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1 Flora

I think flora is the prettiest. She is so pretty I like her dark coloured skin. Her hair is very beautiful and her clothes. Even her transformation is amazing. Flora is my favourite fairy and my prettiest.

Flora has a strong spirit. She may seem weak physically, but that is replaced by wisdom and her emotions.

Her hair is like silk and her skin is so smooth. Not only does she have beauty in the outside, but the inside as well. She is so kind, and much prettier than any other fairy.

Flora is elegant, beautiful, and helps anyone or anything in need.

2 Bloom

Bloom has the most beautiful cyan eyes and red/orange hair. She's super kind and puts others' safety in front of hers. She's beautiful inside and out. Her fairy forms are always amazing and beautiful. She faces a lot of danger but doesn't give up and let fear take over her. She is also loyal to those who she loves and trusts. She is also willing to give second chances. She helped Selina even when she poisoned her friend and attacked her. Yes, every once in a while, she does break down and run from her enemies. But she goes back to conquer them. She is very brave and kind.

Bloom is very beautiful with her blue eyes and orange kinda hair. She is very beautiful inside out , she is very caring and even though she sometimes seems a little bossy she always does the best. She doesn't have ego for being the strongest fairy. I LOVE HER

Bloom has an amazing personality she always seeks for ways to help those in need. If you watch, all her transformation clothes are amazing and she is amazing

Bloom is by far the most prettiest winx club fairy and she has a great personality.I don't understand why people dislike her so much. She is caring and always puts other people first. She always does the right thing and she is a good leader to the winx club. When she shared her dragon flame to the winx she knew that it would weaken her, but she didn't care, now that is a good leader who likes to take care of her friends.

3 Musa

Musa is my favorite fairy. I love her. She is so sweet, not like bloom. Her hair is beautiful. Her outfits are also very nice.

Musa is the prettiest because she is simple yet on the inside not so simple. She always is rocking the hair. I wish she wasn't ignored or so underrated.

Musa is my second prettiest fairy. I like her hairstyle it is so awesome. Her transformations are beautiful too and also her clothes I like the colours I think there a perfect match for her . She is beautiful fairy

Musa even though she is a little selfish in love she is pretty! She looks gorg in her transformations from the very beginning. Earlier she was kind off tomboyish but after her change in hairstyle she completely overlooked everyone in her clothes!

4 Daphne

Her blonde hair and light brown eyes are beautiful. She is a kind and loyal sister and daughter. She is calm, kind and her transformation, just wow. The wings and clothes makes her look beautiful.

she is blooms sister I love her but she looked better as a spirt or whatever that thing said

Daphne is underrated- her clothes, her hair, her personality, is literally perfect!

Daphne for me is the prettiest. She has that calm yet elegant beauty. Her platinum hair really suits her and I love it. Not to mention she is a nymph and the nymphs are really pretty. I saw Politea and she is pretty. Daphne deserves to be number one. I just love her transformation in sirenix! I mean no one can deny how pretty she is.

5 Stella

Stella is clearly one of the prettiest characters. I like her yellow hair it is very nice and her outfits are the best. Her transformations Are amazing. I like the her fashion accessories their nice . Stella is one of the prettiest in this whole series

Stella is the prettiest fairy in the whole magic dimension. Her jokes are so good.

I think Stella is very pretty and she has also been awarded for that in S1 or 2. Stella is very fashionable and yet very beautiful. She has an amazing personality and she is one of my favs

She is the prettiest, because she takes good care of her self, of her clothes, she attracts attention wherever she is!

6 Tecna

Tecna has pink hair which really suit her and she looks amazing the way she styles herself. She is very pretty and very badass!

in some of her transformations she looks amazing in others she look awful

Like Aisha Tecna is not one of the most prettiest winx but her clothes are kind of unique but not amazing. I do like her hair colour and her transformations . Tecna is kind of pretty and a little bit beautiful.

Definitely the prettiest, I love how her Winx outfit is so unique

7 Roxy

Roxy is kinda pretty and cool. Her hair colour is nice. Her clothes are pretty and her transformations are pretty too but not too pretty . But I still like how she looks

Why isn't her a main character in season 8? The season is about animals.

I just love her porcelain skin! Her hair is very amazing! Roxy is very pretty and she looks so young.

I love her pink hair, and her outfit when she transforms!

