Top 10 Places to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring in Melbourne

Here's the inaugural 2017 list of the Top 10 retail stores where you can buy an engagement ring in Melbourne, AU.

The Top Ten

1 ADC - Australian Diamond Company ADC - Australian Diamond Company Visit Website9
2 Janai Jewellery Visit Website9
3 Hardy Brothers Jewellers Visit Website9
4 Micheli EuroGold Visit Website9
5 All Diamonds Visit Website9
6 SH Jewellery Visit Website9
7 Windfall Jewellery Visit Website9
8 GIA Loose Diamonds
9 Temelli Jewellery Visit Website9
10 Salera's Visit Website9

The Contenders

11 Cerrone
12 Holdsworth Bros
13 Robert H Parker & Sons
14 Kush Diamonds Jewellery Store
15 Phenix Jewellery
16 Simon West Fine Jewellery
17 James Alfredson Jewellers
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