Mouth Noises/chewing with mouth open


Ugh! I can't stand it! Every time I hear it it makes me want to punch the person right then and there or a wall, one of the two. I send my brothers to their room when they smack at the table cause if the can't eat normal then they can wait till everyone else is done and if were at a restaurant I just say they can wait to eat till we get home if they can't close their mouths. It pisses me off so bad.

I have to work next to a slob who believes it is necessary to slurp, smack, and generally chew as load as it possible. Why just five minutes ago, he was eating a sandwich, while making slurping noises. HOW CAN YOU MAKE SLURPING NOISES FROM A SANDWICH? That is beyond me. This guy is vile and annoying.

This drives me absolutely crazy! I can't stand it when people don't have the courtesy to keep their mouth closed, use a napkin or just basically consider those around them. Slurping of drinks, chomping of gum, open mouth chewing and grunting sends me up the wall! Crazy thing is that it's done quite often on television and in the movies. How can they not notice what the actors look and sound like?

I literally go into an anxiety attack if I'm in a quiet room with someone who chews loudly or with their mouths open! It's completely disgusting to me! Learn manners! We all got taught these things as we were growing up, or at least we should have!

Totally uncalled for, it is rude, disgusting, and very ugly to know a person who may eat or talk with their mouth open along with snapping gum or whatever else they can do to annoy a person or people just because they think its funny or they actually don't realize they are doing it... Poor soul, think when you eat or talk or put a mirror in front of yourself and see for yourself how nasty it is.

It's ridiculous, to have a person who not only chews with their mouth open, but who, when confronted, says, "No, I didn't" and goes back to doing it.

I agree about people who chew like a cow. Had one person stand in front of me eating a donut, while crumbs fell out of his mouth onto the table top. How about people who "snap" their chewing gum?! I really hate that.

Nobody wants to see what kind of food you just ate and especially since its been chewed up. The sound itself makes it all the more horrifying. "SMACK, SMACK" Is not a pleasant sound to hear while trying to enjoy you're own food.

People who chew gum in public, especially during a test or something where I'm trying to concentrate, is the most annoying thing in the world! Also, when people eat noisy food like apples or carrots. Or people who can slurp on anything, not just soup or noodles. Be considerate, people!

Seems there are too many programs on T.V. where people are eating and talking with their mouths FULL; chewing, mumbling and rattling fast food wrappers as they gobble the grub. The 'great divide' between rich and poor is, unfortunately, a serious reality, but good manners cost nothing. These needless media-driven example of stuffing gluttonously sets a poor example for youngsters, and disgusts courteous people everywhere.
Please, writers, discard these rude scenes from visibility; they really do NOT make any story 'more real' in a valuable or constructive way~~!

Oh good- I thought this peeve was rarer, but apparently it's pretty common. I can't say whether or not some people have a predisposition for this kind of etiquette, but it's gotten to be so intolerable for me that I find myself moving to other rooms in the house when trying to eat with my family. My mother and father both smack their lips, and my little brother (pardon my neologisms) "glurps" whenever he imbibes something. What I'd give for some peace and quiet!

Oh my gosh! This annoys me SO much! Whenever someone does that I just want to walk right up to them and yell "What the heck is wrong with you!? Chew with your mouth CLOSED lady (or man)! " But I would never actually do that because that would be extremely rude.

MO! Sometimes you would swear that the people eating like this are related to cows! Sorry if I'm being to mean but this stuff peeves me off

Ugh that so pisses me off I just want to slap people when they do that! I HATE it! Like don't chew like a cow your mouth closes for a reason!

I work with a guy who chews like he has two tongues and no lips. I really want to strangle him, but I just get up and walk away. I'd rather take some crazy glue to him...

I can't handle it. My husband is so loud, I have to put head phones on and listen to music. I actually hold my breath and have to stop myself from screaming at him. Is that horrible of me?

I absolutely HATE hearing people chew their food, and watching them eat with their mouth open. To me it is absolutely revolting!

There is absolutely no reason anyone should sound like a live farm animal when eating or drinking something. This is the most annoying habit ever and sends me straight into a psycho rage when someone does this around me.

I understand that a lot of it has to do with cultural habits. This is unfortunate, but still a very annoying trait. It's almost unbearable on a train.
I definitely think that some tolerance should be exercised, and perhaps if your friend is chewing loudly, either deal with it or politely bring them up on it. Sitting and stewing will make it worse.

I'm sitting right across from this student during study hall who is chewing and popping gum loudly and making so many mouth and nose noises that I can't concentrate. I really feel like clubbing him right NOW!

My mom slaps me in the face when I do it so I learned to stop and learn why people get bugged by it so much so now I just think is the most annoying thing in the world. So please don't do that

I pretty sure that every time I go to the movies theres at least one person going "crunch crunch crunch" on popcorn. It makes me want to scream! - jso11

Wost pet peeve of all I hate this so much it makes me so mad just to hear the noise of someone doing it. Sometimes my friends do it on purpose to make me mad and I just go off! Haha

I can't even stand to hear people eat popcorn in the theatre so I use ear plugs. It even bothers me to watch people eat. This Is so difficult because I hurt my family by this without trying to.

Nothing is more annoying than people smacking their food, crunching loudly or shoving food down their throat acting as if someone is going to take it from them!