Top 10 Biggest Pet Peeves

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1 Mouth Noises/chewing with mouth open

Go back to the pasture if you are going to chew like a cow and sound like you're chewing could. Gross, and annoying.

Ew! Yuk, I hate that noise! And also when you can hear there jaw clicking while you chew! That disgusting and very frustrating! - flowerchild4eva

It's so disgusting! And it's really rude for the people who have to hear it My mom does it all the time And I have to tell her how gross

This is so irritating like did your parents not teach you how to eat with you mouth closed? - Randomator

2 People who use the word "your" instead of "you're"

It's called grammar, people! I'm 13, and I have much better grammar than the vast majority of adults! I understand the occasional typo, or if you misspoke, but at least try! I don't mind small mistakes, like commas when they aren't needed, because I do that a lot. But with the your vs. you're thing, it isn't that hard! I have known the difference since second grade!

YOUR means belonging to someone, while YOU'RE WITH AN APOSTROPHE means you are! Understand? And don't even get me started on the they're, there, and their thing!

If I'm 13 and I can use proper grammar (most of the time. I am still a kid) then adults should be able to also!

Another thing that annoys me is when people type a long sentence without any punctuation. They just ramble on and don't even put a full stop at the end of the sentence.
Don't they teach grammar and punctuation in school these days?!

If you speak and write English, do it correctly. This and all other bad grammar are my biggest pet peeves.

Why is this #2? it's not annoying at the slightest. Also, why is this above screaming kids/temper tantrums? That sound is literal torture to me. - DrayTopTens

3 Poor driving etiquette

People who get in front of you when there are no cars behind you and then make a right hand turn forcing you to almost make a stop. That drives me crazy and people wonder why I won't let them in.

Looking at those people who keep Going 5-10 miles under the speed limit - Randomator

They pull out in front of you and then do 20mph. You look in your review mirror and there is not a car for miles! Also the sign says "Lane closed ahead, merge" and the idiots wait till the LAST second. If everyone would keep moving and let every other car in... There would not be a back up of traffic for miles! It's the people that think they are better and deseve to be in front of everyone that causes the backup!

Some people drive slowly which can especially annoy someone who is trying to get to work on time. People who drive very slowly should get their driver’s license revoked. - JoeBoi

4 Not washing hands after using the restroom

This is extrememly disgusting! I know someone who has the nerve to use the bathroom and not wash her hands, then continues on to the kitchen to eat, touch other people, and touch objects in the house (such as doorknobs, the refrigerator, etc). I wash my hands EVERY TIME I use the bathroom!

I have a problem with this - JoeBoi

In my thinking, it is essential to protect our health except for unpredicted situation...

I totally agree with that. I see too many guys use the uri al and then nver wash their hands.

5 Bitchy schoolgirls

God they're annoying. This one girl at school thinks everything is 'weird' and all I said was 'hey' and she said 'its that weirdo again'. I'm gonna shout at her when I hear her next time saying that, don't care who else hears it, she and schoolgirls LIKE THAT in general are annoying. - PotBellyPup

A girl in my class has gotta be the bitchiest of them all. I cannot stand her. But then again, I really don't care for her at all. And I wanna say: I think she wants me to join her. I refuse to. She's my enemy... And I'm just using the title, not trying to vulgar. Anyway, here's a tip for everyone out there who might be getting bullied from this type of person:

IGNORE THEM. They will go insane. And if you can't do that, just look at them like they're really stupid or give them the evil eye. Or you can just curse them off, which I do NOT recommend in school.

This is awesome and so true

You are not prettier than us, and you are CERTAINLY not smarter than us, so get over yourselves!

6 The naming of celebrity couples

Naming your kids after adjectives (my Aunt teaches elementary school so I know this) is one thing (examples are Desire, Happiness, etc.). This is an abomination. It's only a matter of time before my Aunt tells me she is now teaching a Cam-whoever Cameron Diaz married. The other new baby name trend is throwing together a baby name prefix (like Br for Brianna) and a suffix (like lyn from Jocelyn, Brooklyn, Evelyn) and throwing together whatever in the middle. I hate that.

