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1 Mouth Noises/chewing with mouth open

Go back to the pasture if you are going to chew like a cow and sound like you're chewing could. Gross, and annoying.

Ew! Yuk, I hate that noise! And also when you can hear there jaw clicking while you chew! That disgusting and very frustrating! - flowerchild4eva

It's so disgusting! And it's really rude for the people who have to hear it My mom does it all the time And I have to tell her how gross

Chewing with your mouth open is not only showing you have bad manners, but it is also disrespectful and gross. Nobody wants to see what your food looks like chomped up.

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2 Poor driving etiquette

People who get in front of you when there are no cars behind you and then make a right hand turn forcing you to almost make a stop. That drives me crazy and people wonder why I won't let them in.

They pull out in front of you and then do 20mph. You look in your review mirror and there is not a car for miles! Also the sign says "Lane closed ahead, merge" and the idiots wait till the LAST second. If everyone would keep moving and let every other car in... There would not be a back up of traffic for miles! It's the people that think they are better and deseve to be in front of everyone that causes the backup!

When traffic is congested and someone is gracious enough to allow you to merge in front of them, a simple wave to show appreciation is considered appropriate and polite. No wave is just plain rude! Completely annoying!

Someone cut in front of me, didn’t use their turn signal, and flipped me off.

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3 People who use the word "your" instead of "you're"

If you speak and write English, do it correctly. This and all other bad grammar are my biggest pet peeves.

YES. This is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves. Simple grammar mistakes drive my crazy. I'm a freshman in high school and I see them all the time. Even some of my friends who are in honors English make irritating grammar mistakes. Seriously people, you're 15, you should know these differences we learned in elementary: to/too/two, your/you're, there/their/they're, its/it's, and many others. IT'S NOT THAT HARD. WHY IS IT THAT AmericanS IN HIGH SCHOOL SPEAK WITH THE GRAMMATICAL EQUIVALENCE OF THIRD GRADERS?

It frustrates me to no end, just the fact that English was my second language too and I still know the difference between "your" and "you're". Honestly, some people need to stop being so lazy and actually type the correct one in; You don't even have to put in the damn apostrophe just so long as it at least says "you're"!

They mean the same thing

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4 Not washing hands after using the restroom

This is extrememly disgusting! I know someone who has the nerve to use the bathroom and not wash her hands, then continues on to the kitchen to eat, touch other people, and touch objects in the house (such as doorknobs, the refrigerator, etc). I wash my hands EVERY TIME I use the bathroom!

In my thinking, it is essential to protect our health except for unpredicted situation...

I'm studying in France for a year, and I have yet to see a French male human being Wash his hands in a public toilet. This might be why all French People do the kissing on the cheeks, as they know that shaking hands is a certain way to spread diseases Down here -. -

Hey! That is not true! The French are very sanitary! Probably more so than Americans. DON'T DISRESPECT! - Swiftdawn

This is so disgusting!

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5 People who throw trash from their car window as they drive

Put a garbage container in your car. The world is not a great big dumping ground. I honk at them.

I detest people who litter, especially those who throw their trash right where a garage can is visible. Why is it SO hard to put the trash in the receptacle?...AND to throw something out of a moving vehicle just drives me crazy. I see this planet as shared by ALL of us and I find it disrespectful for you to litter my home. Please parents teach them when they are young. It is also extremely dangerous for our wildlife. OH, I COULD GO ON AND ON! but I know people who preach are someone else's pet peeve so I will acknowledge and respect their choices...Just respect other people and PLEASE DON'T LITTER!

Trash makes me depressed. Littering is just plain selfish. I get joy from seeing the natural world undisturbed. Makes me crazy to think that people feel entitled to discard their stuff and expect someone else to take care of the mess.

Extremely disgusting.

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6 Bitchy schoolgirls

God they're annoying. This one girl at school thinks everything is 'weird' and all I said was 'hey' and she said 'its that weirdo again'. I'm gonna shout at her when I hear her next time saying that, don't care who else hears it, she and schoolgirls LIKE THAT in general are annoying. - PotBellyPup

A girl in my class has gotta be the bitchiest of them all. I cannot stand her. But then again, I really don't care for her at all. And I wanna say: I think she wants me to join her. I refuse to. She's my enemy... And I'm just using the title, not trying to vulgar. Anyway, here's a tip for everyone out there who might be getting bullied from this type of person:

IGNORE THEM. They will go insane. And if you can't do that, just look at them like they're really stupid or give them the evil eye. Or you can just curse them off, which I do NOT recommend in school.

