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41 Electroshock Armor

Good but weak and slow

42 Blaster
43 Pyrociter
44 Shock Blaster

V5 is beast, v1 is pretty good too and v3 and all of the V's, so good against enemies

45 Flux Rifle
46 Alpha Disruptor
47 Liquid Nitrogen Gun

This weapon releases a stream of liquid nitrogen that when upgraded will freeze most enemies instantly. Then you can deliver the kill blow, or watch then fall apart seconds later. Tough choice between the tesla claw and this.

48 Quack-O-Blitzer

The R.I.N.O. is powerful but the I believe that the 7 is better. This is because when fully upgraded all the way and has the max raritanium upgrades it goes through ammo slower and does lots of damage.

50 Lava Gun

I loved the Lava Gun a lot. It was so easy to hit multiple enemies with the molten rocks simply because the stream seems to continue to damage them regardless of its position as it hits - It's wonderful.

And don't mind me about Meteor Gun, they could easily fix it if they only made meteor projectiles explode in a very small radius; Still great against groups.

I just really liked using this gun, even when it upgraded

Shoots lava! So cool! And the gun has so many tactics!

51 Mine Launcher
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