Top Ten Progressive Rock Instrumentals


The Top Ten

1 YYZ - Rush
2 Toccata - Emerson Lake and Palmer
3 Hoedown - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
4 One of These Days - Pink Floyd
5 The Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater
6 La Villa Strangiato - Rush

So far ahead of it's time but timeless nevertheless.Great variations and on point live and in studio. Marvelous craftsmen true to their values despite initial unacceptance. YYZ is a great effort but La Villa Strangiato will forever be a go to classic for me.

7 Fanfare For The Common Man - Emerson Lake & Palmer
8 Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
9 Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd
10 Nutrocker - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

The Contenders

11 Masquerade - Yes

By far the best thing from Union.

12 The Spider - Kansas

From the classic album Point of Know Return, this 2 minute keyboard heavy song gives Rick Wakeman a run for his money.

13 Canario - Emerson Lake and Palmer
14 Dryad of the Woods - Pain of Salvation

Not very progressive but yeah its instrumental. short song. - zxm

15 The Clap - Yes

The first of many exceptional Steve Howe acoustic pieces.

16 Section 60 - Kansas

A beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers and one of best things from the Prelude Implicit.

A beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers.

17 Musicatto - Kansas

By far the most the most progressive track off of 1986's Power and incredibly catchy.

Vet 80's but extremely awesome.

18 The Devil's Triangle - King Crimson
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