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101 When people say "I seen"

I get sick at my stomach when I hear people using the phrase "I seen" instead of using correct grammar like "I have seen" Just about everyone I hear is now saying "I seen" come on folks get a grip.

Wait, I have never heard someone say "I seen" unless it was a mistake and they corrected themselves, I didn't know of this trend

People say this all the time and it drives me CRAZY! You SAW, You SAW.

*I saw or I have seen/I've seen - madoog

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102 Improper Use of the Word Ironic

I use this all the time but whenever I do, I say it properly. - LightningBlade

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103 Talking with food in your mouth

Like who the f wants to see the food that's in your mouth... It's chewed up and looks gross and it makes the person look like there 3

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104 Anti Smoker People

They are the worst of the worst! Bunch of hypocrites,... they have no problem taking the tax money from smokers who buy cigarettes. And really, smokers have gripes against you too... like how you feel the need to BATHE in your cheap cologne, and how arrogantly superior you think you are just because you don't smoke, and how you feel the need to say something, anything to smoker who is minding their own business on a cigarette break. Get over yourselves because no cares about your opinion.

It's like choosing fruit loops over coco pops for breakfast. Nobody cares about your life choices.
One time I was having a puff all alone, with nobody around me for at least 10 meters, there was not a single no smoking signs around and out of no where, this lady sits next to me with her 9 year old and tells me to move and that pretty girls shouldn't smoke. Number 1, I was there first for a solid half an hour. It's my life choice to smoke and if I die a cruel emphysema death, so what.

Hitler was an Anti Smoker. - biscuits

Y'know, I think I'd rather be nagged at than suffer an array of awful diseases. - alphadan12

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105 Liberals

They always call out republicans for thinking they're better than liberals but in reality they truly believe their opinions are superior to any other and that all other opinions are *evil*

Don't like em especially liberal celebs!

Hypocrites the lot of them with their rose tinted glasses, have no idea how the real world works.

If anything is described as "liberal", it's usually not good. - alphadan12

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106 Not using turn signals
107 People who don't love America

I have seen many other countries. Believe me, it's jealously/envy that fuel their hatred of America. America has her faults, but she is still the greatest country on the planet. God bless America!

People who say "Every single american is either fat, stupid, arrogant, or racist, or all 4." Those people are stupid. - lolingdog9000

We're not all fat and stupid. Get a clue, rest of the world.

Understandable. Because apparently EVERYONE has to love our country.
Really, guys? You realize all the trouble our nation has caused recently, right? - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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108 Girls that act desperate and complain about being all alone, deny every guy that tries to ask them out, and act desperate right after.

I never got asked out and I'm actually kinda proud... - LemonComputer

Very annoying, girls like these are annoying. - lodi429

Uh... I don't really want to get asked out - GirlyAnimeLover

"One of my biggest. Literally last year this girl seemed really alone and I thought she was cute so I gave it a shot. I get shot down and literally the next day I hear her bitching to her friend saying " I'm SO ALONE, NOBODY LIKES ME I can't DEAL WITH IT'...almost killed somebody that day...

109 People who ruin perfectly good jokes

I know someone who is the biggest offender of this in every sense of the word. I can never laugh when he's around.

Sometimes I don't get most jokes. - GirlyAnimeLover

110 Pompous businessmen

You are not God, you do not run the world, thank you and have a nice day.

Here's to all the little people

I know to many. Money, money, money. Me, me, me.

111 People who give their kids weird names

Argh, how many Fiarchas and Tristrams need to commit suicide before people get the message?! - Bec

It's worse with celebrities. I mean, North? Blue Ivy? Come on celebs, get a brain.

Jesus Christ, people, some of you need to understand that some names are TRADITIONAL. It is not in your power to control if people name their child "Reiubjosealett" or whatever. The child and the parents do.

GradeAUnderA made a video about it. - LemonComputer

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112 Brothers

The race of immature, smelly, dumb, gross pain in the butt-ness

I actually love my brother for who he is... Ya sexist pieces of

Disagree although I hate my brother... - GirlyAnimeLover


113 Accidentally bumping your toe against something V 1 Comment
114 Celebrities claiming to be environmentalists.

I bet they do that for popularity and I hate it

But what about the ones whom are? What about the ones that do help animals or nature as a part time job or something? What about ones that donate literally BILLIONS of dollars to charities? - LemonComputer


Has thousands of dollars and never donates a penny

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116 Right wing conservatives with their anti-Obama propaganda

And I hate when people refer to him as Obama. He is President Obama. I guess because his name is so unique we can get away with it but its not respectful. do you call your doctor, smith or Anderson... No and he/she is not the leader of the free world

It's mean-spirited, hateful... in America, he is OUR president, for ALL of us. -

117 Dropping an f bomb on every sentence you use.

A kid with anger issues would drop an f bomb almost instantly. - Powerfulgirl10

Calling "it" an f-bomb annoys me way more!

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118 When you're called a kid by your own classmate

I know. Just because we're a year or maybe just a few months younger doesn't mean I'm a kid.

119 Adding an apostrophe to any word ending in "s"

I understand if you don't know how to properly use apostrophes (or apostrophe's, I suppose), but haven't most people learned about grammar in school? Oh, and another pet peeve of mine would be the misspelling of the word "grammar". I've often seen it spelled as "grammer", which is only used as a surname.

Such as - "Did you see the cute kitten's at the pet store? " I want to ask, "kitten's what? "

It drives me around the bend when people write "the 1960's" instead of "the 1960s". It's without an apostrophe, guys!

Grammar Nazi alert - GirlyAnimeLover

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120 Loud cellphone conversations in public

Like anyone needs to hear the conversation that you're having to your girl/boy friend about when you're going to bang him/her next. - LemonComputer

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