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81 Bigwig
82 Blondie Blondie Blondie is an American rock band founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. The band was a pioneer in the early American new wave and punk scenes of the mid-late 1970s. V 1 Comment
83 Ballyhoo!

This band is not punk rock at all but it is amazing

84 The Draft
85 Teenage Bottlerocket V 2 Comments
86 Chicosci

Is this the filipino band?

I love it!

It is one of the good bands of our country...

Please support

Super like!

this band really get the kicks

I like this band also! more power to d chicosci band

V 4 Comments
87 Fugazi

Seriously? Their this low down? The album 13 songs was voted one of the top 30 best rock ( all genres ) albums of all time and I'm the one and only person to vote for them?

If you're in love with punk, and you think you've heard it all and want something new, these guys will blow your mind. 10/10 muy bien

Pure punk, shame they're this low. DC

88 Husker Du Husker Du Hüsker Dü was an American rock band formed in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1979. The band's continual members were guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould, bassist Greg Norton, and drummer/vocalist Grant Hart.

These guys should be fringe top 10 at best. The songwriting talents and power of Bob Mould and Grant Hart was outstanding - they were just a great rock 'n roll band. Bob Mould still kicks ass - Grant Hart looks like death warmed over - threw it all away on drugs. The guy could write.

Without a doubt one of my favorite bands of all time. And I highly recommend that anyone who loves punk rock should give them a try.

They wrote catchy riffs and spawned many of the punk and grunge bands we listen to today. Bob Mould is a genius.

In my opinion one of the best (hardcore) punk bands ever!

89 The Jam The Jam

Why on earth is The Jam at 94 and Green Day at number 1? Green Day is by no means a punk band, yet they are voted number 1 on this list. I hate how much phony punk bands are on this list. The Jam however, are a real punk band, sure their later stuff wasn't really punk, but they were dedicated to their politics

I guess not everyone considers them a punk band and their later material is not very punk, but their early albums are classics of the genre.

How are they not on this list? They are an actual Punk Band

If you say Green Day is punk and the jam is not, Jesus...

V 1 Comment
90 U.K Subs

Sure by now there has been loads of bands to have followed the same style, but when they were first around wasn't following anything. Just being true and raw. - BabyDropper

Starting with 'Another kind of Blues'('79) they released an album for every letter of the alphabet, having reached the letter Y now with 'Yellow Leader' ('15), leaving only one more. One can only hope, they'll start with numbers after that. Long live Charlie Harper!

Born a rocker die a rocker Charlie Harper has kept the spirit of punk going for 40 years 25 albums Another Kind of Blues through to Yellow Leader. A must have great live album Crash Course brings back great memories of live gigs 1979 -1980. Bash B

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91 Monks

No, not THE Monks (a different band with a couple of records), I'm talking about '60s psychedelia, experimental, garage punk group. They were punk before the music industry coined the term and cashed the profits. - BabyDropper

92 Gals Panic
93 Agnostic Front Agnostic Front Agnostic Front is an American hardcore punk band, pioneer of the crossover thrash genre, formed in 1980. The band began playing hardcore punk similar to their contemporaries, and were thrust to the forefront of the burgeoning New York hardcore scene in the mid-1980s with their widely regarded 1984 classic more.

Crazy N' sick band. Strong and noisy, exactly what a punk band should sound like. I love them

94 Choking Victim V 1 Comment
95 The Methadones
96 MC5

50 years ago these guys were peeling paint. 50 damn years...think about that! They were cool then and they are cool today. I saw them many times live and they could play their guitars and drums Very Well.

97 Senses Fails

Come on this is TRUE punk right here. Drugs, death and the pain of life

98 Big Black
99 Eyes Set To Kill

I love this band, and I love alexia
Please, give vote everyone, or try checking reach and listen up..

100 Angelic Upstarts

Are there with the Clash, Pistols, Sham 69, SLF, Adverts, etc, part of the best original British Punk-bands. And still going strong.

Cross between punk and skinhead

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