Desire and Happiness are nouns. Desirable and happy are adjectives. A noun names a person, concept etc. An adjective qualifies it. - chipower

Why do people name their kids adjectives? It's the stupidest and most cheesiest thing in the world. It could ruin your kid's whole life if you name them "Lively" when they are actually a quiet and keeps to themselves. Who even started this trend anyway? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I hate couples. I hate being single. I hate celebrities. I hate life.

They were jelena get it right.

7 When people copy you in every way

This is a big one and I have been guilty of this myself. Seriously, there was this one girl I would say something or do something and it would be a day later she would do the same thing. This one guy I was talking buying a car and then he just started just saying every word I said. Like if I said a certain phrase to him he would start talking about the car and find some way to use the same phrase. Did not end up buying anything from him. It is super annoying and people have done it all my life.

I know, some of my friends always copy me, and then I'm like, "OK, from now on, I'M THE ONLY PERSON DOING THIS AND NO COPYING! " but then the other friend would be like, "just let her do it, " but seriously, You're copying me! And then I would say, "You know, I hate it when people copy me and such" but they don't understand I'm partially talking about them! THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY can't YOU JUST GROW A BRAIN FOR ONCE! I JUST GET SO MAD AH

Jealousy is huge today

Copycat tryna cop my manner... - sadical

8 Cell Phone Drivers

If you pass someone on the freeway going 50-55 in a 65-75 mph zone, swerving in and out of the boundaries of their lane, you can just about bet they are on a cell phone!

My mom is one of those. - Luckys

Ugh.. I live in California and just recently it's ILLEGAL to talk on your phone and drive.

I hate it so much, it makes everyone a bad driver. Did you know your four times as likely to get into a crash when you talk and drive?

I honk at people I see doing it. - bigyellowtaxi

Talking on cell phone while driving is rude ^^ dangerous. It is also arrogant; are you really so important and so busy that you have to make calls while you are driving?

9 People who throw trash from their car window as they drive

The world is not a trash can - Randomator

Put a garbage container in your car. The world is not a great big dumping ground. I honk at them.

Then why aren't they practitioners of vehicular defenestration? - Ashes

I detest people who litter, especially those who throw their trash right where a garage can is visible. Why is it SO hard to put the trash in the receptacle?...AND to throw something out of a moving vehicle just drives me crazy. I see this planet as shared by ALL of us and I find it disrespectful for you to litter my home. Please parents teach them when they are young. It is also extremely dangerous for our wildlife. OH, I COULD GO ON AND ON! but I know people who preach are someone else's pet peeve so I will acknowledge and respect their choices...Just respect other people and PLEASE DON'T LITTER!

10 Screaming children/ temper tantrums

I work with kids. NOTHING more irritating than making a big deal out of nothing and being inconsolable.

Parents are parents for a reason and they should at least take their kid away from a crowd of people!

Come on, I never would have gotten away with throwing a fit like that in public, or if I was too young to know better, they would have taken me outside, end of story.

Learn how to raise a kid and keep your demon spawn under control. Nobody wants to hear your offspring throwing a temper tantrum, and it makes you look bad. NOW SHUT THE THING UP!


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? Emos
? People who lick their finger and then turn the page

That’s just nasty

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11 Putting others down

I'm deaf and I don't like it when people think I'm retarded! I mean come on people.. We are just regular person except we can't hear that good. So start treating us respect. And don't be ignorant!

Man I want to meet a deaf person. They seem more chill than non-deaf people. - 0w0uwu

Those elitist who criticizes person in their back, because of jealousy, they don't want somebody to be higher to them. I don't care if you're famous or not, have money, etc. But talking in the back, spreaking rumors about that person I wanna kill them all. They think that they are right. - ronluna

I hate it so much, especially when others can't help it. It is a HUGE put down on others when they can't help it and everyone is complaining at them. (Sorry if this isn't proper grammer) What gives them the right to put others down? How would you feel if someone did that to you? Oh wait, that probably wouldn't happen maybe because your popular and everything is always a joke to you guys. WHAT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE? Please don't be so selfish, think about how other people would feel. What good does it bring for you anyway?