You are not prettier than us, and you are CERTAINLY not smarter than us, so get over yourselves!

Most obnoxious schoolgirl I ever encountered was a girl in 3rd grade. Awful thing who tattled on me for every single thing. One time I was playing with some paper (I was bored as could be) and she started complaining. I formed a group to extinguish her (metaphorically speaking), and it worked. We began getting on her nerves and torchering her to the point where she couldn't take it. But we didn't stop there. We got the principal involved, who got angry with her. In just 6 months, my friends and I destroyed the most obnoxious girl in the school. Unfortunately, she was in my 4th grade class, and she was the same way, but I left that school.

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7 When people copy you in every way

I know, some of my friends always copy me, and then I'm like, "OK, from now on, I'M THE ONLY PERSON DOING THIS AND NO COPYING! " but then the other friend would be like, "just let her do it, " but seriously, You're copying me! And then I would say, "You know, I hate it when people copy me and such" but they don't understand I'm partially talking about them! THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY can't YOU JUST GROW A BRAIN FOR ONCE! I JUST GET SO MAD AH

It's so annoying! They do everything you do, and even if they think its funny, its not! I hate people that are like that!

It's so annoying! They do everything you do, and even if they think its funny, its not! I hate people that are like that! (Just kidding) - kaisietoo

Maybe one thing that they like about me would be fine, but do NOT copy every single thing I do, it gets on my nerves because I am trying to do something and you are just trying to do it exact same as me, sure you can use maybe one thing like me, but not everything!

What's even worse is when they copy your style - FuffleyandPeetah

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8 Cell Phone Drivers

If you pass someone on the freeway going 50-55 in a 65-75 mph zone, swerving in and out of the boundaries of their lane, you can just about bet they are on a cell phone!

Ugh.. I live in California and just recently it's ILLEGAL to talk on your phone and drive.

I hate it so much, it makes everyone a bad driver. Did you know your four times as likely to get into a crash when you talk and drive?

I honk at people I see doing it. - bigyellowtaxi

Talking on cell phone while driving is rude ^^ dangerous. It is also arrogant; are you really so important and so busy that you have to make calls while you are driving?

How many PSAs/PIFs do people have to make before people stop doing this? - ItsPisces

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9 The naming of celebrity couples

Naming your kids after adjectives (my Aunt teaches elementary school so I know this) is one thing (examples are Desire, Happiness, etc.). This is an abomination. It's only a matter of time before my Aunt tells me she is now teaching a Cam-whoever Cameron Diaz married. The other new baby name trend is throwing together a baby name prefix (like Br for Brianna) and a suffix (like lyn from Jocelyn, Brooklyn, Evelyn) and throwing together whatever in the middle. I hate that.

Desire and Happiness are nouns. Desirable and happy are adjectives. A noun names a person, concept etc. An adjective qualifies it. - chipower

Why do people name their kids adjectives? It's the stupidest and most cheesiest thing in the world. It could ruin your kid's whole life if you name them "Lively" when they are actually a quiet and keeps to themselves. Who even started this trend anyway? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

They were jelena get it right.

I hate couples. I hate being single. I hate celebrities. I hate life.

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10 Body odor

Ewww no one wants A Person that has body odour
There is a thing called deodorant

Once some idiot forgot to put on deodorant and he ended up stinking up the classroom. He smelt like farts, rotting flesh and onions combined with mouldy cheese and sweat squeezed from smelly socks. Everyone thought that someone had farted. - Lunala

Some kid always stinks up the whole classrooms every timer we switch. Even my language arts teacher complained that her room stank. - Powerfulgirl10

I'm stinky and proud.I rarely bathe and I love stinking up the place with my body Oder and farts.-Hippocrite

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? Siblings

Older siblings can be mean

My so called “brother” isn’t just annoying. He’s self-centered, hypocritical, miserable, ungrateful, and overall just an unlikable person. - 3DG20

? People who ask for a quiz or test back

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11 Teens that think they're 30 and tell their peers that they are being "immature"

I'm in dance with my best friend and there's a bunch of popular girls on the dance team to right? So we're at a compititon and we (my friend and I) are sitting between the bleachers and the seats when five of the populars come over and tell us to sit up and stop acting so immature, guess what we saw them doing oh I don't know, five flipping minutes later! Running up and down the seats while some of them sat how we were. Ugh!

