Top Ten Pokemon Type Matchups That Make Sense

Type matchups, while they may be hard to understand there is an explain action for each. Feel free to add your own.

P.S This list is in no particular order.

The Top Ten

1 Fire beats grass because fire can burn grass

Fire vs grass. DIIIEEE GRASS! - EpicJake

2 Water beats fire since water can put out fire

Time to put out a fire on the Empire State Building with water. Boom, now the fire is gone! - EpicJake

This one makes the best sense. RiverClan, why didn't you put this at number 1. - PizzaGuy

3 Grass beats water because grass absorbs water
4 Poison beats grass because poison kills plants
5 Ground beats fire because sand can put out a fire
6 Ice beats flying because the ice would freeze its wings
7 Psychic beats itself because they can read the minds of others and predict the opponents move

Well, not actually predicting it in the games themselves but you get the idea. - RiverClanRocks

8 Steel beats fairy because steel is far too heavy for a small fairy to handle

Yeah, in movies and fairy tales, fairies get burned when they touch iron or certain types of metals.

In fairy tales it is common for faires to touch Silver and other man made objects. - MrQuaz680

9 Electric beats flying because it would paralyze the bird
10 Dark beats psychic because the darkness could corrupt the psychic types minds

Also, it's because darkness is a common fear. Same for insects (Bug) and spirits (Ghost).

The Contenders

11 Fighting beats dark because it's sort of like a superhero beating up a villain
12 Ice beats fire because fire can melt ice

This is simple. If you hate ice, then fire is useful. I don't hate ice, I'm just giving you some advice. - EpicJake

Ice beats fire? What the fudge?

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1. Ice beats flying because the ice would freeze its wings
2. Fire beats grass because fire can burn grass
3. Grass beats water because grass absorbs water


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