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281 The Dickies

How quickly the youth/idiots of today forget punks roots. They made have done it with a laugh, but their music was unique and fast!

The Dickies set the new speed on their day, forget about the rest, Dickies were unique on the first two albums!

Probably the hardest punk band to dance to because they were so fast

A Fun punk Band A Bit of a Comic Band But Good anyway

282 The Mapes

These guys throw hotdogs at girls faces.

283 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
284 Counterparts
285 The Lemonheads
286 Stray From the Path
287 Imperiet

Listened to the song, but wouldn't exactly call it punk. Maybe post-punk.

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288 The Ruts

Finding it hard to believe that the Ruts are so low down this list... have none of you heard "Babylon's Burning" or "Starting at the Rude Boys".. ? I was either going to vote for the Damned or the Ruts... but looks like the Ruts need my vote more...

289 As Friends Rust
290 Cheap Sex
291 No Bragging Rights
292 Hostage Calm
293 Legion of St. George
294 The 4 Skins V 1 Comment
295 The Last Resort V 1 Comment
296 Artist vs. Poet

This is awesome band that I ever seen before
Try to look in youtube..
Have some fun yooww

297 Government Issue
298 The Humpers
299 Gas Huffer
300 Youth of Today
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