Well, I act mature sometimes and when you aren't acting appropriate in a situation where you really should be then I will count that as immaturity because if it is obviously not an appropriate situation then that is not good.

I agree, and don't purposely tell someone that they're immature. - skimmet1

Yeah you're all doing something stupid and fun and then that one person comes along like, 'stop being so immature.' and everyone just hates them instantly

You know how boring life would be if everyone was all “mature”? - 3DG20

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12 Parents telling us kids what to do or not to do

They're preparing you for the future. I hate it, don't get me wrong, I really do, but I understand and have learned to accept it. So listen here, I am only 10, but as sweet and kind as I can be, I am hot-headed. I know when someone has crossed the line, my parents are on the verge to doing so, but I have given them handicaps. Too many handicaps at this point, but they are my parents. My dad got so mad once he chipped my sister's tooth. He didn't use force, just slid against her a little too close. He has crossed the line, I know that. But in reality, my sister would remember that and say "I was stupid. It can interest a boy, ya know? " "How come? " I would ask, "Because, it proves that I can take a beating. Not like Cyanide, I would never do that, but I can take a beating." she would say smiling. I would only smile back and soothingly say "Yes sis, you can take a beating. But I wouldn't suggest trying to get a horse to fall in you like Cyanide." "Haha! Noted." she would say. We know ...more

Very true. I have to say, even at 10 you're more mature than I've ever been. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I am 13 and my dad does not let me sit in the front seat of the car, and he
go out of the house without his supervision (well I can take the trash out but
I can't actually cross the street. Jesus Christ Dad! I know the rules, and I
think I'm old enough, I'm 13, not 5! - Trivium

Dear, your Dad will give you freedom as he sees you maturing, so have a little patience, he loves you and he is trying to train you for even the small things in life... Enjoy now...

Oh, come on! Let us have a little freedom! God! I feel bad for a lot of kids-- my friend never even saw the Lion King.
'And if I want my room a mess, since you don't go in it, ma, lemme keep it like it is! ' If it's good enough for me, then let it be! And gosh, I really hate it when they say, "Clean your room"... It rubs me the wrong way.

It is unfair period end of convo. but mark you shouldn't say convo that is not a word. I do not care

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13 Screaming children/ temper tantrums

Learn how to raise a kid and keep your demon spawn under control. Nobody wants to hear your offspring throwing a temper tantrum, and it makes you look bad. NOW SHUT THE THING UP!

Come on, I never would have gotten away with throwing a fit like that in public, or if I was too young to know better, they would have taken me outside, end of story.

My brother has tantrums all the time over stupid stuff. I get scratched, bitten, hit, and more CONSTANTLY because of them. It's more dangerous and hurtful than annoying. My brother has a high-pitched scream, so when he screams (again, almost constantly), it hurts my ears, but I also have fear of the police coming around because of the noise and maybe accusing my mum of child abuse (which she would never even think of doing, my mum is perfect with protecting and looking after me, my sister, and my brother). I guess it'll be more annoying than hurtful and fearful when the child isn't a relative to yours though. - LemonComputer

This is annoying. Especially when you are in a grocery store. In Walmart, kids cry all the time. In the toy section, it's even worse. - CartoonCriticizer

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14 Overuse of the Word Like

and like i was like you know like walking and like it was like raining like so not like cool...haha learn to speak proper english! you dont sound cute at all,

I agree. No idea how people think this is more cute than annoying. - 3DG20

i hate the fact that im from liverpool, the word "like" is used in every single sentence. it gets really irritating - Jeheffiner

Just imagine if you were talking to someone in sign language and kept using the sign "like" over and over and over again. Even the deaf person is annoyed at your usage of the word "like". It's so annoying! - kaitlynrad11

How to sound like a Valley Girl: Just say the words "like" and "literally" in every sentence as much as possible.

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15 The Jersey Shore Cast

They suck. Sad that they get paid a lot of money for being trash, while the rest of us struggle to get a job in this economy and have manners.

Yeps I totally agree but what really pisses me off they still think they are gracious and lame and still there are people watching them!

Eww. No. I can't stand them and their whiny voices and their attitudes, I actually never watched a full New Jersey Shore show, but I know what its ALL about.


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16 People with horrible breath

Its not their fault, wow most of these people have health problems

It stinks up my sinuses for days, then I have the same nasty breath!

