Top Ten Prettiest Winx Characters

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1 Flora

She's beautiful

Duh she is the hottest

She is so hottt

She is the most beatiful fairy. I love her boyfriend too. I am a fan of her.

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2 Musa

She's just so beautiful, n strong, passionate about her music. She's totally one of my favorites!

Musa is just gorgeous, Riven is so lucky and if winx was real he will get a piece of my mind for hurting Musa.

Shes beautiful

Musa is sooo pretty, Bloom always takes the spotlight, and most of the time she's always last in the transformations. So unfair. Musa should be the leader of the group.

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3 Bloom

Bloom is actually the best and pengest. Her eyes are just magically and beautiful.

Bloom is the most beautiful and charming fairy in whole Winx Club. That is why she is the main character of the Winx Club and she is also the leader of the Winx Club. She is the most powerful fairy in the whole Winx Club. That is why Bloom is my third favourite character in the whole cartoon world. In my opinion, Bloom should be the number 1 fairy in the whole cartoon world.

For me...this is just my opinion...I think bloom is the prettiest one put of the winx Because I love her hair and her blur eyes and all of her transformation and she's really caring more about her friends that her own self and she's really powerful and brave and I love all of her hairstyles except season 1 to 4 but then they changed all of the winx hairstyles and I was like "Wow" to bloom in season 5...she is just amazing!

I don't know why why but when I first saw her I thought that she is the most beautiful winx club girl ever I love her Orange hair later she became my faviorite winx club girl Bloom is the most beautiful no other winx club fairies are beautiful as her and she is the most strongest winx ever

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4 Stella

I had fallen in love with Stella when I fisrt watched winx club. I think she is the most beautiful fairy in the whole magic dimension. Moreover her power is super strong (I 'd say stronger than Bloom because sun supposed to be first created in the magic world, right? )

Stella is was designed to be " fashion " something girl so she is well supposed to be the prettiest but the others are still pretty just look at her enchantix ( one of her best )

Stella is so pretty that's why brandon fell in love with her.

She is the most beautiful in winx. She look good in her all transformation.

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5 Daphne

She is just so pretty with a strand of hair over her eyes! I love her dresses and stuff and when she is caring to protect her friends and family!

Daphne is no doubt the prettiest character! I made this list!

She's just so beautiful

She's my favorite character, you might not believe me, but I made this list

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6 Tecna

She's my favorite character

Tecna is best Winx and she is so cute her eyes are so big I love tecna

Definitely the prettiest, I love how her Winx outfit is so unique

Looks prettiest in Harmonix, I love the green ribbons tied around her legs!

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7 Roxy

I love her pink hair, and her outfit when she transforms!

Roxy is beautiful

8 Aisha

She's gorgeous. Flora is prettiest in my opinion, but Aisha should be higher up in the list. I feel the reason she's not is probably due to racism

Aisha is actually quiet pretty when you think about it she is not the prettiest to me Flora is but she is still pretty her lips only look fat to you because your comparing her lips to the other and I love her long hair it is so curly. But she is really powerful she is probably the most athletic and flexible cause she tries her best to stay fit and strong go Aisha. This is irrelevant but why do they call her Aisha and sometimes Layla like which was is her name or is it just both.

Aisha's lips are just plain fat

Super pretty wow

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9 Morgana

I love her green dress!

She is very kind

I don't like her face

She looks sorta old, but she is so nice

10 Icy

Icy is by far the prettiest girl in winx club

She is mean but pretty

If u think about it, Icy is actually pretty. Shes evil, but pretty.

She is very ugly.I hate her.She is very mean.her ice is very bad.I don't like her dark sirenix transformation

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? Queen Luna

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11 Vanessa

Vanessa's hair is horrible but otherwise she is great

Blooms mother and she is very pretty!

She is so pretty at all...

She's gorgeous

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12 Darcy

Darcy is the best trix. Her hair is so long, straight, her outfits are purple, and I love purple! She is the nicest trix, the smartest, and the prettiest. She is also very cool. I just don't like it when she was a little kid and when she wears her glasses. But I still say she is my favorite trix. The dark is just as nice as the light.

Her beauty!

Darcy is the prettiest out of the trix. With her long, brown hair, shes gorgeous.

Darcy actually looks very nice! Her style rocks!

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13 Diaspro

I think Diaspro and Bloom should switch their personalities...

Yeah, she even went as far to try and KILL BLOOM, just for stealing her ex. She even sided with the Trix. It was kinda understandable to use a love potion but try to kill Bloom in a volcano? SHE IS PURE EVIL! But...I still think she is pretty, I wish I was so beautiful like her.

She may be beautiful, but she is wicked. Pure evil. She went from ex-girlfriend to stalker. Diaspro hates Bloom. Like, a lot. With a burning passion. She even tried to kill her! KILL HER!

No. She should NOT be on the list. She is just ugly.

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14 Aurora Aurora

Um...TopTens? Aurora? Major fairy of the North?

Her powers are great and love her in blue! Also, the picture of aurora is not correct, please fix that.

Auroa of the ice castle is very pretty and her blond wavy hair

15 Flora's daughter

What?! Does Flora even have a DAUGHTER?!

Flora is so prettty! But her daughter, Violet? Bruuuhh...she IS heaven on Earth!
Those emerald hypnotic narrow eyes, those long straight blonde hair with brown highlights and that taaned skin tone! So h-o-t! ;)
- SweetPea1001 from Fan-o-

Flora is pretty but her daughter Violet?
Bruhhh..she IS heaven on earth
Those hypnotic narrow green eyes, those straight blonde hair and that taaaneeed skin tone! So h-o-t! "

16 Sky

He's so ugly.

He is ok

17 Faragonda

Sje is so sexy

18 Krystal

She is super pretty pretty than bloom.

She is not prettier than bloom but she is pretty

Love her hair

Krystal is not dirty or poor. She is the Princess of Linphea so she definitely is not poor. Plus, with her light pink hair, she overrules stupid Bloom who takes the spotlight way too often. Bloom's only average looking. PLus, whenever the winx transforms, Bloom always goes first and usually it is just her tranformation, while the others are just shown tranformed at the end.

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19 Stormy

She is very cute but the clothes give me the creeps

She is mean but pretty

Stormy is ugly

Stomy looks ok

20 Nova

Nova's Orange Hair Blows Me Away! I Love Her Style. Anyone Who Tells Anyone That Nova Is A Bad, Ugly Character, SHALL FEEL MY RAGE!

21 Nebula

She's pretty but not her hair really

22 Politea
23 Luna

I think that Luna is really pretty She's kind and a great mom too

Much prettier than Vanessa

What a great mum.

Well, she's definitely prettier than Venessa!

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24 Galatea

Whoever said galatea is ugly should be ASHAMED. Galatea is a beautiful young teenager and is also a princess.

Why is galatea on the list she is ugly!

Super pretty can't egnore

25 Kiko

I wish I could have a pet rabbit just like him.Now I am just saying that he's the handsome animal in the world.

26 Amaryl
27 Miele

Cute, nice, pretty

28 Mirta
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