8 Aisha

Aisha being the darkest is one of the most prettiest fairies. Even though she is a little selfish well very selfish sometimes her hair is so freakin pretty. Her voice matches her personality very well!

Aisha is wonderful, She has a wonderful personality and is such a tomboy. She is Brave, kind, and confident. She is a incredible person And the winx are lucky to have her as a friend.<

Aisha is not my favourite looking winx but she is alright. I like her hair it is kind of like mine . Her clothes are nice not like extra beautiful but it is still pretty. Her transformation is pretty too Aisha is pretty ( but not too pretty)

Aisha has a strong spirit and is one of the most gorgeous girls in the series

9 Morgana

Morgana looks so pretty in her Queen outfit! And her slightly violet tinted hair look gorgeous on her!

I love her green dress!

She is very kind

I don't like her face

10 Icy

Icy might be evil but that doesn't stop her from looking the way she does.

Icy even though is evil is very pretty or lets say hot! She looked very very pretty in the first season where she was leader of the trix as always. Icy has always had that badass personality and she is tbh very hot!

Shes the most stunning and she has a mature beauty unlike the winx. Her hair is so long and luscious, personally icy is the hottest--maybe not the "preetiest" but definitely hotter than any other female character on the show

Icy is by far the prettiest girl in winx club

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11 Darcy

she might be pretty but she is still EVIL but I have to say she is not like REALLY evil

Darcy is pretty no really she is! She has long hair which matches her purple outfit so well.Her powers of dark magic really match her outfit and hair. Even though she is Icy's sidekick she is much prettier!

Darcy is the best trix. Her hair is so long, straight, her outfits are purple, and I love purple! She is the nicest trix, the smartest, and the prettiest. She is also very cool. I just don't like it when she was a little kid and when she wears her glasses. But I still say she is my favorite trix. The dark is just as nice as the light.

Darcy is the prettiest out of the trix. With her long, brown hair, shes gorgeous.

12 Vanessa

Vanessa's hair is horrible but otherwise she is great

Blooms mother and she is very pretty!

She is so pretty at all...

She's gorgeous

13 Lockette

Lockette is very pretty and loyal to her friends and the Winx.

Lockette Blooms bonded pixie is adorable and really really cute


She is so Cute

14 Sky

He's so ugly.

Sky is sooooo cute haters

He is ok

15 Aurora

Her powers are great and love her in blue! Also, the picture of aurora is not correct, please fix that.

I have personally always wanted ice powers

She is very pretty

Um...TopTens? Aurora? Major fairy of the North?

16 Kiko

I wish I could have a pet rabbit just like him.Now I am just saying that he's the handsome animal in the world.

17 Flora's daughter

What?! Does Flora even have a DAUGHTER?!

Flora is so prettty! But her daughter, Violet? Bruuuhh...she IS heaven on Earth!
Those emerald hypnotic narrow eyes, those long straight blonde hair with brown highlights and that taaned skin tone! So h-o-t! ;)
- SweetPea1001 from Fan-o-

Flora is pretty but her daughter Violet?
Bruhhh..she IS heaven on earth
Those hypnotic narrow green eyes, those straight blonde hair and that taaaneeed skin tone! So h-o-t! "

18 Krystal

Krystal is pretty. I like her pink hair and her clothes her power is very cool . Her face is stylish and nice. Krystal is nice

She is not prettier than bloom but she is pretty

She is super pretty pretty than bloom.

Love her hair

19 Diaspro

Yeah, she even went as far to try and KILL BLOOM, just for stealing her ex. She even sided with the Trix. It was kinda understandable to use a love potion but try to kill Bloom in a volcano? SHE IS PURE EVIL! But...I still think she is pretty, I wish I was so beautiful like her.

She may be beautiful, but she is wicked. Pure evil. She went from ex-girlfriend to stalker. Diaspro hates Bloom. Like, a lot. With a burning passion. She even tried to kill her! KILL HER!

I think Diaspro and Bloom should switch their personalities...

No. She should NOT be on the list. She is just ugly.

20 Miele

I like Flora sister she is cute and pretty but not as much as flora. Her hairstyle is nice and her clothes and her transformations are pretty too . Miele is a cute girl

She is Just like Flora
Cute and Pretty
I love Miele

Cute, nice, pretty

So beautiful.

21 Nebula

She's pretty but not her hair really

22 Queen Luna
23 Chatta

I love Chatta so is really cute

24 Faragonda

Sje is so sexy

25 Diana

her powers are awesome.

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