It's like some people don't like to be in good mood what's worse? They like kill your buzz. Like my elder sister I tell her so excited "I mate this guy we're having such a good time" she be like "ya have been there it's only for a while you will separate soon" what the hell?

12 Teens that think they're 30 and tell their peers that they are being "immature"

Yeah it's annoying to tell that to your peers, but some adults actually don't get it. They're all like "you think we haven't been teenagers before? ", but that was like 20-25 years ago. But the kids that think they're all that, they're the ones that are immature. Honestly.

It's fine to do it to someone who is CONSTANTLY immature. But if people just wanna have fun, then worry about yourself! These people are WAY more annoying than "immature" people. "Immature" people can actually be awesome.

We just wanna have fun! Stop being such wet-blankets! Life would be boring if everyone was "mature". Stop judging people and get a life! We're still kids!

I had 2 good friends in 4th grade. We used to get along very well. But then in 5th grade, one of them became too obsessed with maturity and hated all good kids shows and G-PG movies. He used to like them well until he became too obsessed with maturity and wanted everyone else to be mature when we're just trying to have fun! He luckily moved away in 6th grade.

13 The Jersey Shore Cast

They suck. Sad that they get paid a lot of money for being trash, while the rest of us struggle to get a job in this economy and have manners.

Yeps I totally agree but what really pisses me off they still think they are gracious and lame and still there are people watching them!

Eww. No. I can't stand them and their whiny voices and their attitudes, I actually never watched a full New Jersey Shore show, but I know what its ALL about.


14 Movie talkers

I can't stand people who constantly ask questions and yell out unnecessary comments during a movie... that just pisses me off. - Celestius

Seriously shut the hell up. - Randomator

Here are some examples:

When Watching a Comedy: *points* HAHA THATZ FUNNY DEHHHH

When Watching a Drama: OMIGOD ITS LIKE SO SAD!

Shut the frack up already. - arbeZameniC

UGH! What The HECK. I HATE Talkers.. "Stop Talking, Get Your Foot Off My Seat And SHUT THE BLANK UP! You Know I Went To See Harry Potter 7 Pt2 And These Idiots Brought A Infant Into The Theater... I Can't Take It.. I Really Can't!

15 Bullying

Got bullied for all of year 8. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Sorry to hear that. I got bullied in elementary school and then picked on a couple times in middle school. It DROPPED my self esteem. - 0w0uwu

I hate this. There was a kid in my school, he was really awful. He hit me, teased me about being "stupid about math" and was bossy and very arrogant.

The comments below prove that bullying is more of a problem or danger than a peeve. However, I've been bullied, but can ignore and brush it off, or roast them. Everyone in my class thinks I'm brainless! One thing I keep in mind is becoming depressed or beating yourself up over it only gives the bully what he/she wants, and doesn't solve anything either way. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

EDIT: A few years later after posting this comment, I found that depression isn't actually a choice. Harming yourself is, but depression is definitely not something you have a say in. Sorry for my misconception. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I have autism and I am in 5th grade getting bullied. All bullying should stop.

16 Angry Teens who whine about their parents telling them what to do.


I know I'm still sort of a teenager, but very close to being a full-grown adult. I see teenagers or even hear some of my friend's who are still teenagers complaining that their parents tell them what to do. Obviously if it's a house chore, just do it. It will most likely take up 5-10 minutes of your time, it isn't that hard.

I'm a teen, and I don't get it. Why does it seem like everyone hates their families so much?