I don't like stinky breath, but it isn't a pet peeve of mine.

Take that, Bianca!

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17 Putting others down

I'm deaf and I don't like it when people think I'm retarded! I mean come on people.. We are just regular person except we can't hear that good. So start treating us respect. And don't be ignorant!

Those elitist who criticizes person in their back, because of jealousy, they don't want somebody to be higher to them. I don't care if you're famous or not, have money, etc. But talking in the back, spreaking rumors about that person I wanna kill them all. They think that they are right. - ronluna

I hate it so much, especially when others can't help it. It is a HUGE put down on others when they can't help it and everyone is complaining at them. (Sorry if this isn't proper grammer) What gives them the right to put others down? How would you feel if someone did that to you? Oh wait, that probably wouldn't happen maybe because your popular and everything is always a joke to you guys. WHAT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE? Please don't be so selfish, think about how other people would feel. What good does it bring for you anyway?

Yes, we all have those people that we all want to jump on them in the middle of the night and scream cuss words. - PythonProgrammer23

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18 Angry Teens who whine about their parents telling them what to do.


I know I'm still sort of a teenager, but very close to being a full-grown adult. I see teenagers or even hear some of my friend's who are still teenagers complaining that their parents tell them what to do. Obviously if it's a house chore, just do it. It will most likely take up 5-10 minutes of your time, it isn't that hard.

I'm a teen, and I don't get it. Why does it seem like everyone hates their families so much?

They should be grateful that they have parents who actually care about them - AlphaQ

No! Being told what to do is more annoying! Such as “put away your device”, “do your homework”, “clean up your room”, “eat your food”, “go to your room”, “listen”, “go to bed”, “don’t argue”! Those are more annoying! Especially us teens want freedom!

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19 Eating in my bed and leaving crumbs

haha i do that, but i do it in my own bed so if theres crumbs i can only be annoyed at myself - Jeheffiner

my kids do this all the time, cookies,crackers, whatever...I HATE IT!

No matter how much I sweep the bed, there's always that one stray crumb that pricks me in the foot. - Pegasister12

I'm not allowed to eat in my room, so this is not a problem for me!

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20 Skinny jeans on men

I think should all just mind our own buisness. You'll never see me care about another man's jeans. Js.

Guys can wear whatever pants and skinny jeans don't make guys gay that's for fact also

They can wear whatever they want. Don't go putting gender roles on things. - Pegasister12

I'm in school rn help me

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21 Arrogance

Some arrogant kid in my class would always make fun of my classmates because he thought he was better. One day, he said a girl had a big belly and she said at least she didn't have a big head,

Arrogant people just make me want to hit them in the head with a shovel

Some people are just SO big headed that you just want to squish their head!

I'll admit, I'm a little arrogant. - LordDovahkiin

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22 Smokers

What's worse is when they're flailing their arms while walking, with a smoke in their hand to boot! I fear for any exposed flesh, I don't relish the idea of big burn marks on my arms, thanks.

The worst is at the beach and children's playgrounds, Children's PLAYGROUNDS! People are totally inconsiderate, its like, 'we don't all want lung cancer'

What if someone had very bad Asthma and you nearly killed them? Smokers are probably the most ignorant people on Earth. They don't care about their own bodies, so why would they care about others? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

My dad smokes. It's not healthy. Also I can smell the secondhand smoke and it's disgusting!

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23 When people say things that they don't know the meaning of

I really like photosynthesis! Taking photos is very fun!

...Really? - RaineSage

If you don't know what the swears mean, then stop trying to act cool and drop the act!

Because you don't want to ask what that means. so you pretend to know and they go on and you sit there confused as crap and at the end you just laugh.
If they ask you to tell them what the word means : your screwed


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24 Bullying

The comments below prove that bullying is more of a problem or danger than a peeve. However, I've been bullied, but can ignore and brush it off, or roast them. Everyone in my class thinks I'm brainless! One thing I keep in mind is becoming depressed or beating yourself up over it only gives the bully what he/she wants, and doesn't solve anything either way. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

EDIT: A few years later after posting this comment, I found that depression isn't actually a choice. Harming yourself is, but depression is definitely not something you have a say in. Sorry for my misconception. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I am bullied and yes its no fun... People that always call you ugly and fat.. It leads to bigger problems just shut up!

