Top 10 Prettiest Winx Club Characters

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1 Flora

I like Flora very much and she is also my favourite fairy. And also she is very beautiful. Her clothes are very pretty specially her season 6 and 7 outfit and even I like her every transformation. She is most kind member in the Winx. Even I like her boyfriend Helia. They both are surely made for each other as both are kind and both love nature. She is also the third Winx who own something in Alfea :-
Stella has her boutique.
Aisha has her gym.
Musa has her Music Cafe.
Even I think that Flora's home planet Lynphea is also one of the most beautiful place in the whole magical dimension. I think that Flora should have been shown more and even the other Winx.
I just don't like Bloom even a bit as she is shown so much. Even when the Winx got their Believix Transformation, Bloom is the only one who is shown to speak for the Winx to the ' Wizards Of The Black Circle ' which I really don't like. And even every time when the main villain of a ...more

Flora is so pretty. Her transformations and casual clothes are always on point. She is a bestfriend to all and even when Stella puts her into danger in S5 she just casually laughs at it. Her dark beige skin is very beautiful and matches her perfectly

flora is wonderful and beautiful and shy . she is just like me. and I fixed when I saw her that she is my favourite fairy and helia is really lucky because he got a wonderful girl friend. just like helia flora doesn't believe in fight and she is like me. I don't like her mythix transformation dress and sophix transformation dress but I like her face in that transformation

Flora is so beautiful words can't even describe all I gotta say is that Helia is one lucky guy to have her (plus their a perfect couple anyway they make each other glow! ) and I must add with each new season Flora gets more and more beautiful and powerful. I just wish she is in it more and her power excels too! But the first time I saw Flora in the show and found out her powers I knew she would be my favourite character! And not to mention the prettiest! And her kindness just makes her more prettier than she already is!

2 Bloom

Bloom has the most beautiful cyan eyes and red/orange hair. She's super kind and puts others' safety in front of hers. She's beautiful inside and out. Her fairy forms are always amazing and beautiful. She faces a lot of danger but doesn't give up and let fear take over her. She is also loyal to those who she loves and trusts. She is also willing to give second chances. She helped Selina even when she poisoned her friend and attacked her. Yes, every once in a while, she does break down and run from her enemies. But she goes back to conquer them. She is very brave and kind.

Bloom is my favorite. She's the leader, she's a princess and she's the most powerful. And of course she's pretty I made the background of my phone a picture of her. She's so amazing!

I love Bloom a lot. She is very caring, and she always puts others in front of herself. She’s beautiful on the outside and the inside as well. I wish she could be my mom sometimes because of how gorgeous she is on the inside and outside. Or maybe be her. Her reddish orange hair and cyan eyes are a great combo. She is a great princess, and she’ll also make a great queen sometimes. I think she should be first on this list. I don’t understand why people hate her. I think she’s amazing.

Bloom is by far the most prettiest winx club fairy and she has a great personality.I don't understand why people dislike her so much. She is caring and always puts other people first. She always does the right thing and she is a good leader to the winx club. When she shared her dragon flame to the winx she knew that it would weaken her, but she didn't care, now that is a good leader who likes to take care of her friends.

3 Musa

For me Musa is very beautiful and I like her personality unlike Aisha who came in season 2 and is acting like she has been part of the wind from the beginning and miss is very underrated and the truth is that the would be no peace if there was no harmony between people. I like Bloom too but I think she hogs the spotlight way too much but for me Musa will always be my BEST because listening to music is one of my favorite things to do and when I sing I always imagine musa was real and also singing next to me and I always see myself in her even though I'm a boy

Musa is REALLY pretty I love her porcelain skin and her long beautiful black hair, it suits her so well and her transformations also are again beautiful!

Musa even though she is a little selfish in love she is pretty! She looks gorg in her transformations from the very beginning. Earlier she was kind off tomboyish but after her change in hairstyle she completely overlooked everyone in her clothes!

Musa is my second prettiest fairy. I like her hairstyle it is so awesome. Her transformations are beautiful too and also her clothes I like the colours I think there a perfect match for her . She is beautiful fairy

4 Daphne

Daphne is so sweet and calm, she is the PERFECT big sister sometimes I wish she was my big sister. I love daphne's hair and sirenix transformation, it looks truly incredible!