They should be grateful that they have parents who actually care about them - AlphaQ

Mom: Nora, clean your room please.
Nora: Wha-why mom?
Mom: Becuase it's a mess. Now go.
Nora: NO! I'm going to be late for the movies. It starts at 7:00!
Mom: It's just going to be a few minutes. Plus, you can skip most of the ads.
Nora: But my cru- my best firend is going to be there!
Mom: I am in charge here, and I said go clean your room!
Dad: What's going on?
Nora: Mom is making clean my room right before I go to the movies. I'll be late!
Dad: Your mother's right. Go and clean your room.
Nora: Oh okay Das *gives peck on cheek* love you!
Dad: Love you too sweetheart.
Mom: *Shakes head and makes coffee*

17 Parents telling us kids what to do or not to do

They're preparing you for the future. I hate it, don't get me wrong, I really do, but I understand and have learned to accept it. So listen here, I am only 10, but as sweet and kind as I can be, I am hot-headed. I know when someone has crossed the line, my parents are on the verge to doing so, but I have given them handicaps. Too many handicaps at this point, but they are my parents. My dad got so mad once he chipped my sister's tooth. He didn't use force, just slid against her a little too close. He has crossed the line, I know that. But in reality, my sister would remember that and say "I was stupid. It can interest a boy, ya know? " "How come? " I would ask, "Because, it proves that I can take a beating. Not like Cyanide, I would never do that, but I can take a beating." she would say smiling. I would only smile back and soothingly say "Yes sis, you can take a beating. But I wouldn't suggest trying to get a horse to fall in you like Cyanide." "Haha! Noted." she would say. We know ...more

Very true. I have to say, even at 10 you're more mature than I've ever been. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I am 13 and my dad does not let me sit in the front seat of the car, and he
go out of the house without his supervision (well I can take the trash out but
I can't actually cross the street. Jesus Christ Dad! I know the rules, and I
think I'm old enough, I'm 13, not 5! - Trivium

Dear, your Dad will give you freedom as he sees you maturing, so have a little patience, he loves you and he is trying to train you for even the small things in life... Enjoy now...

Oh, come on! Let us have a little freedom! God! I feel bad for a lot of kids-- my friend never even saw the Lion King.
'And if I want my room a mess, since you don't go in it, ma, lemme keep it like it is! ' If it's good enough for me, then let it be! And gosh, I really hate it when they say, "Clean your room"... It rubs me the wrong way.

My mom is so overprotective of me and I can't do certain things because of it. This is what she constantly says:

-no weird YouTube videos
-no going out alone
-no cooking with the stove
-no riding inverted roller coasters
-no paranormal T.V. shows at night

Also, EVERY SINGLE DAY, my parents are telling me to study, regardless if I have school or not (including vacations and weekends). We're Asian.

-You play computer/ipad too much. Go study!
-you watch too much YouTube. Go study!
-you listen to music too much. Go study!
-why are you drawing random pictures? Go study!


18 Overuse of the Word Like

Yeah this is annoying. Same applies to literally - Randomator

Like, oh my God! Why do you like, always like, use this word? Like, can't you see how like, annoying that like, sounds? - Misfire

and like i was like you know like walking and like it was like raining like so not like cool...haha learn to speak proper english! you dont sound cute at all,

I agree. No idea how people think this is more cute than annoying. - 3DG20

It’s justified if you somewhat forget what to say, and then it gets brought back into your mind. - JoeBoi

19 When people say things that they don't know the meaning of

One time when I was younger, I said to my dad I'm going to molest you because I didn't know what the word "molest" meant. Lol - DrayTopTens

I enjoy drinking a slice of pizza. - MrCoolC

I really like photosynthesis! Taking photos is very fun!

...Really? - RaineSage

If you don't know what the swears mean, then stop trying to act cool and drop the act!

20 Body odor

Ewww no one wants A Person that has body odour
There is a thing called deodorant


Once some idiot forgot to put on deodorant and he ended up stinking up the classroom. He smelt like farts, rotting flesh and onions combined with mouldy cheese and sweat squeezed from smelly socks. Everyone thought that someone had farted. - Lunala

Some kid always stinks up the whole classrooms every timer we switch. Even my language arts teacher complained that her room stank. - Powerfulgirl10

21 Arrogance

Some arrogant kid in my class would always make fun of my classmates because he thought he was better. One day, he said a girl had a big belly and she said at least she didn't have a big head,

Arrogant people just make me want to hit them in the head with a shovel

Some people are just SO big headed that you just want to squish their head!

