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The Offspring is an American punk rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1984. Formed under the name Manic Subsidal, the band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dexter Holland, bassist Greg K., lead guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman and drummer Pete Parada.


Best Punk Rock band from the 90's in my opinion, They even won Best Punk Award by the OC Awards in 2013, and apparently the band are concidering releasing their next album Independently, which means they can do whatever they want now that they left Columbia Records. So there is still hope for a return to their roots since they have been playing 20th Anniversary Ignition Shows the past two years. I have a funny feeling which a lot of people might not agree with me, but I have a feeling that they are going back to Epitaph and make another SMASH Vol.2 like a movie sequel but maybe that's just me day dreaming. But knowing how un predictable the band can me at times, and with Pete having a lot of similaritys to Ron Welty? Who knows?

The Offspring definitely needs to be higher on the list. I've been a fan since 1993. This is one of the only bands that have consistently put out great music year after year! I disagree with the comment that all their songs sound the same. Obviously coming from someone who hasn't listened to all their albums. They must have had them confused by Green Day. It is great to see The Offspring getting back to their punk roots on their new album Days Go By! That album rocks! Dexter's voice has range & power suited for punk rock music.

My first concert was The Offspring's Americana Tour and still by far the best. I still remember them bringing out Backstreet boy dolls and beating them up with baseball bats. Their music still rocks to this day and they had some awesome comical lyrics as well as deeper more meaningful range.

Their new album should be out this year and can't wait

I gotta agree with the comment that The Offspring has moved away from pure punk, which is a hard decision for one such a band so heavily into the scene. Often bands do move, and explore other areas... "some good... Some FAIL... ". Take Pearl Jam out'a the grunge scene... They survived, and so will The Offspring... Day's Gone By is an excellent cd.. Thumb's up!

The Offspring is #1 in my opinion. Never get tired of them. However, some of the best punk rock bands of all time are behind the Offspring on this list and aren't even in the top 10?! Bad Religion... The Misfits... Social D... Dead Kennedys... Yet, Simple Plan, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, & Blink 182 are? I would say Blink -182 is definitely top 15... Simple Plan, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance... Though they are decent groups I'd be surprised if they belong in the top 50 for PUNK ROCK

Best Punk band ever in my opinion. They sound great and every song has a deeper meaning. Love their music and I always will. They introduced me to the Greatest music of all time, Punk. Must say it sickens me that My Chemical Romance is above them though when My Chemical Romance isn't even Punk its Pop.

I think the offspring is the best. The first moment you hear your going to go far kid, your just clicked on them. I think the Offspring is best for me and they should at least be one of the top ten.

They should be at least farther than Chemical Romance. I will say that their songs are remotely in the same sounding category but I still love them.

Not loving how you guys are dissing on Green Day, I have a feeling that if dexter read some of these comments he wouldn't be too happy with them but nonetheless The Offspring in my mind are worthy of a top three spot and should be considered as one of the best bands of all time. So congrats my vote goes to you

Who in the world thinks Simple Plan is better then the Offspring? Listen to Hammerhead, Self Esteem, of The Kids Aren't Alright, way better then any of that other stuff. - d3rrick95

There is not a single bad song from the offspring so what is they got popular they are way more real than Green Day or blink 182. Personally my favorites are NOFX, Rancid, Bad religion, and the Offspring but the first three bands are not even on this list.

Have always listened to The Offspring. Love the Songs, though there is something to be said for the repetitiveness. But I have never heard an Offspring song I completely hated. Also can't hate a band whose lead singer has a PhD in Molecular Biology and sells hot sauce.

I first started listening to the offspring at age 10 and loved it. I still love and it's an awesome punk rock band that doesn't have many bad songs except ( in my opinion ) Pretty fly ( for a white guy ). The offspring may have shifted a little from punk rock but that doesn't mean there not an awesome band.

The Offspring are my all time favorite band. As a teen they were my outlet to my angst towards society and my over-controlling parents and teachers. Their music are angsty, they are intelligent, they have a message, and sometimes are funny and silly. They have range and they speak to generations. If you ever feel like people don't understand you, or if you have pent up anger and aggression and need an outlet, listen to the Offspring.

The Offspring is way too underrated. The Smash album of 1994 sold 12 million copies worldwide, setting a record for most albums on an independent label - quite an impressive feat! They deserve much, much more credit.

There songs are great they should be at least number 3. There songs have meanings to them like gone away. They have fast and slow songs but they keep making more. A lot of people don"t know the offspring but if they did anyone would love them.

Love these guys, to be honest I think they're number one, but I think 8th is fair enough, in terms of what I've heard everyone else say anyway, respectable punk, like many others (Green Day, RA, etc..) they have become slightly more pop but the offspring never lost their satire that made them amazing in the first place, not to mention classic riffs such as The kids aren't alright, self esteem and You're gonna go far kid.

Offspring not in top 10? A bit of a joke, they practically paved the way for mainstream punk. I wouldn't say number one, but definitely top 10 (:. The biggest joke is paramore being one after the offspring

How is The Offspring not first? They are definitely THE BEST punk band there is. Number 11 is not acceptable. I mean sure I love Green Day too but they are not punk, they are alternative. All I'm saying is that Offspring should be top five

The Offspring is 1000x more better than Green Day. They are the best punk band no matter how old they are and they will be the best punk rock band forever. Dexter Holland's vocals are more better than Billie Joe Armstrong's vocals.

The Band truly doesn't get the credit they rightfully deserve. Even the Haters that like the other bands that are in the top 10 can't deny the fact that The Offspring played a major role in popularity of Punk Rock music all over the world, They might sound more mainstream with their newer albums but they still can't rock a lot of hits. Easily top 3 band with all votes aside. Current Line-up with Dexter, Greg K, Noodles, and Pete Parada and add Todd Morse is the best Line-up for live shows in my opinion.

I'm putting these guys up, only because of their self titled album: The Offspring, and Ignition, Smash and Ixnay. After that I don't think the offspring qualify as punk rock, Americana on wards. I don't think this band should be number one, but definitely top 3, I've listened to sooo much punk rock, and "The Offspring" and Ignition are extremely good albums. In fact, despite the fact the Offspring aren't actually my fave punk band, The Offspring is by far my favorite album. I've been told though, Dexters voice isn't for everyone, but They did some amazing Horror punk and Hardcore punk. I do find it a shame the way they turned out. Now they get categorized with Green Day, Blink 182 and sum41, sad really.

I enjoy Rise against and Green Day and others, but songs like Why don't you get a job, Gotta get away and Self esteem It's just amazing with they're Meaningful / Silly lyrics And they're Fast lyrics raging drums and heavy bass I love it.

I really like the fact that most of their songs have a story to tell. Not a single one is about the same thing. Some are about prison, while others about drinking too much

The Offspring should be number 1 they are so good. They make music which is for everyone both the older and new generations. Their music is legendary! They will surly go down in music history as one of the best bands.

This band has risen like a phoenix from ashes going through two decades of punk music culture and is still rocking me. Complimentary of them is that their front men is very well educated.