly have to point it out, you aren't mature. Grow up before you tell others to do so. I'm 17, but people tell me if they didn't already know my age, they would think I was at least 27-28. Let others tell you that you're mature, don't self-title yourself as so.

When it's alright to be immature (e.g. In a party) let the people around you be immature! I don't act silly or overreact to stuff (unless it's something I'm scared of, but everyone's scared of something, and I remove myself from uncomfortable situations if able to and I never scream like a baby), but I allow others to do so - It's not like you need other people's permission to act that way unless you actually need to be mature.

I have had experiences with people like this before and some where massive hypocrites. Some kids are good kids but others just do it because they think they are better and/or have something to prove. They have "better things to do". They will always snitch or "report" you for anything like chewing gum or when you mumble "damn it" under your breath when you don't know the answer to your test.

I'm in dance with my best friend and there's a bunch of popular girls on the dance team to right? So we're at a compititon and we (my friend and I) are sitting between the bleachers and the seats when five of the populars come over and tell us to sit up and stop acting so immature, guess what we saw them doing oh I don't know, five flipping minutes later! Running up and down the seats while some of them sat how we were. Ugh!

12 Overuse of the Word Like

Very annoying, and ''Like'' is not the only overused word. People who do this should at least try to control it and speak correctly.

I constantly use this when trying to quote out a sentence on accident sometimes. It sucks to have this disability.

Edit: It's also really annoying to hear some teenage girls use the word "like" 50 times in a sentence.

Just imagine if you were talking to someone in sign language and kept using the sign "like" over and over and over again. Even the deaf person is annoyed at your usage of the word "like". It's so annoying!

Like I was like, liking a like, post on Twitter, and like, they like, commented back like, bruh why is your username like issayliketoomuch? You're, like, weird. I was like, like, girl, you say like, like what too much.

13 The Jersey Shore Cast

Eww. No. I can't stand them and their whiny voices and their attitudes, I actually never watched a full New Jersey Shore show, but I know what its ALL about.

They suck. Sad that they get paid a lot of money for being trash, while the rest of us struggle to get a job in this economy and have manners.

Yeps I totally agree but what really pisses me off they still think they are gracious and lame and still there are people watching them!

14 Arrogance

Some arrogant kid in my class would always make fun of my classmates because he thought he was better. One day, he said a girl had a big belly and she said at least she didn't have a big head,

Some people are just SO big headed that you just want to squish their head!

When they get cocky, knock them on their ass. Then they'll HAVE to shut up.

I'll admit, I'm a little arrogant.

15 When people say things that they don't know the meaning of

When I was in 2nd grade I had to write a sentence with the word "accurate". The sentence was literally: "We will accurate when we have time." NOT JOKING that's the exact sentence. It was because I didn't know what "accurate" meant back then.

That sentence I wrote in 2nd grade was not very accurate.

*ba dum crash* *laugh track*

Because you don't want to ask what that means. so you pretend to know and they go on and you sit there confused as crap and at the end you just laugh.
If they ask you to tell them what the word means : your screwed

I fluently speak multiple languages, and it's so annoying when people think they know what they are saying, but it means a different thing entirely.

If you don't know what the swears mean, then stop trying to act cool and drop the act!

16 Angry Teens who whine about their parents telling them what to do.

You should learn how to make decisions, but until you're 18, your parents still get to make the big ones for you. Shut up already! If you haven't noticed, kids that make their own decisions end up worse off than kids who respect their parents statistically. Grow up, look back, and thank your parents!

I get that can get annoying, but these people complaining every time their parent tells them to do something is 10 times as annoying!

Brat: Oh my god! I like, so totally like, hate my dad! He like, tells me what to do like, all of the time and like, I can't even like, have a boyfriend! I like, so totally like, have it the worst!

Meanwhile a lot of people have parents that either purposely abused them or died, so if you're that person, think about that and tell me you still have it the worst without looking like an idiot!