Arrogance on a man is a very ugly thing

22 When people don't keep their big dogs on a leash

Wrong doggos are awesome

I hate dogs...they give me massive panic attacks! It really annoys me that I can't go to a public place without being constantly worried, nervous or scared of dogs, I went to my friends the other day when my friends friends dog just came running through the front door while I was standing their, I immediately ran upstairs, anyway that's not the point...sometimes I even see dogs walking behind their owners on a street with no lead...the owner can walk off without realising their dog is 10 meters behind them. And when there is a sign saying "please keep dogs on leads" it's amazing how many people can't read!

Not everyone likes dogs and doesn't want them jumping up on them all the time. I especially hate it when people just tell their dogs to stop instead of physically moving the dog.

Yess, it's so annoying, I'm afraid of dogs like legit! And I feel very uncomfortable in public just them being there, I'm not saying by any means that they're not allowed to go out, I just think that it's really annoying and disrespectful, so ATTENTION DOG OWNERS, KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH, OH AND ANOTHER THING IT IS SO DISGUSTING WHEN YOU DON'T PICK UP YOUR DOGS "TRASH"

23 People that constantly refer to their girlfriend as "my girlfriend" when you already know her name

This is my girlfriend, My Girlfriend. - sadical

Right, babe. Just call me ANGIE!

I mean it's the other way around they refer to my girlfiend as "your girlfriend... " I mean you know her name... Just call her it

"My girl/man" Ugh, she/he has a name! - Lunala

24 Bossy leaders

Those people drive me bonkers

Sorry for the caps but she’s SO ANNOYING! All she does is yell at everyone and bring them down! Like what kind of a leader are you? You are not the center of the universe so get over yourself and start admitting when you make mistakes and stop yelling at your teammates all the time! to be honest our whole team plays better without her. Can she just move away or something?
Sorry for rage but she just gets on my nerves so bad.

This is why I like working alone.

no thanks. - MSN_Zessu

25 Skinny jeans on men

It looks good on certain people. Me and my friends saw skinny jeans on this 7th/8th grader (I don't know) and we burst put laughing. - Luckys

It makes the look like a girl and make it look very very weird

I think should all just mind our own buisness. You'll never see me care about another man's jeans. Js.

Who cares?

26 Eating in my bed and leaving crumbs

I'm not allowed to eat in my room, so this is not a problem for me!

I'm now allowed to eat in my room, so this isn't a problem for me!

haha i do that, but i do it in my own bed so if theres crumbs i can only be annoyed at myself - Jeheffiner

Yup, this one is very annoying!

27 Being late

Now, calm down. We've all been late. That's okay, as long as you don't do it notoriously. - redhawk766

I hate this. - Lunala

It’s okay if it’s on occasion but if it’s consistent then you need to change your routine otherwise you’re just irresponsible - Randomator

28 Lies

I never lie! - MrCoolC

Just tell the truth.

29 Always being asked what you are going to do with your life

If I knew, I'd be doing it. - ParasN2000

30 Calling girls' sports teams 'Lady (whatever the team name is)'

Ours is Lady Panthers lol. - Luckys

Go Lady Dogs (heh heh heh) - Bubbyboop

31 Arguing over race, religion, gender, etc

That's not a pet peeve. That's one of the world's worst things between people. - redhawk766

I hate this one, just accept not everyone’s going to be like you. - AliciaMae

32 Being compared to other people

More so negatively then positively but both. - ParasN2000

33 Not washing dirty hands

You must wash your hands every time you come out the bathroom - Adventurur2

34 Social justice warriors

Idiots argue over any little thing they deem "offensive"

Screw these people. - Randomator

SJWs are annoying that's why I became conservative

This is one of the reasons why I wish the world was better. They ruined countries with these lgbtq nonsense and are opressing anyone who does not follow their ideas. this is dictatorship.

