Top 10 Worst Political Ideologies

There have been many bad ideas. But which one was the worst. Please comment I want to know why.
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1 Nazism

Many people claim that because communism (supposedly) killed more people than Nazism, it is worse. But even being it correct, there are other reasons: communist government usually could much often realize all their plans and communism survived much longer - 106 years, Nazi losers ended after 12 years. Hitler also much more of his genocidal goals wanted to realize after his planned victory (which didn't took place). At least 5 million Jewish victims of Holocaust, over 3 million Soviet POWs, 1 million Soviet citizens in Leningrad, at least one million Soviet citizens killed in reprisal aktions, over 2 million non-Jewish Poles, 250,000 T4 victims, 100,000s Slavic people in other occupied countries (mostly Yugoslavia), 100,000s Porajmos victims, 100,000s political opponents - 14 million victims per 12 years is VERY conservative estimation of victims of Hitler's planned "New Europe" - WW2 killed 60 million,so the actual number is probably much higher.

This is a parasitic ideology that harms everything around it and destroys cultures, it is a stain on this world. It shouldn't have existed.

Nazi killed 6 million. Commies killed 700-750 million. Actually, Nazi didn't wanted to conquer the whole world, they wanted only Lebensraum, that was inhabited by dirty commies, so it would be not too bad. They even didn't have an intension to genoside these commies (actually, they wanted to save about 30 million on these territories to serve Nazis as slaves, but they were already slaves in the USSR, with no salaries, no education, no healthcare, no food, no human rights etc). Hitler would develop these territories, while commies ruined everything they could.
Also Nazism is much closer to western ideologies, than communism. It doesn't denies private property and deals with capitalism.

I hate this almost as much as I hate communism. Same with fascism. Just as with communism, people were hurt and killed. And now, the Marxists have abused the word so much to the point where it has lost ALL meaning. I hate it.

2 Communism

This ideology is not bad but the people who represent it are currently in hell with people like Hitler and it has rarely worked in countries.
(By people who represent them I mean leaders of communist countries like Stalin, Pol pot and Mao zedong. Not Marx)

Even the Nazis didn't try to outright conquer the entire planet, and the Communist's lust for sheer power and his hatred and persecution of the religious, especially Christians, in history would make the likes of Herod and his Roman overlords recoil in shock. The worst part is that these communists actually got within reach of their diabolical goals in the 70s with the decimation of the US military and executive office. That is not a future I'd want to live in for sure.

The most evil and dumbest ideology in existence. I'm sorry, but this ideology is not sharing at all, it's suffering, laziness, greed, and hunger. People who accomplish big things in communism are left out in the dust just like all the other citizens in the coop, which is pretty much unfair. Did you know that communism supports global warming and has killed more than any other ideology has killed on earth? Yeah. The fact that people are writing positive comments about this horridness makes me sick to be a human being. This should have never been created and should have never been continued when it failed to work in the first place.

Communism/Socialism is a bad ideology because it pretty much ignores human nature. Humans are naturally greedy and would rather work for themselves than for the government, both of which are things socialism ignores. Socialism pretty much spreads poorness in most countries it's implemented in. Socialism also gives praise lavishly, occasionally rewarding mediocre jobs with more money than they should be rewarded. The only reason communists still exist is because we aren't experiencing true free market capitalism. I support capitalism that treats everyone in a job decently for their job and not the current corporatist system. Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than Socialism.

As for the reason I'm saying "Socialism", it's because the only real difference between Socialism and Communism is that Communism is, according to The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, a stage in Socialism where it's adopted worldwide.

3 Fascism

There is actually nothing in the doctrine of Fascism that is pro racist or anti Semitic. It's a bad ideology but not racist kind of the opposite. Only after 1938 when mussolini allied himself with Hitler did he pass anti Semitic laws that where never really inforced for strategic reasons. So this definition is a bit incorrect.

This is when people reject capitalism but backwards. They lament the end of the world they knew, the world where loyalty to god, country and family (read, theocracy, racism and patriarchy) were standard and thus try to revive Feudal values, reconciled with industrial productive forces and capitalistic modes of production. It is a nationalist socialism while Communism is internationalist socialism.

Who was stupid enough to combine Nationalism and Totalitarianism. Because that's essentially what this ideology is. A Totalitarian Ultranationalist Oligarchy that also advocates for genocide.

Fascism is an ideology based on sectarism and discrimination, there is not freedom and I think that if we are against this ideology, it's for a good reason.

4 Neo-Nazism

I do not understand why anyone finds this desirable. The two core ideas of Nazism are racism and totalitarianism. Anybody deemed undesirable will find their only hope in defecting, and the others better watch their mouth. Economics don't matter if a slip of the tongue becomes a heart attack, and especially not if the authorities put your life at stake for the way you were born.

