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Bad Religion is an American punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1979. The band makes extensive use of soaring three-part vocal harmonies, guitar solos and lyrics that often contain religious and political commentary.


Bad Religion is by far the greatest punk band around. They were my first punk band, saw them at Warped when I was like four! And ever since then I've been into punk. And trust me, I LOVE GD, Blink, and Rise Against. But BR is number one.

All time low and simple plan in front of bad religion? honestly, they might be more popular but they are definitely not as good, punk, influential, talented, smart as bad religion is. both these bands don't have half of the on stage energy that bad religion has and if hey had, they won't put a concert with the same quality because they are not musicians as good as greg graffin, brian baker, brett gurewitz, jay bentley, greg hetson and brooks wackerman

Listen. I love Green Day, Offspring, and Blink, but they owe their musical existence to Bad Religion. Bad Region has been playing longer than Raise Against or sum 41 have been alive. I can understand why the Ramones (and to a lesser extent the Clash) might be rated higher, although they didn't have anything close to the body of work. I suspect that anyone who put the Pistols in the top list never listened to their albums. Oh, sorry, I meant album. They were an invented (by Malcolm McLaren) phenom more than musicians.

This is so wrong.. Bad Religion is in fact one of the (if not THE) greatest punk bands of all time! They've been around for 30 years now and their music is just amazing. For me they are the true Godfathers of Punk. Even though I like pop punk and I'm into bands like blink-182, Green Day, sum 41 or even simple plan.. There is no way those bands should be above bad religion especially on this list.

Half of the bands on here aren't even punk. They hide under the name "punk" so that their listeners feel edgy and interesting and then they just play melodic rock and dress in black. THIS is punk. This is real, raw, amazing punk, with the greatest lyricism I have ever heard and some incredible musical talent. They are the best.

Bad Religion are the greatest punk rock band. They've been together for over 30 years and their new album is as fast, as honest, and as punk as ever :) The sex pistols, the Ramones or the clash would be pretty fair call too of course ;) I love Green Day, but come on, surely not number 1 punk rock band...

Hello! Hello?
Is there ANY question that BR is not the most most most best band on this planet?
So, what do ALL the members of the previous mentioned bands have in common?
Right! They all say, that Bad Religion is their faqvourite band!, that they were influenced the most by Bad Religion and so on...
So, what to say: Bad Religion IS the Number 1 punk band!
If there is Blink 182 on Number 2 (Blink 182 is not a bad band - don't get me wrong... ) but then you can see how meaningful this list is...

This is quite possibly my favorite band. kept punk alive in the 90's and bought it to a new generation. also, I have nothing against My Chemical Romance, Green Day, or Blink 182 (I would place them in my top 20 favorite bands) but they don't deserve a spot on a list of punk rock bands.

Real punk is definitely on here but it is hidden by a lot of bands that don't even for the category and that's a shame because the revolution of rebellion was a great time to write music. If you don't really know what punk is you need to find out right here.

Bad religion is the only punk band I feel I can recommend to anyone regardless of what music the like, whether they're into alternative, heavy metal, pop-punk, hardcore punk or classic rock it doesn't matter you're going to find some enjoyment in this band.

As for me this band has always been the best because of their lyrics. I've never heard anything that would precisely express my thoughts. No band is that meaningful. Bad Religion definitely should be be number one on the list.

Bad Religion is the greatest punk band alive. They've been at it 30+ years and still have probably one of the most devoted fan bases period.
Their lyrics inspire revolution and positive change while maintaining the contempt for authority and hatred of the system everyone loves.
I honestly would rank them #1 with Rancid, The Clash, Black Flag, and The Sex Pistols being close in the running.

Bad religion is one of the longest lasting and most influential bands of all time. I don't know what is wrong with all of the people putting EMO bands on a PUNK list. Seriously, what's the problem with whoever posted my chemical romance?

One of the VERY FEW real punk bands on this list. Green Day, Blink 182, etc. Are NOT punk by ANY means. And the fact that Simple Plan and Sum 41 break the top 10, or are even on this list disgusts me. Kids today don't know what real punk is.

So basically Bad Religion helped me eneter the world of punk rock. I obviously knew about the Ramones, the Offspring, My Chemical Romance, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Sum 41, Black Flag, and the Green Day, but now when I really think about punk rock, Bad Religion is what comes to mind. Maybe my ineterpretation of punk is wrong, but I feel that Bad Religion more or less encompass all the characteristics of punk into a beautiful image of meaning and powerful lyrics.

Yeah, this band is easy the best punk band out there. It's not about the best melodies, it's about the best lyrics, and that's what makes bad religion. I'm 14 and I've been listening to bad religion since I was 10.

This is a great band, I don't think that anyone who gives against the grain, suffer, generator, no control, recipe for hate, stranger than fiction or true north can deny this.

This should be in the top 5 at least! I agree Green Day have some good punk rock songs but listen to wake me up when September ends, good riddance etc. Those songs aren't punk rock - at all.

My chemical romance should not be higher than Bad Religion. I admit, they are a good band, but punk? Nope.

Bad Religion deserves to be in the top 10.

Bad religion is the best! I totally don't agree with the top 10, but at least rise against should be number (in stead of Green Day) one when you are talking about real punk.

Bad Religion speaks out against the corruption from the brainwashing religions. Plus they're REAL punk, unlike those posers Green Day

Simply, I think this is the kind of band that is completely out of this world... Calming and relieve less, Bad Religion rocks... Its different

These guys should be more popular and further up this list. band like rise against and My Chemical Romance shouldn't be on here

Bad Religion is the definitive Punk Rock group of all time. With Dr. Greg Graffin's insightful lyrics which are a beautiful, yet forceful way of showing whats wrong with our world. They rock harder and smarter than just about anybody else, with only DK and the Descendents in their league of pure greatness. Each song is masterfully hand crafted, and the backing harmonies and strong musicianship make them number 1.

Never heard of them until I saw them at sonisphere - now one of my favourite bands - I truly recommend listening to them.