I cut myself because I have been bullied science 2nd grade and I am now in 8th and I'm still bullied.. It stinks

I have autism and I am in 5th grade getting bullied. All bullying should stop.

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25 Bossy leaders

For sure! Once given a position of leadership, all you have to do is LEAD, not BOSS. There is a difference. A good leader leads and is part of the group. A boss delegates to the leaders understanding his appointed leaders will, indeed, guide their groups toward the desired goal.

SERIOUS PET PEEVE OF MINE! When assigned a group project with my friends, I usually sit back and let them lead. Unfortunately, this doesn't exactly work out well for the rest of the group as they normally end up being told off and their ideas aren't given credit. I honestly cannot stand bossy leaders. Ugh.

I am one of the quiet people so other kids take charge. But they have to quiet everyone down so they can hear my ideas. I want to take charge for once. But since almost none of my friends are in my classes, I stuck joining a group who already has a leader. And if I am starting to write a script, for example, another person is already doing the script.

Those people drive me bonkers

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26 People who tailgate when you're going faster than the speed limit

Are you in that much of a hurry where you have to ride my ass to the next stoplight! Pisses me off so much... So I slow down a ton until they try to pass, and then speed back up while they are passing... Not very safe but very effective

Yeah this happens all the time when I drive on mountain roads. I'm driving pretty fast and there's always someone tailgating me. If he wants to drive fast and fly off the side of the road and die in a canyon then that's his problem. - Mcgillacuddy

If I am going faster than the speed limit:

If I am in the fast lane and someone is close behind me, then I move over. If I not in the fast lane and someone is close behind me, then I get mad.

Just imagine though if you got a speeding ticket and they did not ( this has not happened to me but just imagine)

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27 People that constantly refer to their girlfriend as "my girlfriend" when you already know her name

Right, babe. Just call me ANGIE!

I mean it's the other way around they refer to my girlfiend as "your girlfriend... " I mean you know her name... Just call her it

"My girl/man" Ugh, she/he has a name! - Lunala

I can understand it to an extent if they’re talking to someone that doesn’t know their girlfriend and if it’s on the internet, they may not want to give out their name in respect to their privacy. - 3DG20

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28 When people don't keep their big dogs on a leash

I hate dogs...they give me massive panic attacks! It really annoys me that I can't go to a public place without being constantly worried, nervous or scared of dogs, I went to my friends the other day when my friends friends dog just came running through the front door while I was standing their, I immediately ran upstairs, anyway that's not the point...sometimes I even see dogs walking behind their owners on a street with no lead...the owner can walk off without realising their dog is 10 meters behind them. And when there is a sign saying "please keep dogs on leads" it's amazing how many people can't read!

Not everyone likes dogs and doesn't want them jumping up on them all the time. I especially hate it when people just tell their dogs to stop instead of physically moving the dog.

Yess, it's so annoying, I'm afraid of dogs like legit! And I feel very uncomfortable in public just them being there, I'm not saying by any means that they're not allowed to go out, I just think that it's really annoying and disrespectful, so ATTENTION DOG OWNERS, KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH, OH AND ANOTHER THING IT IS SO DISGUSTING WHEN YOU DON'T PICK UP YOUR DOGS "TRASH"

When people let any sized dog of any kind be off leash would’ve been enough, because you are taking a major risk with your dog. They could run away at any moment, and some breeds most likely will, so you should be careful. - 3DG20

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29 Accidentally biting your tongue while eating

And then you get those annoying bumps on your tongue for days. It also sucks when you burn your tongue on a hot drink, then you can't even taste anything for days. - Lunala

I sometimes am impatient when there's hot food but it's so good so I just eat it right away & it burns my lounge I try to be patient but I just can't

Not really a pet peeve its just painful - Bubbyboop

Then you get a cankersore...

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30 Advertisements

Youtube ads are annoying - Lunala

Longest 5 seconds of my life - AliciaMae

Especially if it’s some stupid hair, skin or makeup commercial. - 3DG20

31 The race card

Shut up! Stop ruining my life!

32 Judgmental People

Do unto others...treat them as you want to be treated...I want to slap people who make judgement as they know nothing about that person

People that use "judge not" from the Bible, and can not even tell you what book, chapter or verse it is found in.

I just hate them. - LemonComputer

Judgmental people shouldn't be alive. - shingekicrap

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33 Being late

Now, calm down. We've all been late. That's okay, as long as you don't do it notoriously. - redhawk766

I hate this. - Lunala

34 Lies

Just tell the truth.