Mom: Nora, clean your room please.
Nora: Wha-why mom?
Mom: Becuase it's a mess. Now go.
Nora: NO! I'm going to be late for the movies. It starts at 7:00!
Mom: It's just going to be a few minutes. Plus, you can skip most of the ads.
Nora: But my cru- my best firend is going to be there!
Mom: I am in charge here, and I said go clean your room!
Dad: What's going on?
Nora: Mom is making clean my room right before I go to the movies. I'll be late!
Dad: Your mother's right. Go and clean your room.
Nora: Oh okay Das *gives peck on cheek* love you!
Dad: Love you too sweetheart.
Mom: *Shakes head and makes coffee*

I know I'm still sort of a teenager, but very close to being a full-grown adult. I see teenagers or even hear some of my friend's who are still teenagers complaining that their parents tell them what to do. Obviously if it's a house chore, just do it. It will most likely take up 5-10 minutes of your time, it isn't that hard.

17 Parents telling us kids what to do or not to do

They're preparing you for the future. I hate it, don't get me wrong, I really do, but I understand and have learned to accept it. So listen here, I am only 10, but as sweet and kind as I can be, I am hot-headed. I know when someone has crossed the line, my parents are on the verge to doing so, but I have given them handicaps. Too many handicaps at this point, but they are my parents. My dad got so mad once he chipped my sister's tooth. He didn't use force, just slid against her a little too close. He has crossed the line, I know that. But in reality, my sister would remember that and say "I was stupid. It can interest a boy, ya know? " "How come? " I would ask, "Because, it proves that I can take a beating. Not like Cyanide, I would never do that, but I can take a beating." she would say smiling. I would only smile back and soothingly say "Yes sis, you can take a beating. But I wouldn't suggest trying to get a horse to fall in you like Cyanide." "Haha! Noted." she would say. We know ...more

Oh, come on! Let us have a little freedom! God! I feel bad for a lot of kids-- my friend never even saw the Lion King.
'And if I want my room a mess, since you don't go in it, ma, lemme keep it like it is! ' If it's good enough for me, then let it be! And gosh, I really hate it when they say, "Clean your room"... It rubs me the wrong way.

You kids are pathetic. Of course they're going to tell you what to do! The reality is, that your theirs until your 18 and move out to fend for yourself. It's not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you yourself have kids. Not that you know anything about that yet.

I am 13 and my dad does not let me sit in the front seat of the car, and he
go out of the house without his supervision (well I can take the trash out but
I can't actually cross the street. Jesus Christ Dad! I know the rules, and I
think I'm old enough, I'm 13, not 5!

18 Putting others down

There was 4 girls and I was very good friends with them, then one day they decided to blow me off and say I'm dumb and stupid and a lot of other hurtful things. I let it go, and went on to the "Jokester/Popular" group. But, since I'm newer to the school, they treat me as a puppet and shove it in my face that I have no friends. They decided to make up this twin sister of mine that's "SOOO much better." Put yourself in my shoes would ya?

I hate it so much, especially when others can't help it. It is a HUGE put down on others when they can't help it and everyone is complaining at them. (Sorry if this isn't proper grammer) What gives them the right to put others down? How would you feel if someone did that to you? Oh wait, that probably wouldn't happen maybe because your popular and everything is always a joke to you guys. WHAT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE? Please don't be so selfish, think about how other people would feel. What good does it bring for you anyway?

This is to the person who said they were deaf.

Honestly I think deaf people are really cool. They have a whole different way of speaking to each other, a different language. I went to this place once and I saw a deaf guy and his girlfriend talking in sign language and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

One time my brother told his best friend that the reason I get mad easily is because I'm autistic, which is extremely offensive in my opinion. And another time at school, almost the entire class was laughing at a special-needs kid doing something weird. Those are some nasty opinions if you ask me.

19 Body odor

Once some idiot forgot to put on deodorant and he ended up stinking up the classroom. He smelt like farts, rotting flesh and onions combined with mouldy cheese and sweat squeezed from smelly socks. Everyone thought that someone had farted.

Have your bath properly everyday and stop relying on deodorant. Scrub your armpits, don't merely slide your sponge around. THOROUGHLY WASH your lowers, please!

If I shimmy away from you or reel away when you come too close, you might want to catch a whiff of your own body odor because maybe something's up.

Once I went to a shop and at the self serve someone smelt absolutely awful. It smelt like a sweaty trucker who rolled in farts and dead bodies.

