Top 10 Prettiest Winx Club Characters

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1 Flora

Flora is the sweetest human being ever! She and Layla/Aisha are my favorite Winx Club members and are the prettiest Winx Club members in opinion. I love Flora's sweet, shy, and caring personality. I also love that she is Latina. Flora and Layla/Aisha are pretty no matter what! They don't need makeup and high heels to be pretty! The other Winx Club fairies don't either though. Flora is so lovely! Flora and Helia are so cute together! Helia is so lucky that he has sweet, shy, caring, beautiful, and lovely Flora as his girlfriend. I could write a whole essay win about how pretty she and Layla/Aisha are. Flora is fairy of nature for a reason! She loves flowers, like looking at flowers and takes care of plants. Her home planet Lynphea and her Secret Greenhouse are so beautiful! I wish they were real so I can visit Lynphea and the Secret Greenhouse. But I can't believe she's been so close to dying like more than 80 times! They should stop making Flora almost die so many times. Why couldn't ...more

In my opinion flora is more beautiful, and it made me mad when bloom toxic stans saying flora is ugly like bruh. At least she's prettier than you and got more attitude then you being a bum that stand like a tree.. Honestly I wish toxic fandom didn't exist AT ALL

Flora is the most beautiful winx I ever met. She deserves to be the best fairy not the second best fairy. She is sweet and kind and gorgeous.

I like Flora very much and she is also my favourite fairy. And also she is very beautiful. Her clothes are very pretty specially her season 6 and 7 outfit and even I like her every transformation. She is most kind member in the Winx. Even I like her boyfriend Helia. They both are surely made for each other as both are kind and both love nature. She is also the third Winx who own something in Alfea :-
Stella has her boutique.
Aisha has her gym.
Musa has her Music Cafe.
Even I think that Flora's home planet Lynphea is also one of the most beautiful place in the whole magical dimension. I think that Flora should have been shown more and even the other Winx.
I just don't like Bloom even a bit as she is shown so much. Even when the Winx got their Believix Transformation, Bloom is the only one who is shown to speak for the Winx to the ' Wizards Of The Black Circle ' which I really don't like. And even every time when the main villain of a ...more

2 Bloom

Bloom is the most brave fairy and she's also the prettiest she deserves a lovely future with sky and I think she's number 1 she's such a BADASS GODDESS she's amazing in all ways, I love her.

I love Bloom a lot. She is very caring, and she always puts others in front of herself. She's beautiful on the outside and the inside as well. I wish she could be my mom sometimes because of how gorgeous she is on the inside and outside. Or maybe be her. Her reddish orange hair and cyan eyes are a great combo. She is a great princess, and she'll also make a great queen sometimes. I think she should be first on this list. I don't understand why people hate her. I think she's amazing.

Sorry, I really like Bloom and her dragon flame, but she is SO OVERRATED! It seems like Some Winx Club fans favorite Bloom to the point that some Bloom fangirls hate every character that doesn't like Bloom or hate underrated Winx Club fairies like Tecna, Musa, and Aisha/Layla.

Bloom is the best most prettiest fairy I don't get how people think flora is pretty she is ugly. Bloom is definitely the best most prettiest fairy and to add she is the strongest fairy she is totally the best

3 Musa

I love her so much . For me she is the most beautiful fairy in the winx club . l love her song so much . And her character is amazing in winx club . I love musa 's and Aisha's relationship as the best friends in winx , as the relation of music and dance .

Musa sings so well! That's why she is known as the fairy of music. I also heard she is Asian or Chinese. I don't know if Musa is Asian or Chinese but stop Chinese and Asian hate! It's not their fault the stupid coronavirus started! But I love Musa, she is so pretty with her Chinese or Asian lifestyle.

Really in my opinion I think musa is a bit overrated! She isn't as pretty as some of the ones down there. I like her style and her voice tho.

Musa is awesome, gorgeous, beautiful, kind, and looks very much like me. Like me, she also loves music and her blackish blue hair suits with her pale white skin and her slanting eyes. Her dress's color combination of red and pink with her hair and skin color is just beyond amazing! I am also an Asian like her! And for goodness sake, Musa should be at 1st position, other than Flora ans Bloom. As for Bloom, she always takes the spotlight, so she shouldn't be at top list.

4 Aisha

Hey, I'm da person who wrote the comment 'Aisha is very pretty and brave...'.
I've come back and I'm so happy to see that she is now 4th! I'm so happy because she was around 8th before. tysm xD

As mentioned, she shows diversity and is one unique, beautiful fairy. Her transformations and clothes are soo nice and even her voie is perfect for her. In addition, I think it is great to show a range of diversity as young people especially will be able to see themselves 'represented' in a way.
I rlly hope that in the future more shows and books and EVERYTHING will be more diverse and inclusive <3
YOU GO girl!