35 Fat women wearing skinny women's fashions

On one hand, I give these girls props for their confidence and comfort level with their body. On the other hand, they need to learn what is flattering for their body type and accept the fact that some trends will never suit them. What looks "sexy" on girls of one size is a horror show on girls of another size. Clothing manufacturers should stop making some clothes past certain sizes. I mean, sometimes it just looks like a sack of cats going to the river.

Good One! There are perfectly great clothing for plus size women - why the hell would you want to shove your oversized body into a size 3... Really! I can relate... I'm not a plus size woman but I am average but I know my limits - what I should and shouldn't wear. Especially if you're looking in the mirror and it doesn't look good - GIRL, it doesn't look good... Don't wear it. Flaunt what you have in a more flattering way that suits your plus size figure! And stay away from the skinny jeans and the size 3's!

Okay, for starters, if you're trying to look nice, wear something that actually fits. It is a big peeve of mine to see fat rolls hanging out all over the bottom of the shirt. Second, those styles are for skinny twigs, which means it doesn't hang or accent your body the same way as the skinny girl's clothes. Third, you are not skinny by wearing skinny girl clothes. Thank you, and have a nice day.

I would actually gives prop to them for self confidence because I think you should wear what you want to wear. Honestly your such a judgmental person if you say this about someone's clothing decision. Bigger women wearing "skinny women's fashion" is better than them murdering someone. If we have the right to voice our own opinion and have the right to believe in what ever religion, then I think we should be able to wear what we want.

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36 People who act like they are better than everybody.

Do I have permission to throw last year's version of me down a staircase? - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Seriously your'e not the best thing since sliced bread, EVERYONE HATES YOU!

The girls in my school are this kind of person. - shingekicrap

Giving you the stink eye

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37 Hypocrites

One time (not at band camp) a guy named Keegan was sharpening a mechanical pencil.
AND he called ME stupid.

"Eyehole deep in muddy waters... "-Maynard James Keenan - MegaToolica

It is so annoying how you see them at church and then you see them being a play boy. Then their parents think that their holy but when they go to sleep they don't know where they go.

Probably this kid in my health class in a nutshell. God I hate that kid. - Anonymousxcxc

I am at times when I don't notice I'm being one, but at least I admit to it. My parents tell me not to go on a long rant all the time, but when I ask my Dad a question about politics, he'll go way back to the days of Bill Clinton.

Yeah, they get on my nerves. - Hermione_Granger220

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38 People who bully people with disorders

Just because we have a harder time in the world doesn't give you the right to bully us.

People with disorders are just as valuable as those without. It's so hard to believe some people actually do that! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

*cough* Internet trolls. I don't use the internet as much because I am sick of insults towards disorders and disabilities. Fidget spinners have increased the toll. - Lunala

I got bullied 4 autism and adhd at age 11 still holding that grudge.

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39 Calling girls' sports teams 'Lady (whatever the team name is)'

Go Lady Dogs (heh heh heh) - Bubbyboop

40 People mispronouncing the word kilometer

A few years ago my brother pronounced "kilometer" wrong. I would correct him and ell him how to pronounce it. The cycle happened 3 times and then he cried. - Powerfulgirl10

The word kilometer is pronounced /kəˈlämədər if this helps. People need to learn how to pronounce - THEEPICDUDE990

I pronounce it like "Kill-oh-meet-er". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Kilometer (Kil-ou-me-der),

Do I pronounce it right? If no... then what's the right one seriously. - GirlyAnimeLover

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41 Arguing over race, religion, gender, etc

That's not a pet peeve. That's one of the world's worst things between people. - redhawk766

I hate this one, just accept not everyone’s going to be like you. - AliciaMae

42 Movie talkers

I can't stand people who constantly ask questions and yell out unnecessary comments during a movie... that just pisses me off. - Celestius

Here are some examples:

When Watching a Comedy: *points* HAHA THATZ FUNNY DEHHHH

When Watching a Drama: OMIGOD ITS LIKE SO SAD!

Shut the frack up already. - arbeZameniC

UGH! What The HECK. I HATE Talkers.. "Stop Talking, Get Your Foot Off My Seat And SHUT THE BLANK UP! You Know I Went To See Harry Potter 7 Pt2 And These Idiots Brought A Infant Into The Theater... I Can't Take It.. I Really Can't!

