Top Ten Quotes/Lines of Dialogue from Hotel Mario

The Top Ten

1 Mario: "Uh-huh. Here's the problem, too many toasters. You know what they say, all toasters toast toast!"

This is a meme now

2 Mario: "Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh Luigi? "Luigi: "I hope she made lots of spaghetti!"

Don't you mean gay luigi

3 Mario: "Dear pesky plumbers: The Koopalings and I have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. The Princess is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Koopa hotels. I dare you to find her if you can."
4 Mario: "Look! This is it Luigi. Remember, where there's smoke... Luigi: "There's fire..."
5 Mario: "It's been one of those days..."
6 Mario: "Gee, it-it-it's kind of dark." Luigi: "You bring a light?" Mario: "No..."
8 Luigi: "How are we going to find the Princess with the power going out?" Mario: "Maybe there's a switch in one of the rooms. Remind me to check."
9 Luigi: "Look! Wendy's Hotel." Mario: "Be careful! When you pinch Wendy's pennies, they pinch back."
10 Mario: "Looks kind of peaceful." Luigi: "Looks are deceiving when Koopas are involved..."

The Contenders

11 Mario: "She's up there! It's hard to see through those clouds. I hope we can get rid of 'em. Get the hint?"
12 Luigi: That's Momma Luigi to you, Mario!
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