Best and Prettiest Ever After High Characters

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21 Ginger Breadhouse

Her personality is just as sweet as her name

Ginger is sooo sweet please if you don't know who to vote please Ginger.

I love love love love love LOVE Ginger! She is so cute and I love that she loves cooking. COOKING RULES! 😉

22 Bunny Blanc

Bunny is the Best! I hope she will be the number 1 soon.

I like Bunny Blanc BECAUSE SHE IS A CUTE RABBIT. She is my favourite EAH character. She is so beautiful and kind. Bunny is not selfish like Apple and Raven. I hope in the future that Bunny and Alistair will be together like Ashlynn and Hunter. Bunny is number 1. Team her.


Why does Alister like her she's not that pretty.I think Alister should like Lizze.

23 Crystal Winter

Crystal Winter is so cool, she deserves to at least be #4

I like her so much, she is so much cooler than Apple!

She is sooo cool and rule my favorite season she should come 3rd after raven and apple! #Crystal Winter rules!

24 Faybelle Thorn

She's so cool, plus she can fly. How come the producers always make her look stupid?!

She really awesome, and strong to!

25 Willow (the pixie) V 1 Comment
26 Justine Dancer

LOVE HER! I wish she had a bigger role in the movie

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27 Hunter Huntsman

I think he and cerise makes a good couple

Hunter should be definitely a rebel. Because Ashlynn just loves nature and he is supposed to hunt animals and that means to kill nature.

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28 Melody Piper

I love her pretty white hair with purple streaks! Her music is great!

Melody Piper is really pretty, I think Sparrow Hood likes her.

Melody Piper is pretty cool though she is just a backgrounder.

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29 Evil Queen
30 Snow White V 1 Comment
31 Daring Charming

Daring is one of the best boy character in ever after high

I think she should be in the top 5

I'm in love with daring

Daring is one of the best boy character in ever after high he is better than his brother Dexter he is hedous

32 Courtly Jester

She may not be the kindest of characters, but I've always thought she is a gorgeous character, and her accent is amazing.

33 Frankie Stein Frankie Stein

She is Monster High... wrong list

You'be got to be kidding me! THAT'S A MONSTER HIGH DOLL! She is pretty but please don't put her in the EAH list.

This is the best ever after hi caracter ever I love her green skin and how she daytes every new boi at scool love hr

34 Helga Crumb
35 Nina Thumbell
36 Giles Grimm

I hate him but I like him better then headmaster grim the original one.

37 Miles Grimm
38 Aurora Neva
39 Dexter Charming

So cool

40 Farrah GoodFairy
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