People don't understand Nazism. The idea is to help developed one's own country leading to a to a strong, rich government. Also leading to a better society and government will be able to support the people in any programs. Also stopping greed people from taking advantage of the public and controlling economy.

They are militant extremists who promote hatred, ultranationalism, and outright authoritarianism, literally wanting to create a fascist state.

Why so much positive comments about this? People who agree with this should Be Executed in the most brutal way possible!

5 Anarcho-Primitive

This is trash. Who the hell wants to dissolve all order and get rid of advances? this will cause so much death and destruction

This should genuinely be in the top 3. It's an ideology centered around stripping away modern technology, medicine and science and going back to the stone age. Can you imagine how much death and suffering this would cause? Not just from people dying of diseases or wounds that would be simple in our current timeline but from the amount of lawlessness.

I'll give it to the Anprims that they arn't naively taking on other ideologies with rose tinted glasses and understand the fundamental flaws of their ideology. They think Life would be simpler if we were all just monkeys with no modern Medicine and Technology. However I still don't agree with this ideology.

No technology, going back to the Stone Age, probably the worst ideology for that alone. Plus believing that humans should do that is foolish and wrong; my vote for the worst ideology on here.

6 Anarchism

Who likes this? getting rid of the government may work for some time, but you've gotta realize that the people will elect a government to lead them no matter what. it is just human nature to have order and cooperation

The most pointless ideology to have. Human nature means that we are conditioned to be led, and those leaders don't necessarily have to be the government. It can be parents or role models for example. As such, if we overthrow the system, we will inevitably develop a new one consisting of leaders and such that will render anarchism pointless. It's all pointless.

Anarchism is the absolute most dangerous ideology on Earth, and it would probably be one of the most deadly if it was implemented on a global scale. Anarchism would lead to a total collapse of society and hopefully a sane group would seize power over the anarchist society and reinstate a government.

Anarchism is the worst political ideology, even worse than communism. At least with communism, it could work in a country with 200 people. But anarchism will never work, maybe on paper, but not in practice.

7 Islamism

Islamism is the worst form of fascism, fascism simply proposes the stifling of one's opponents views whether this be by imprisonment or deportation the method is inconsequential to the bare foundations of the ideology. Islamism on the other hand explicitly prescribes to its adherents the necessity of exacting the murder of its adversaries.

Indeed, the adherents of such a principle have killed millions thus, Islam carries the title of the most murders according to the principles of the religion. The Islamic conquests of India for instance, served to claim the lives of in excess of 30 million people. This indubitably renders the argument that Christianity has killed more individuals as mere incompetence as whilst it is perhaps the case that supposed adherents of the Christian faith may have committed more murders than Muslims, this is to be expected given that it has always comprised more followers. The numbers of murders committed both for and in accordance to Islamic doctrine ...more

A supremacist ideology that has as it tenants, laws that totally contravene every conceivable human right. Allows for slavery, calls for killing of non-Muslims unless they submit into dhimmitude, death for apostates, death for homosexuality, women are chattels, Jews are pigs etc etc. It is a cavalcade of murderous and hate filled barbarity that should be outlawed in civilized society. How it is not further up the list is beyond my comprehension as 270 million people have been killed in the name of Islam.

Muhammad was obviously a false prophet. For example, he claims to be a prophet of the Abrahamic God, yet prophethood in Judaism and Christianity requires that the prophet be from the Tribes of Israel. The last of the tribes was destroyed in AD 70, directly after the death of Jesus Christ, and some 500 years before the birth of Muhammad. The man was also born in Arabia, far away from the Levant. Furthermore, Muhammad's source of revelations was an angel.

Notably, Muhammad said that he would die with his aorta cut if he made a false revelation (Quran 69:44-46). His own holy book says that this was true, and he himself stated that: " The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, O 'Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison" (Sahih al-Bukhari 44:28). This confirms that he is a false prophet.

Fortunately for Muslims, Christ died for humanity's sins. Thus, there ...more

The most darkness totalitarian ideology of all time. It keeps going since 14oo years and it does not stop. 270 millions (minimum) killed and many says a lot more (India genocide) with rustics arms to do it. Just imagine a country like Saudi Arabia with the military power of the USA! Billions of people would be killed immediately.

8 Anarcho-Communism

The most contradictory style of Government, while Democracy MIGHT work with communism, Anarchy will force any nation to collapse indefinitely. If you want anarchy, don't worry about the other part, since you will only have anarchy.

Let me get this straight; The government should steal property and redistribute it, without existing?

Perhaps the most contradictory ideology in existence.

How... how is an ideology like this even possible?

