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1 Flora

Flora is so beautiful words can't even describe all I gotta say is that Helia is one lucky guy to have her (plus their a perfect couple anyway they make each other glow! ) and I must add with each new season Flora gets more and more beautiful and powerful. I just wish she is in it more and her power excels too! But the first time I saw Flora in the show and found out her powers I knew she would be my favourite character! And not to mention the prettiest! And her kindness just makes her more prettier than she already is!

She is an incredible girl. Flora surprised me on how powerful and nice she is. She is tan like me and has just the most calm large eyes. Her hair is a wonderful mixture of chestnut and amber. When I look into her eyes I see that she is a queen. Not princess KRYSTAL! I want to see them fight for the throne

Honestly, Flora is the most beautiful fairy in my opinion. I'm not saying the others are ugly, but Flora's beauty is the most appealing to me. She has never done any bad things to harm anyone or anything. She has never turned evil. She is always kind and generous. Flora is beautiful inside and out.

She's so beautiful

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2 Musa

Musa is crazy beautiful. Her slanting dark blue eyes really compliment her chalky white skin. Plus, her long blueish blackish hair is really, really pretty! I'm crazy about her voice and her amazing outfits as well.

She looks really pretty when she has long hair, and she is a lover of purple and red!

Musa should be number 1 I agree just imagine the world with out music bloom should be last she just wants to be the best and she is always first I hate bloom

She is drop dead gorgeous, has a beautiful voice, is super sweet and smart and she has a hot boyfriend she is definitely my favorite from wind then it's flora, aisha, bloom, Stella, tecna.

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3 Bloom

For me...this is just my opinion...I think bloom is the prettiest one put of the winx Because I love her hair and her blur eyes and all of her transformation and she's really caring more about her friends that her own self and she's really powerful and brave and I love all of her hairstyles except season 1 to 4 but then they changed all of the winx hairstyles and I was like "Wow" to bloom in season 5...she is just amazing!

For me bloom is the prettiest winx club girl first when I saw her I myself told that bloom will be my favorite winx club girl her orange hair is so beautiful but sometimes the colour of the hair change but no problem love you bloom

Bloom is the best and her best friend is stella well the winx is her best friend but stella is like her sister best friend forever and ever and like they met each other and they are better best friends than the other winx club the whole winx club are just friends but stella and bloom have a connection they are bffe

I love Bloom she's My favorite fairy 😍😍😍

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4 Daphne

She is just so pretty with a strand of hair over her eyes! I love her dresses and stuff and when she is caring to protect her friends and family!

Daphne is no doubt the prettiest character! I made this list!

She's just so beautiful

Daphne should be number 1 then Flora then Musa then Bloom

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5 Stella

She's really pretty but her transformations aren't! She never gets the best dress in her transformations! That is so unfair! And they always give her ponytails! She should be on 2nd!

I don't like her eyes, they are very big...I prefer the musa or flora's eyes.I love her, it's my second favorite winx (the first is Musa)

Pretty girl even in her school clothes!

She is the most fashionable one

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6 Tecna

Looks prettiest in Harmonix, I love the green ribbons tied around her legs!

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7 Roxy

I love her pink hair, and her outfit when she transforms!

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8 Aisha

Aisha is actually quiet pretty when you think about it she is not the prettiest to me Flora is but she is still pretty her lips only look fat to you because your comparing her lips to the other and I love her long hair it is so curly. But she is really powerful she is probably the most athletic and flexible cause she tries her best to stay fit and strong go Aisha. This is irrelevant but why do they call her Aisha and sometimes Layla like which was is her name or is it just both.

Aisha's lips are just plain fat

Super pretty wow

She looks prettiest in bloomix, all blue with two pigtails!

9 Morgana

I love her green dress!

I don't like her face

She is very kind

She looks sorta old, but she is so nice

10 Vanessa

Blooms mother and she is very pretty!

Vanessa's hair is horrible but otherwise she is great

She is not pretty at all...though she looks very graceful and generous but she has a terrible figure and hairstyle!

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11 Icy

She is mean but pretty

Icy is by far the prettiest girl in winx club

If u think about it, Icy is actually pretty. Shes evil, but pretty.

She is very ugly.I hate her.She is very mean.her ice is very bad.I don't like her dark sirenix transformation

12 Darcy

Darcy is the prettiest out of the trix. With her long, brown hair, shes gorgeous.

Darcy actually looks very nice! Her style rocks!

Darcy just is more is cuter than icy and stormy.But one thing she is ugly.I am not saying when she is a teenager I am saying when she is a little girl.

13 Aurora Aurora Aurora is a fictional character from the popular Disney Film, Sleeping Beauty and the 2015 Live Action Release, Maleficent. She is commonly known as Sleeping Beauty and is one of the group Disney Princesses. She is a unique Disney Princess as in her film, Sleeping Beauty, she has a total of 18 minutes more.

Her powers are great and love her in blue! Also, the picture of aurora is not correct, please fix that.

Auroa of the ice castle is very pretty and her blond wavy hair

14 Krystal

She is super pretty pretty than bloom.

She is not prettier than bloom but she is pretty

Love her hair

Krystal is not dirty or poor. She is the Princess of Linphea so she definitely is not poor. Plus, with her light pink hair, she overrules stupid Bloom who takes the spotlight way too often. Bloom's only average looking. PLus, whenever the winx transforms, Bloom always goes first and usually it is just her tranformation, while the others are just shown tranformed at the end.

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15 Stormy

She is very cute but the clothes give me the creeps

She is mean but pretty

Stormy is ugly

Stomy looks ok

16 Sky

He's so ugly.

He is ok

17 Luna

I think that Luna is really pretty She's kind and a great mom too

Much prettier than Vanessa

What a great mum.

i agree

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18 Galatea

Whoever said galatea is ugly should be ASHAMED. Galatea is a beautiful young teenager and is also a princess.

Why is galatea on the list she is ugly!

Super pretty can't egnore

19 Diaspro

No. She should NOT be on the list. She is just ugly.

Why do u think shes ugly. Maybe your way uglier than her so shut up.

Diaspro is actually very pretty.She's just extremely underrated.Why? Because she hates Bloom, and anyone who hates Bloom automatically becomes the bad guy and always gets defeated.The writers gave her an awful personality and most people judge her by her personality, not her beauty. - ilar9118

The writes gave her a nasty personality but why should that affect her beauty?
She is drop dead gorgeous!

20 Kiko

I wish I could have a pet rabbit just like him.Now I am just saying that he's the handsome animal in the world.

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