She should be Number 1 besides Flora! She and Flora are the prettiest Winx Club members in my opinion and favorite Winx Club members! Aisha/Layla is kinda underrated too, she needs some more love. Why did she get whitewashed in Season 8?! Give her back her beautiful black skin! Black Lives Matter!

Aisha is actually quiet pretty when you think about it she is not the prettiest to me Flora is but she is still pretty her lips only look fat to you because your comparing her lips to the other and I love her long hair it is so curly. But she is really powerful she is probably the most athletic and flexible cause she tries her best to stay fit and strong go Aisha. This is irrelevant but why do they call her Aisha and sometimes Layla like which was is her name or is it just both.

Aisha is very pretty and brave, though very underrated - why is she 8th? Plus, her hair is SOOO beautiful and her transformations, especially in enchantix. As one of the only (probably the only) dark-skinned character I think she is amazing, at what she does!

5 Stella

Stella is the most beautiful fairy in winx club . The people who say that flora / Aisha are the best I think they are gonna insane . Flora and Aisha are black. Stella doesn't needs any makeup she is beautiful and always remain. I think in whole alpha she is the best. She shines just like a sun and my Favourite thing she is the princess of solaria

Of course Stella is more beautiful than any one of the members of the winx club. Just look at her blonde, long, golden hair! Even Google says that Stella is more beautiful as she is more confident about her looks...

Stella is clearly one of the prettiest characters. I like her yellow hair it is very nice and her outfits are the best. Her transformations Are amazing. I like the her fashion accessories their nice . Stella is one of the prettiest in this whole series

I had fallen in love with Stella when I fisrt watched winx club. I think she is the most beautiful fairy in the whole magic dimension. Moreover her power is super strong (I 'd say stronger than Bloom because sun supposed to be first created in the magic world, right? )

6 Daphne

Daphne is so sweet and calm, she is the PERFECT big sister sometimes I wish she was my big sister. I love daphne's hair and sirenix transformation, it looks truly incredible!

Daphne for me is the prettiest. She has that calm yet elegant beauty. Her platinum hair really suits her and I love it. Not to mention she is a nymph and the nymphs are really pretty. I saw Politea and she is pretty. Daphne deserves to be number one. I just love her transformation in sirenix! I mean no one can deny how pretty she is.

Her blonde hair and light brown eyes are beautiful. She is a kind and loyal sister and daughter. She is calm, kind and her transformation, just wow. The wings and clothes makes her look beautiful.

Bloom ' s sister is very pretty. I like her blonde hair it is nice. And her transformation It even looks even better than bloom . Wow her clothes are pretty too. Daphne is beautiful.

7 Tecna

She is very pretty and underrated! Bloom is too overrated for her own good, the writers just made her SO selfish, and always made her steal the diverse people's spotlights and given her so much attention that she didn't deserve, to the point that I despise her! But Tecna... she's smart, powerful, brave... everything you could want in a Winx Club Fairy!

The most underrated Winx Club fairy... Why does Tecna have so much hate?! Why? Just why? She sacrificed herself in Season 3 Episode 13 and you still hate her. She gets a lot of hate just for talking like computer. But on the bright side, Tecna is the more intelligent and bravest Winx Club fairy. That's what makes her the fairy of technology! But just because Tecna talks like a computer doesn't mean she deserves to get so much hate! Tecna needs more love.

I always thought that tecna was the most ugliest winx club member and I hated her but when the seasons changed she became she became so beautiful.

Like Aisha Tecna is not one of the most prettiest winx but her clothes are kind of unique but not amazing. I do like her hair colour and her transformations . Tecna is kind of pretty and a little bit beautiful.

8 Roxy

Roxy is a fan-favourite fairy, so I can't understand why the Nickelodeon writers decided to ship her off to Alfea to get her out of the rest of the series, when in the original script she was due to be more involved in Season 5 and go on the Sirenix quest with the Winx. She's so pretty, her hair is FABULOUS, and I love her outfit! It matches her personality so well, and there's just nothing bad about her!

I love Roxy she is so pretty! She is so caring, especially for animals, that's why she's the fairy of animals! But it makes no sense that Roxy is fairy of animals and that Flora is the fairy of nature when animals are a part of nature, but I still am a big fan of Roxy. I want Roxy to appear in Season 9!

Roxy is kinda pretty and cool. Her hair colour is nice. Her clothes are pretty and her transformations are pretty too but not too pretty . But I still like how she looks

I just love her porcelain skin! Her hair is very amazing! Roxy is very pretty and she looks so young.

9 Aurora

Her powers are great and love her in blue! Also, the picture of aurora is not correct, please fix that.

She is very pretty

Well I love every winx club character who has blonde hair and she is beautiful too

10 Darcy

Darcy is the best trix. Her hair is so long, straight, her outfits are purple, and I love purple! She is the nicest trix, the smartest, and the prettiest. She is also very cool. I just don't like it when she was a little kid and when she wears her glasses. But I still say she is my favorite trix. The dark is just as nice as the light.