9 National Bolshevism

This is an unholy thing that combines 2 opposing ideologies that are the opposite of each other. And both of them are bad.

Nazi ideology is bad, but combine it with bolshevism and it falls way back...

This is the Combination of the worst things ever it should be number 1.

The only ones that are this are people who try to be edgy.

10 Juche

The official ideology of North Korea. It's basically Stalinist Communism with elements of Ultranationalism and isolationism.
It could also be called "Monarcho-Communism" since the rule is hereditary.

Almost nothing different from absolute monarchy.

Outright dictatorship and personality cult.

Fake communism, and a wannabe religion.

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11 Anarcho-Capitalism

They claim to hate Corporatism yet somehow will advocate for a system that is easy for corporations to exploit. They go on about their NAP but will the NAP save you from a collective mob of thugs who were paid to ignore it by somebody who can afford it?

Also it's a very contradictory ideal. That even Libertarians find them extreme.

The big problem with this ideology is that even if realized, it would implode on itself as it has no leviathan to keep the exploited peoples in order. Unless it has one secretly but that is just self-defeating except to just manipulate people into submission. Remember the corporate oligarchy is a political party and "ancapistan" is just another single party state.

Big corporations is almost as dangerous as communism. Because they can control all means of human life.

I can't imagine how these two contradicting ideologies could even work anyways. Terrible idea.

12 Corporatism

I mean, this is literally just capitalism. Only reason why anyone is calling it "corporatism" is because they're so cucked by capitalism that they wanna add a superficial divider between the two. Late stage capitalism is corporatism, this is how "real capitalism" is currently running. Neoliberal propaganda that humanizes corporations to children, turns anti-capitalism into a pro-capitalist concept, and suggests no alternative. Neoliberal late stage capitalism IS corporatism, if you want a fair market again, then socialism is the way to go. Form governance amongst your community, work for your community, and get rewarded for your work, but without the ability to expand exponentially and exploit the working class to become an emperor. Corporatism is to capitalism as the electoral college is to democracy, both claim to be the other but the results show something very different.

Should be higher. It is pretty much a more extreme and oligarchic form of capitalism. Corporatism is what happens if you remove all regulations and it is what happens when government decides to support big businesses. It is basically where big businesses control most of the economy and can even control the country by getting support from government. Under such a system workers would be highly exploited and have no rights, small businesses would not have any way to get success and would have to close early and the middle class would most likely not exist. So while Capitalism as a whole can be flawed, at least regulated capitalism is good because it allows for innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit while also having workers rights. Corporatism is where big businesses are the only ones that succeed. I think a mixed economy is best. - DarkBoi-X

Also can be known as "Extreme Capitalism", this ideology is essentially when big corporations and the government are in bed. Under Corporatism, there would be no regulations and the big corporations would have total control of the economy and as a result, the environment would be damaged even more, workers would have little or no rights and small businesses would have no way to get success.
Overall, it's a terrible ideology and should be higher than 18.

My idea of corporatocracy (this is the actual name of government by big business, corporatism is something else) is that ONE corporation is in control, not several. Either way it's not going to be great.

13 Conservatism

This isn't that bad. Same with classic liberalism. And for those who call conservatives privileged, have you thought that maybe you are projecting? You also could be considered privileged.

You have folks arguing that conservatism emphasizes on civil liberties, and history (and the present, just look at Hungary) has shown it to be quite the opposite. At the core of conservatism are "traditional values", a good portion of which are not libertarian and even call for further control of society.

All people who hate all conservatives are small-minded bigots. And it's ironic that they claim conservatives to be closed-minded when they're being the same way. For cryin' out loud, there are open-minded conservatives.

Why would anyone be a conservative? They are greedy rich people who just want more money for themselves. They don't think people should have healthcare or a good environment, and they support going off and invading whatever country they like.

14 Stalinism

Stalinism and fascism are one of the same. Stalin claimed to be a communist but he was not. Communism is when all people are equal. Stalinism had one absolute ruler. Stalinism and fascism both wanted the wipe out of all other ethnicities and the annihilation of free will. They were the purest level. I am a classical liberal.

Don't get me wrong, Stalin was not a communist, he chose to kill people to pretend that communism is bad, this person was the reason communism is bad, he made Stalinism for the Soviet Union look bad by killing many people

Stalin was the 2nd biggest killer of all time, right below Mao and above Hitler. That all you need to know

Severe human rights abuses and suppression of freedom.

15 Maoism

Maoism is, by far, the worst ideology known to man. Mao made people make steel in their backyards while working collectively in the fields, and when that didn't work; he killed millions of those who protested. China would've surpassed the USA in terms of economic, diplomatic and democratic power by now if it weren't for Mao.