Daphne for me is the prettiest. She has that calm yet elegant beauty. Her platinum hair really suits her and I love it. Not to mention she is a nymph and the nymphs are really pretty. I saw Politea and she is pretty. Daphne deserves to be number one. I just love her transformation in sirenix! I mean no one can deny how pretty she is.

Her blonde hair and light brown eyes are beautiful. She is a kind and loyal sister and daughter. She is calm, kind and her transformation, just wow. The wings and clothes makes her look beautiful.

Daphne is tbh the prettiest among all. Even when she was in her Gold self she resembled a godess! Her blonde hair matches her personality very well

5 Stella

Stella is clearly one of the prettiest characters. I like her yellow hair it is very nice and her outfits are the best. Her transformations Are amazing. I like the her fashion accessories their nice . Stella is one of the prettiest in this whole series

I think Stella is very pretty and she has also been awarded for that in S1 or 2. Stella is very fashionable and yet very beautiful. She has an amazing personality and she is one of my favs

Her silk blond hair is beautiful and so elegant. Her clothes are really stylish, but sometimes her personality is annoying, because she can’t take criticism.

She is the best and the most beautiful gorgeous fairy in whole magic dimension.she is best and pretty among all the fairies. She has the best boyfriend Brandon 💞 Stella perfect couple. I just love them with my whole heart and really big fan of both of them in this world.They are love.she is beautiful with her appearance, heart, mind and her character. Just perfect .No offence but no other fairy is above her, they all are beautiful in their own way and I like them to but she is just the best and number one. And their is everything common between Stella and me🧡💚 which I love the most. I have admired her since childhood and will always love her.

6 Tecna

Like Aisha Tecna is not one of the most prettiest winx but her clothes are kind of unique but not amazing. I do like her hair colour and her transformations . Tecna is kind of pretty and a little bit beautiful.

Tecna has pink hair which really suit her and she looks amazing the way she styles herself. She is very pretty and very badass!

Definitely the prettiest, I love how her Winx outfit is so unique

Tecna is best Winx and she is so cute her eyes are so big I love tecna

7 Roxy

Roxy is kinda pretty and cool. Her hair colour is nice. Her clothes are pretty and her transformations are pretty too but not too pretty . But I still like how she looks

I just love her porcelain skin! Her hair is very amazing! Roxy is very pretty and she looks so young.

I really love her wings in her transformation also her animal rescue park look so cool

Why isn't her a main character in season 8? The season is about animals.

8 Aisha

Aisha is very pretty and brave, though very underrated - why is she 8th? Plus, her hair is SOOO beautiful and her transformations, especially in enchantix. As one of the only (probably the only) dark-skinned character I think she is amazing, at what she does!

I feel like who ever put aisha the last prettiest winx is racist. aisha deserves to be top 3 even top 2. Not only is her hair beautiful her skin is also everything. I love every single one of her transformation and like someone else comment says her exchantix transformation is my favorite.

Aisha is the only dark colored person she shows diversity and I like that a lot. Her hair is wonderful and she seemed very happy, also she was unproblematic.

Aisha being the darkest is one of the most prettiest fairies. Even though she is a little selfish well very selfish sometimes her hair is so freakin pretty. Her voice matches her personality very well!

9 Morgana

Morgana looks so pretty in her Queen outfit! And her slightly violet tinted hair look gorgeous on her!

Morgana is pretty I love her long hair with her beautiful dress

She looks sorta old, but she is so nice

I love her green dress!

10 Icy

Icy even though is evil is very pretty or lets say hot! She looked very very pretty in the first season where she was leader of the trix as always. Icy has always had that badass personality and she is tbh very hot!

Shes the most stunning and she has a mature beauty unlike the winx. Her hair is so long and luscious, personally icy is the hottest--maybe not the "preetiest" but definitely hotter than any other female character on the show

Icy might be evil but that doesn't stop her from looking the way she does.

Icy is by far the prettiest girl in winx club

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11 Darcy

Darcy is pretty no really she is! She has long hair which matches her purple outfit so well.Her powers of dark magic really match her outfit and hair. Even though she is Icy's sidekick she is much prettier!