One time I was watching Zootopia and some kid pointed at the screen and yelled "THE SHEEP DID IT" loud enough for everyone to hear. And I really hate spoilers - Pieclone

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43 Coughing without covering mouth

My god why do people still cough without covering their mouths...Why!

Once a flu went around the class and people kept hacking away in my face. Two-Three days later I got ill. - Lunala

Do those people even think about spreading germs? Same with sneezing. - redhawk766

Can you not make everyone else sick? Thanks! - 3DG20

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44 Yards that run down a neighborhood

One crack house on the street does bring down the property value. It's not judgmental just a sad fact.

Its like the saying "one bad apple spoils a bunch." I put time and energry into the landscape of my house and why does the neighbor's house look like grow house or drug manufacturing place.

Most judgemental thing I've read on this site. There has to be a medal for you somewhere.

45 Taking the boy's last name in marriage

Whoever added this is a hyper feminist. This is optional and anyone who does this has agreed to it. You can keep your own last name if you wish so I don't see how it's bad, and apparently guys can take the girl's last name too. Also I will happily refer to myself as a "miss" until I am married and I am ok with that. - Lunala

Umm.. it's the law but okay. I guess it does make sense though - pepeagrees1

Um it’s a tradition - Randomator

How... why...
I just don’t get this. Why is this on the list? It’s literally been a tradition since the 9th century A.D. And people are just now complaining about it? Grow up. - Hermione_Granger220

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46 Irresponsible

At parties my relatives don't watch my cousins and when they (the cousins) do bad stuff they automatically blame it on ME. IF THEY WERE WATCHING THEM THEN NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! >:(

47 Global Warming Propaganda

What if I told you... climate change is an actual immediate problem that is threatening all life on Earth, and your will to stay ignorant and bring up baseless evidence does not change that fact. Excess greenhouse gases emissions created by humans are being absorbed by the ocean and making it more acidic. This is one of the reasons why we will start to see fish-less oceans in 20 years.

Humans aren't the only problem contributing to Global Warming. It's natural, but humans just speed up the process. - LordDovahkiin

Global Warming may be true, but the way the media exagerates the "doom" of the earth is just plain annoying. They can't even call it "Global Warming" anymore, because places are starting to get extreme winter weather, so they have to change it to "Climate Change. " I think everyone knows by now that polution is contributing, but there are also natural factors involved. People need to calm down and just assess the situation, not advertise it all over the place.

Global warming is a myth created by the left in order to extort money. There is no significant research saying the earth is getting warmer as a result. Historically the Earth has its warming and cooling cycles that accur naturally.

My friend, if 99% of the science community agrees on something then I am pretty sure its not a myth... - Bubbyboop

They need more of it, considering the fact that nobody listens. It honestly could lead to the flooding of numerous coastal cities. - Bubbyboop

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48 Eyelash getting in your eye

Agree! It hurts way so much! - GirlyAnimeLover

I have long eyelashes and this happens a lot. Ugh. - Lunala

Even though they're tiny hairs they feel like rocks - Pieclone

Once, I woke up and my eye hurt so bad. And I mean a lot. I couldn’t even open it! After like 4 hours, I went up to a mirror and looked. Now, there was a eyelash almost in a spot I couldn’t even reach! So I made it go up and took it out. Lol my eyeball felt fresh afterward.

49 People wearing their glasses in their hair

I don't get how this is annoying

I wear reading Glasses and when someone comes to talk with me I put my Glasses on my head. I need them only for reading and computor. Hate going in my purse, so ya on my head

Wearing sunglasses in the hair is perfectly normal to me... - redhawk766

This is a little annoying but definitely not enough to be at 49. - 3DG20

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50 Thugs

News Flash, being a "thug" is not "cool" anymore, pull up your pants.

people fake way too much like there "thugs." ritch kids act like there from the rough areas, but if they ever even got close to the rough areas theyd piss there baggy clothes and get killed by the real deal. people in my area, along with myself, get offended and upset when a kid acts lower than themselves. thugs arnt from ritch areas or middle class areas-thugs are from the projects-so grow up and pull your damn draws up!

Its especially annoying when rich kids try to act like they're from "the hood" saying that they're from chi town, the 8 mile, or south bronx, when they actually grew up in a mansion with a millionaire family

Yeah because according to some people, living in crappy areas (ahem mardyke estate), getting stabbed and dying is totally enjoyable. Now that's not funny. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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