20 Bullying

The comments below prove that bullying is more of a problem or danger than a peeve. However, I've been bullied, but can ignore and brush it off, or roast them. Everyone in my class thinks I'm brainless! One thing I keep in mind is becoming depressed or beating yourself up over it only gives the bully what he/she wants, and doesn't solve anything either way.

Though I'm popular right now, I used to get bullied a lot in Years 3 - 6. I've honestly never liked bullies, their only existence is to be dicks to people and I don't mess with that. Sometimes toasting people is funny because it can be banter, just like me and my friends who always roast each other. But sometimes, it can cross boundaries.

I hate this. There was a kid in my school, he was really awful. He hit me, teased me about being "stupid about math" and was bossy and very arrogant.

I am bullied and yes its no fun... People that always call you ugly and fat.. It leads to bigger problems just shut up!

21 Getting interrupted when talking

I used to have a toxic friend that did this ALL THE TIME. if I'm saying something, let me finish. are you that impatient that you can't wait a few seconds?!

Can't talk to anyone in my family without this happening. It's rude. Just let me finish my thought!

Get this all the time and I tell them off.

22 When people don't keep their big dogs on a leash

I hate dogs...they give me massive panic attacks! It really annoys me that I can't go to a public place without being constantly worried, nervous or scared of dogs, I went to my friends the other day when my friends friends dog just came running through the front door while I was standing their, I immediately ran upstairs, anyway that's not the point...sometimes I even see dogs walking behind their owners on a street with no lead...the owner can walk off without realising their dog is 10 meters behind them. And when there is a sign saying "please keep dogs on leads" it's amazing how many people can't read!

Not only big dogs, small ones, too! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dogs, but really, not everyone wants a dog jumping around them. Whenever I'm at Babybeach (A beach on Maui, my home) I sit in the sand and build sandcastles. Whenever someone's dog walks right through the Warriors (warriorcats, an awesome book series about cats) camp I made, I always have to awkwardly convince the owner that it's alright, and I can always fix it. I feel bad that the owner has to take the blame for what the dog did, which wasn't even its fault? I mean, how is it supposed to know that I'm working on something? I know that's not a good example, because NOBODY'S dog is leashed at Babybeach, but it is one of my peeves

I couldn't agree more. It erks the hell out of me when Dog owners allow their dogs to jump on you and then talk to them like a human... And say things like "no jumping not everyone likes dogs"... Just tug on their leash or keep them close to you when you see people coming. It's so inconsiderate to assume everyone wants a dog jumping around and sniffing on them.

It's perfectly fine to have your dog off-leash if they're good and know to follow you! They're not bothering anybody! We shouldn't have to keep our poor dogs on little ropes because someone is afraid of dogs! Jeez. That's like me being afraid of heights so I say "no skyscrapers allowed."

23 People that constantly refer to their girlfriend as "my girlfriend" when you already know her name

I can understand it to an extent if they're talking to someone that doesn't know their girlfriend and if it's on the internet, they may not want to give out their name in respect to their privacy.

I mean it's the other way around they refer to my girlfiend as "your girlfriend... " I mean you know her name... Just call her it

This is my girlfriend, My Girlfriend.

"My girl/man" Ugh, she/he has a name!

24 Bossy leaders

Super annoying but for me also super scary.
My bossy leader threatened to punch me if I didn't do as she said.
And this was in 3rd grade by the way.

I am one of the quiet people so other kids take charge. But they have to quiet everyone down so they can hear my ideas. I want to take charge for once. But since almost none of my friends are in my classes, I stuck joining a group who already has a leader. And if I am starting to write a script, for example, another person is already doing the script.

For sure! Once given a position of leadership, all you have to do is LEAD, not BOSS. There is a difference. A good leader leads and is part of the group. A boss delegates to the leaders understanding his appointed leaders will, indeed, guide their groups toward the desired goal.

I hate sitting with this kid in science class. He's sooo bossy and says "freak'in" every five minutes. People like that need to be hit every time they are bossy, and maybe then they'll know they are just annoying bastards.

25 Being compared to other people

I just hate it when someone compares you to other people without knowing the real story.

More so negatively then positively but both.

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