Darcy is pretty no really she is! She has long hair which matches her purple outfit so well.Her powers of dark magic really match her outfit and hair. Even though she is Icy's sidekick she is much prettier!

Darcy is the prettiest out of the trix. With her long, brown hair, shes gorgeous.

Darcy actually looks very nice! Her style rocks!

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11 Celina
12 Chimera

Why is Chimera always so underrated? Come on, she is the prettiest girl so far! I think Stella and Chimera should switch their personalities! Chimera should kill Stella, KILL HER! Chimera is so pretty!

13 Diaspro

She might have the looks, but in my opinion, she is female version of Eric Cartman! (Sorry, I know I should stop mentioning South Park characters...) I liked Ariana Grande's Diaspro voice, it was really good. Diaspro is pretty but wicked. She'd make a great 4th Trix witch!

She may be beautiful, but she is wicked. Pure evil. She went from ex-girlfriend to stalker. Diaspro hates Bloom. Like, a lot. With a burning passion. She even tried to kill her! KILL HER!

Yeah, she even went as far to try and KILL BLOOM, just for stealing her ex. She even sided with the Trix. It was kinda understandable to use a love potion but try to kill Bloom in a volcano? SHE IS PURE EVIL! But...I still think she is pretty, I wish I was so beautiful like her.

Diaspro is actually very pretty.She's just extremely underrated.Why? Because she hates Bloom, and anyone who hates Bloom automatically becomes the bad guy and always gets defeated.The writers gave her an awful personality and most people judge her by her personality, not her beauty.

14 Morgana

Definitely very pretty! I love her long brown hair, and when the revelation was made that she was Roxy's mother in Episode 25 of Season 4, I could instantly see how and why! They both look so similar, they have the same kind-hearted personalities... I just love them both!

Morgana looks so pretty in her Queen outfit! And her slightly violet tinted hair look gorgeous on her!

I love her green dress!

I don't like her face

15 Diana
16 Icy

How can icy not be beautiful? Well she is not beautiful in her sirenix power but she definitely is beautiful in other seasons.

Icy even though is evil is very pretty or lets say hot! She looked very very pretty in the first season where she was leader of the trix as always. Icy has always had that badass personality and she is tbh very hot!

Shes the most stunning and she has a mature beauty unlike the winx. Her hair is so long and luscious, personally icy is the hottest--maybe not the "preetiest" but definitely hotter than any other female character on the show

Icy might be evil but that doesn't stop her from looking the way she does.

17 Miele

Miele is great! At least... Season 3 and Season 6 Miele. Season 3's Miele has an attitude, but a kind-hearted and originated-from-good attitude. She jumps in to save Flora from the Trix, and thus is the source of Flora getting her Enchantix transformation, making her easily the best Winx Club fairy in the sense of how she earns her Enchantix! I also love her little dress, Miele just wears the prettiest things!
Season 6 Miele, I do also love, although I do have to criticise how she grew from 4-16 in about three years. But she is prettier, and we get to see her transformation, which we never see again afterwards, but it's amazing!

Miele is so cute! She is Flora's little sister. She should appear more! Miele is cute and sweet, just like Flora. I want Miele to appear in Season 9!

I like Flora sister she is cute and pretty but not as much as flora. Her hairstyle is nice and her clothes and her transformations are pretty too . Miele is a cute girl

Cute, nice, pretty

18 Nebula

Nebula is an iconic Warrior Fairy! She formed the Fairies of Vengeance to take out the Wizards of the Black Circle, and, when the Wizards were finally taken out, even though that was what she wanted, she felt guilty about it, and tried to convince Bloom to let her stay in the Omega Dimension, and then tried to protest when Morgana gave her the Earth Fairy Crown! She is just great, and I LOVE her outfit! The crown also really suits her!

19 Kiko

I wish I could have a pet rabbit just like him.Now I am just saying that he's the handsome animal in the world.

OG pet right there!

20 Vanessa

She is not pretty at all...though she looks very graceful and generous but she has a terrible figure and hairstyle!

Blooms mother and she is very pretty!

She is so pretty at all...

She is radiant

21 Galatea

Galatea is beautiful! And whoever said Galatea is ugly, your attitude is ugly and you should be ashamed of yourself!

Whoever said galatea is ugly should be ASHAMED. Galatea is a beautiful young teenager and is also a princess.

Why is galatea on the list she is ugly!

22 Brandon

He's so hot and one of the more realistic Specialists. Sky is cute but too perfect. And let's be honest, Riven stole everyone's heart

Brandon is handsome

23 Lockette

Lockette is very pretty and loyal to her friends and the Winx.

I love Lockette she is the cutest poxie but can you put other pixies too?

Lockette Blooms bonded pixie is adorable and really really cute

I like lockette

24 Sky

He is so handsome and so brave he would do anything for bloom, he's big hearted and deserves a good girlfriend like bloom

25 Faragonda
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