Top Ten Places in India Where Rock and Metal are Famous

Metal and rock arnt very popular in India as compared to Bollywood music(boo).But we too have our share of these 2 gernes.from Punk(pink vynls) to Death and Black Metal(Demonic Ressuraction) to Heavy and Thrash Metal(Nicotine,Scribe Etc)

The Top Ten

1 Bangalore

Haha Nevan. This is true. I'm Bangalorean and I'm telling you that at least 50% of people I know love metal for sure.

Most bands like Megadeth,Iron Maiden,etc have come here and Bangalore is the main hub of the underground metal and rock scene,in India.many bands have come up from here. - Toucan

2 Shillong

Shillong is called the rock and metal capital of India - Toucan

3 Mumbai

Mumbai like Bangalore is the hub of the rock and metal scene with many international bands like(here we go again) Megadeth ironmaiden,lamb of god,Metallica etc - Toucan

4 Kerala Kerala

Many bands like Avial and Motherjane among others have come from this paradise - Toucan

Avial and Motherjane are just great. Actually speaking, Kerala has the best metal bands in India.

5 Kolkata

The pioneers of Indian rock were from Kolkata and it is still producing many awesome bands - Toucan

6 Pune
7 Hyderabad
8 Chennai
9 Indore V 1 Comment
10 Delhi
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