Darcy is the best trix. Her hair is so long, straight, her outfits are purple, and I love purple! She is the nicest trix, the smartest, and the prettiest. She is also very cool. I just don't like it when she was a little kid and when she wears her glasses. But I still say she is my favorite trix. The dark is just as nice as the light.

Darcy is one of the prettiest trix other than icy and her powers are cool too

Darcy is the prettiest out of the trix. With her long, brown hair, shes gorgeous.

12 Vanessa

She is not pretty at all...though she looks very graceful and generous but she has a terrible figure and hairstyle!

Vanessa's hair is horrible but otherwise she is great

Blooms mother and she is very pretty!

She is so pretty at all...

13 Lockette

Lockette Blooms bonded pixie is adorable and really really cute

Lockette is very pretty and loyal to her friends and the Winx.

I like lockette

She is so Cute

14 Diaspro

Yeah, she even went as far to try and KILL BLOOM, just for stealing her ex. She even sided with the Trix. It was kinda understandable to use a love potion but try to kill Bloom in a volcano? SHE IS PURE EVIL! But...I still think she is pretty, I wish I was so beautiful like her.

She may be beautiful, but she is wicked. Pure evil. She went from ex-girlfriend to stalker. Diaspro hates Bloom. Like, a lot. With a burning passion. She even tried to kill her! KILL HER!

Diaspro is actually very pretty.She's just extremely underrated.Why? Because she hates Bloom, and anyone who hates Bloom automatically becomes the bad guy and always gets defeated.The writers gave her an awful personality and most people judge her by her personality, not her beauty.

I think Diaspro and Bloom should switch their personalities...

15 Brandon

He's so hot and one of the more realistic Specialists. Sky is cute but too perfect. And let's be honest, Riven stole everyone's heart

Brandon is just so hot and sexy

Brandon is handsome

He is smoking hot I wanna see him shirtless by the way I’m a gay boy

16 Kiko

I wish I could have a pet rabbit just like him.Now I am just saying that he's the handsome animal in the world.

OG pet right there!

my cuteness

17 Sky

Sky is sooooo cute haters

He is soooooo handsome in season 5, 6,7

Handsome boy

18 Flora's daughter

Flora is so prettty! But her daughter, Violet? Bruuuhh...she IS heaven on Earth!
Those emerald hypnotic narrow eyes, those long straight blonde hair with brown highlights and that taaned skin tone! So h-o-t! ;)
- SweetPea1001 from Fan-o-

Damn this girl was cute

Flora is pretty but her daughter Violet?
Bruhhh..she IS heaven on earth
Those hypnotic narrow green eyes, those straight blonde hair and that taaaneeed skin tone! So h-o-t! �"�

What?! Does Flora even have a DAUGHTER?!

19 Miele

I like Flora sister she is cute and pretty but not as much as flora. Her hairstyle is nice and her clothes and her transformations are pretty too . Miele is a cute girl

I really like miele her hair is nice

Cute, nice, pretty

She is Just like Flora
Cute and Pretty
I love Miele

20 Krystal

Krystal is so pretty not prettier than flora but yeah she is pretty. I like her outfit and her hair, she is also kind which is good

Krystal is not dirty or poor. She is the Princess of Linphea so she definitely is not poor. Plus, with her light pink hair, she overrules stupid Bloom who takes the spotlight way too often. Bloom's only average looking. PLus, whenever the winx transforms, Bloom always goes first and usually it is just her tranformation, while the others are just shown tranformed at the end.

Krystal is pretty. I like her pink hair and her clothes her power is very cool . Her face is stylish and nice. Krystal is nice

She is not prettier than bloom but she is pretty

21 Aurora

Her powers are great and love her in blue! Also, the picture of aurora is not correct, please fix that.

I have personally always wanted ice powers

Auroa of the ice castle is very pretty and her blond wavy hair

She is very pretty

22 Chatta

I like her cute pigtails, the colours go well together

I love Chatta so is really cute

23 Stormy

Stormy is really pretty, she honestly gets overlooked in the show.

She is very cute but the clothes give me the creeps

Her always look cool no matter the styling

Stormy is ugly

24 Nebula

She's pretty but not her hair really

25 Queen Luna
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