Most Powerful Avatar Benders

The Top Ten Most Powerful Avatar Benders

1 Aang Avatar Aang is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen. Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.

Because he can bend all elements

This kids a legend.

Aang is a god

If he wasn’t the avatar he would have died but he’s lucky

2 Iroh Iroh is a major character in the Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as an minor supporting character in The Legend of Korra.

Could have taken down the fire lord himself if he tried. Best character and most powerful by far!

Because he was next in line to defeat ozai if aang failed

Noble, peaceful, yet skilled

Ok, picture this... Avatar Iroh...

3 Ozai Fire Lord Ozai is the main antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is the supreme antagonist of the series due to being in control of the Fire Nation and being the father of Zuko and Azula. He is also Aang's arch-nemesis.

He should be number 2

How is he number 5

4 Toph Toph Beifong is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series.

She was brave enough to stand up to katara who is a true water bending master and she could escape two master earth benders and she is not toph she is the melon lord

Anyone remember when, as an old woman she basically soloed an army? Granny Toph is a lot like Yoda, and not just because she's a mentor figure living in exile in a swamp. By the time we see her there, she is reactively creating earth wave to carry her out of the way of oncoming attacks, and she's doing so with little apparent effort (no gestures or nothing). I always got the feeling that as much as she was capable of, we never got to see her whole bag of tricks.

Toph would hand Zuko's ass to him on a silver platter

Toph got to kick two avatars’ butts. This is a thing that not many people can say. AND she has THE BEST relatives. (Except Lao, I haven’t forgiven him yet). Back to the bending thing... She INVENTED Metalbending! Not many people can say that they INVENTED a whole new style of bending. And also *Spoilers for the rift ahead! * she literally held up the weight of the world, like, twice. First, with the library, and then, at the Earthen Fire Refinery, she held up the entire world, while waiting for her students. Also, she trained Lin. That is good.

5 Azula Princess Azula is a fictional character and antagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

She was the only one who could bend blue fire and could wield lightning like no other. She was simply a fire-bending prodigy.

She could bend lightning better than anyone else

She die or not?

Her blue fire and lightning wielding made her a true threat to be reckoned with. not to mention her exceptional agility and cold calculated strikes make her at least the 2nd most powerful firebender in history behind her father. Iron is not more powerful than she is, and the only leverage he would have in a fight with her is redirection and even that is still giving him very little of an edge. She is capable of wielding lightning more efficiently than him.

6 Amon Amon is the main antagonist in the first season of The Legend Of Korra and the charismatic and mysterious leader of the anti-bending terrorist organization known as the Equalists.

By far the strongest outside the avatars in avatar state. Overall blood bending (without needing the full moon or even night) is overpower and not only could he control bodies but also take away bending powers.

Only blood benders superior to Amon and the Avatar state can resist Amon. He loses because he still fundamentally loathes bending and would not go all out with his power.

7 King Bumi

King bump is a BEAST. In season 1 he was hardly even trying and he pretty much beat Aang. During the solar eclipse, he was trapped in his cell, escaped AND reclaimed the whole city of On a shy BY HIMSELF. This guy should be at least in the top 5.

He is a BEAST

Above amon for sure. this dude could bend with his eye brows.

8 Katara Katara is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

Let's not forget that she defeated Azula. I know Azula was mentally unstable, but so was Katara, since Zuko was about to die. Also, Azula had Sozin's Comet, which made her way more powerful.
And remember the fight in Ba Sing Se? Katara was definitely overpowering her - smill

I think she's so underrated. She's very powerful, she can bend in Northern, Southern and Swamp Water tribe styles. Also she learnt bloodbending just watching it once and if she wanted she could improve her bloodbending skills, but she just hates it. She maybe weak physically, but with her bending she's so powerful

Self taught in season one and was still doing well

Duh she can almost beat toph

9 Zuko Prince Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko is a master firebender and his younger sister is Azula . He is the son of Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa .

He matched Azula for raw power by the end of Book 3 and went toe-to-toe with her sane self in "The Southern Raiders". Then, in the comics, he became the first human ever to bend dragon fire. A massive tornado of it, I might add. And even before he learned from the dragons, he consistently went toe-to-toe with Aang ("Bato of the Water Tribe") and Katara ("Siege of the North Part 1", "The Crossroads of Destiny"), and was strong enough to redirect Ozai's lightning in "Day of Black Sun", which is something Aang initially struggled with in the finale. Overall, while he's not on Aang or Iroh or Toph's level, he's definitely on par with Azula and Katara in terms of raw power.

Because he learnt the secret to firebending from the masters

He’s so hot lol

10 Korra Avatar Korra is the title lead character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of the Avatar, responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world.

She closed 8 portals in a day

I just put her on too see what will happen

The Contenders

11 Zaheer

He’s very strong! He killed a queen!

12 Kuvira

She’s a better villain then any one I have ever seen! She’s so amazing!

She’s a metal bending master that utilizes neutral Jing like nobodies business.

She is a badass bitch. Imagine her and Azula having a fight! You’re welcome. I live kuvira she is my favourite character in lok

13 Yakone

Bloodbending is just too powerful

If you are gonna add Korra characters in this list. The blood benders from the series easily beat all other characters as blood bending vs other elements is like Dumbledore vs muggle. Look at "Full Yakone Flash Back" at youtube to see how powerful he is.

One of my votes due to his ability to bloodbend withough the full moon

14 Pakku

Waterbending master and unlike Zhao who hasn't even mastered firebending since he focuses on its destructive side, Pakku could hold his own against Katara and FIREBENDERS WITH THE POWER OF SOZINS' COMET

15 Admiral Zhao


16 Jeong Jeong
17 Ty Lee

She's a very powerful fire bender. She had the ability to chi block an opponent, now that's insane!

18 Mai

Took down a lot of gaurds and tried to g up aganinst azula, so points for bravery

19 Tenzin
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