35 Coughing without covering mouth

Yeah I’d like to not get sick thanks - Randomator

Can you not make everyone else sick? Thanks! - 3DG20

My god why do people still cough without covering their mouths...Why!

Once a flu went around the class and people kept hacking away in my face. Two-Three days later I got ill. - Lunala

36 Taking the boy's last name in marriage

I don't think it matters. The. Couple has to decide together whose last name they will take

Taking the boys last name in marriage sounds like as if all men are arrogant, rude, sexist, think that they are more important than girls and very unfair.
This is why all men are sexist! Which is TRUE!

Whoever added this is a hyper feminist. This is optional and anyone who does this has agreed to it. You can keep your own last name if you wish so I don't see how it's bad, and apparently guys can take the girl's last name too. Also I will happily refer to myself as a "miss" until I am married and I am ok with that. - Lunala

Some women use the boy’s last name along with her’s as her full last name too. - JoeBoi

37 Eyelash getting in your eye

That happens to me so much. - sadical

Even though they're tiny hairs they feel like rocks - Pieclone

Agree! It hurts way so much! - GirlyAnimeLover

I have long eyelashes and this happens a lot. Ugh. - Lunala

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38 Irresponsible

At parties my relatives don't watch my cousins and when they (the cousins) do bad stuff they automatically blame it on ME. IF THEY WERE WATCHING THEM THEN NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! >:(

39 When in a text message a person replies "lol"

I do that a lot, but whenever someone else does it I get so annoyed. - Luckys

I hate when people say K first of it makes them sound like they are mad over text and you don't know how to respond to them

How are you expected to keep a conversation going if they respond in "k" or "l.O.l". If I send someone a funny message and they respond with L.O.L I'm just like, "Well f*** you too then" because as we all know 99% of all L.O.Ls are said with with a straight face. One time this one girl actually said L.O.L when one of my friends said a joke. What's the point of that?! - Danielsun182

Don't forget the reply "K". Ugh stupid people!

40 Big dogs at the small dog park

You may think your dog is little but maybe it isnt. If your dogs head is bigger than some peoples entire dog, it should be playing with the big dogs and not the little dogs. Certain exceptions could apply such as sick or senior dogs, but you know who you are. - mydawgz

I have to go cancel a babysitting job... Apparently I can't be spending time with people smaller than me. Like what?! Dogs can go wherever the hell they'd like!

There's a difference between a civilised human whom doesn't eat midgets and huge dogs that are constantly eating smaller dogs. - LemonComputer

It's a DOG park. Big or not, it's still a dog so stfu.

I guess I have to cancel a babysitting job now... I can't spend time with people smaller than me. Like what?! DOGS CAN GO WHEREVER THE HELL THEY'd LIKE!

I hate this too, good point!

41 When people have to have things their way or no way.

My little cousins when they were younger:

Everyone has to give us what we want and/or do things our way or else we will make your lives a living hell.

Act like brats - Adventurur2

42 Global Warming Propaganda

What if I told you... climate change is an actual immediate problem that is threatening all life on Earth, and your will to stay ignorant and bring up baseless evidence does not change that fact. Excess greenhouse gases emissions created by humans are being absorbed by the ocean and making it more acidic. This is one of the reasons why we will start to see fish-less oceans in 20 years.

Humans aren't the only problem contributing to Global Warming. It's natural, but humans just speed up the process. - LordDovahkiin

Global Warming may be true, but the way the media exagerates the "doom" of the earth is just plain annoying. They can't even call it "Global Warming" anymore, because places are starting to get extreme winter weather, so they have to change it to "Climate Change. " I think everyone knows by now that polution is contributing, but there are also natural factors involved. People need to calm down and just assess the situation, not advertise it all over the place.

Global warming is a myth created by the left in order to extort money. There is no significant research saying the earth is getting warmer as a result. Historically the Earth has its warming and cooling cycles that accur naturally.

