Top Ten Quotes from Invader Zim

So, we have quotes from one of the main characters, but what about just from the series as a whole?

The Top Ten Quotes from Invader Zim

1 You! Save the donuts!
2 My Tallest! My Tallest! Hey! Hey My Tallest! My Tallest? My Tallest! Hey! Hey! Hey! My Taaaaaaallist! My Tallest? My Tallest! Hey! Hey My Tallest! My Tallest? It's me! My Tallest? My Tallest!

For some stupid reason I love how random Richard made this scene while voicing Zim and it actually made me laugh

3 See? They're the scientists! And they're sending a horrible giant squid into the past!
4 Ugh! My organs!

Because waffles are awesome.

6 Pretend it's a taco!
7 Everyone loves puppets! Except you, it seems. You fail inspection!
8 Go home and shave your giant head of smell with your bad self!
9 But if you all think you's all somet'in with the top sellies, and—wit--
10 Who dares to soil my normal boy head with this… pork cow!?!

Random kid: That's a muffin!

The Contenders

11 I'm gonna sing the doom song
12 Uhmmm... That's all! Uh, we should be getting more GS2s in stock in... maybe a month or two! Thanks for coming!
13 I assure you I am quite serious. Now cry! Cry like you've never cried...before!
14 I saw these nightmare visions. It’s called life dib sit down
15 I'm dancing like a monkey!
16 Where is it? Around!?
17 Why did you drain the fuel. To make room for the tuna
18 I was a chubby lady hiding in the bushes
19 YOU LIE!! YOU LIE!!!!!!!
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