Mao? He still is our famous chinese guy and he too is one of the reasons communism looks evil, Stalin and Mao are the reasons why communism looks like a dirty evil ideology

Destructive, neglectful, and dictatorial one-party politics.

A ideology of stupid farmers.

16 Posadism
17 Anarcho-Posadism

Who the hell wants this?

Supports nuclear war.

18 Marxism
19 Socialism

Socialism is just envy and jealousy of the successful. Communists get all of the money of the rich in their nations, yet remain poor.

Everyone equal and dependent on government descisions is only for absolute socialism. This kind of socialism doesn't exist anymore. Socialism is now democratic-socialism. Meaning that people have the right to accept or to reject certain ideas that a democratic-socialist government are proposing. Social Healthcare works very well in Europe and Canada for instance.

Jesus was a more or less a socialist. All it means really means in colloquial terms is that the political system should allow a safety net for the needy and that the wealth gap should not become too big. This is most often found mixed with capitalism (typically social democratic systems in Canada, France (current run by the Socialist party), scandinavia, the uk, Netherlands much of developed Europe) in state terms.In more radical terms it is done without the state in systems that are anarchist or yes, marxist communist. Don't mistake left-libertarian style communism for the Soviet brands of Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism which were the foundations of pretty much all the Communist states throughout the world. They became corrupt and because of their authoritarian approach, and many Marxists and Anarchists at the time to criticize the Russian Revolution in 1917. Meanwhile just like the democratic peoples republic of Korea is NOT democratic the National Socialist party were NOT ...more

This is just a lessened and more "humanised" form of communism that is designed to fool the idiotic millennial sheep who live with their parents, too lazy to work and expect free handouts from the government or probably just haven't experienced the real world yet. Or if they already maintain a job and own their own private property, all traits of Capitalism, then they're just downright politically misinformed.

Socialism always leads to a bigger and more corrupt government who steals money from the hard working middle class and upper classes who worked hard for their wealth and single handedly destroys business through oppressive taxes and regulations.

And speaking as a European myself, who is considering moving to the US in the future, quit praising Europe in general as some sort of "Socialist paradise", because it's not. Come here and see for yourself. Europe and the EU as a whole is laden with debt, corruption and has the slowest economic growth and ...more

20 Anarcho-Syndicalism

Just plain trash. Mostly the anarchist part

Not that bad but I don't know if this will work because while it has it only lasted for a few years.-DarkBoi-X

21 Cultural Marxism

Should be number 1

This is not only the worst ideology ever, but it's even the basis for some other ideologies on this list. Cultural Marxism destroys civilisations by letting women be complete degenerates, importing incompatible cultures, tolerating obvious mental disorders, supporting socialist policies and using political correctness to silence opinions. It is the ideology which modern leftism is pretty much built on.

22 Fundamentalism
23 English Socialism

A bad derivative of socialism, as well as the perfect recipe for civil uprising.

24 Feminism

This is a crappy ideology and I hate it, it's just made by a bunch of idiots that are sexist and it shouldn't be taken seriously. Unless it actually becomes a major ideology, then humanity is doomed.

We just want to create a utopia where everyone is equal. Wait, white men exist? Ew, Nazis. Kill them all and spit on their graves. White men don't deserve anywhere near as much equality as anyone. In fact no, equality means that we'll have to do the same as them to survive, and that's not fair. We deserve special treatment, we deserve to be deified, we deserve our words to be immortalised as truth, no matter how backstabbing and bogus. We deserve to be shot before we tarnish the name of feminism any further.

Feminism is a power grab. Giving women rights led to the rise of big government and Prohibition in the early 20th century and later, the Sexual Revolution and antinatalism. In modern times, they have given the world the metoo campaign and the fat acceptance movement. Feminism also indirectly contributed to the rising prominence of buggery and other indecent fetishes (and indirectly to groomers and pedophilia) in society as it was their Sexual Revolution that provided these people some legitimacy where they once had none, through the logic of "two consenting adults can have sex freely". The destruction of the institution of marriage, however, is the most damaging thing that the feminists accomplished to society. Without marriage, kids are now being raised in single mother homes and are consequently deprived of suitable role models.

I have created a new ideology
All people who support an ideology should live together in a country totally run by them.then the fun begins.
In capitalism all rich 1% population will live together and will have no labours to exploit so they'll have no source of income.
Communists will stay in peace forever.
Feminists will have a place full of women.

25 Nationalism

Nationalism is problematic, and with the advent of social media and the internet, the future world is going to reject nationalism. Napolean and Caesar were nationalists.

Only terrible when it's nationalism of the oppressing nation and people's.

While not bad, it can lead to massive deaths and hate.

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