My friend, if 99% of the science community agrees on something then I am pretty sure its not a myth... - Bubbyboop

They need more of it, considering the fact that nobody listens. It honestly could lead to the flooding of numerous coastal cities. - Bubbyboop

43 Thugs

News Flash, being a "thug" is not "cool" anymore, pull up your pants.

people fake way too much like there "thugs." ritch kids act like there from the rough areas, but if they ever even got close to the rough areas theyd piss there baggy clothes and get killed by the real deal. people in my area, along with myself, get offended and upset when a kid acts lower than themselves. thugs arnt from ritch areas or middle class areas-thugs are from the projects-so grow up and pull your damn draws up!

Its especially annoying when rich kids try to act like they're from "the hood" saying that they're from chi town, the 8 mile, or south bronx, when they actually grew up in a mansion with a millionaire family

I like to see nice fitting tailored pants, anyone could look more appealing wearing them instead of saggy baggy poop pants. Busting the sag is so slack.

44 Parking a car across two spaces

Or when people box your car just because you're parking in "their" space. That space is allowed to be used for any car, not just yours! Just stop having a bad attitude about someone parking in a space that you want to, ass! - LemonComputer

Very inconsiderate. Since my car is a hunk of junk any way, this always prompts me to park as close to them as I can.

45 Nuisance yappy or barking dogs

My aunt's yorkies in a nutshell.

The worst is when the owner NEVER gets them to be quiet or even realizes their dog is barking. don't GET A DOG THEN. I calmed my dog down and brought him inside, be a normal human and do the same, THANKS!

I'm sorry that a dog's only method of verbally communicating has offended you.

Well, if the dog is trying to tell you something, then that's different. But if it's barking at anything that moves, then yes. For some reason, larger dogs don't bug me as much when they're barking... It's YAPPING little Chuiauias (sorry, I keep forgetting how to spell chuiauias, but cut me some slack, I'm 11). I don't want to offend any Chui-lovers (short for chuiauias, however it's spelled), but really, if you treat your dog like a little princess sweetie, that's when it becomes annoying. People who let their dogs bark and do nothing about it, THAT'S when it becomes annoying to the public... By the way, I LOVE dogs, but I am mostly a cat person.

46 Music being too low

I need music to be loud or completely off

47 Overuse of the Word Actually

I actually do actually believe what you are actually saying without you actually having to qualify it with the word actual.

Actually true. - MrCoolC

As you say it's increasing all the time and everybody just joins in this ridiculous trend without a second thought. Do they all think they sound intellectual or something by saying it ALL the time? Instead they just sound stupid, which is a shame because if it is a lecturer or somebody you should be listening to, it becomes impossible to dilate any meaning when every sentence is punctuated in this way. The word becomes completely meaningless and is easily my number one pet hate.

It's a habit for me lol - kawaiitohru

48 Nose picking

My dad does this all the time. He rolls up the boogers and then eats them. I've called him on it and he has threatened to slap me in the face. It's disgusting! Almost as disgusting as his coming home late at night drunk and waking us all up barfing in the bathroom closest to our bedrooms.

As long as people don't eat it I'm fine - Pieclone

It's not unnatural for someone to pick their nose. In public and in front of people is a no. Since that is.. kind of disgusting. We do not want to see you pick your nose. Anywhere except around me.

It is the most disgusting practice I have ever come across

49 When people get their belly button pierced

It's uglier on the nipple.

I hate the bellybutton. We only have it because of birth.

Its gross - Pieclone

It looks ugly and costs money so why would you do it? And don't "well it looks good on some people" me. It looks good on NO ONE! Same thing with nose piercings.

50 When people argue in public

Once I was at Friendly's and some mother starts yelling at her little boy. She even brings him to the front of the restaurant and puts him in a chair, in the corner and gives him a time out. Even my grandma was angry as hell when it was happening - kaitlynrad11

When you're arguing in public, don't even do that honestly, at least find a quieter place to have your discussion or after your done whatever you were trying to get done, argue at home, rather than yelling in a mall full of people that can hear you. No one needs to hear what your fighting about. That's just.. not the best vibe.

Once I saw a dad swear at her daughter in public and it rattle me a lot. - Lunala

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