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1 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4. She then came back to Dance Moms in Season 7.

She clearly has the best technique when it comes to most styles of dance and that is no easy feat especially because she does not have the support of her dance teacher! Not to mention when she dances it truly comes from the heart. I know Maddie gets that complement all the time but she always has a plastic smile on her face so obviously not... But back to Chloe she has so much God given talent but she gets overlooked by Abby due to her mother's outlandish behavior, and we all know "overlooked" means crappy choreography, less privates, and more personal attacks. Unfortunately that makes poor Chloe nervous so she over thinks the choreo. And doesn't do as well. But despite all of that she somehow manages to persevere and win (albeit not as much as she deserves to)! She will go far! She's used to being disparaged and talked down to unlike Maddie and the coping skills she's learning now will help her when she begins to dance professionally! I love Chloe she is the best by a long shot!

2 Madison "Maddie" Ziegler

Maddie is by far the greatest dancer on Dance Moms. In my opinion, she is superior to all of the dancers on the show, including Chloe. She is sweet, caring, kind, and always extremely humble. If there is even the slightest idea that she is snobby or rude, it's because of the editing on this show. I also think that Christi is constantly antagonizing Maddie and her mother, no matter what the situation is. It's clearly obvious that Christi is extremely jealous of Maddie, and the relationships that her mother has with Abby. It really shows that Maddie gets the opportunities that she has because SHE deserves them. She didn't get features in Sia's Chandelier because of Abby. She got it because it was clear to Sia that Maddie is the best dancer, and tweeted Maddie herself to get her to perform in the video.

I can't believe people don't think she is the best. There is one show where maddie does two performances in one day and then wins crowns in both of them. How can she not be the best. She also uses her facial expressions which makes the whole dance more dramatic and beautiful. Maddie can adapt to most dances as soon as you teach it to her. I think the order should be: Maddie, Chloe, Kendall for first, second and third. Another reason why Maddie is the best dancer is because she puts on a show. When Maddie dances everybody watches she puts all of herself in the dance without holding anything back. Maddie is the kind of girl that will become a star someday. Everybody thinks that Maddie is bratty. Maybe she can be but the show is pointing out her bad moments and never focusing on the good. If they show episodes where Maddie is on her best behavior I'm sure people would think she's the best.

3 Kendall Vertes

I think Kendell should be a model she is super pretty but she is not. I think she is Maddie's bff and not anybody else's I love that 4 her.

Kendall is just really awesome. She is the best 13 years old in the team, and is truly talented. She is funny, beautiful, patient, and flexible. She didn't even mind when Brynn just waltzed in and snatched the opportunity to be the 'New Maddie' as Abby's favourite right out of Kendall's hands after waiting for like, 6 years. She's also full of energy when she dances, and her even though her facial expressions are not as good as Maddie's, she's a close second place. Her solos are always amazing and I feel like she should be on top of the pyramids more. Abby focused on Maddie so much that when she and Mackenzie left, she realised that there are still so many talented dancers right under her nose like Kendall, Nia, Kalani, Jojo,... that she didn't spend as much time with. Kendall is okay with losing and is never a sour loser, like Maddie sometimes. I guess Chloe and Kendall has this in common, but they are both very calm. Even though Kendall sometimes makes a fuss out of her hair, or her costume, on stage, she's the most beautiful creature on earth.

4 Brooke Hyland

I think Brooke would be the best dancer ever if she wouldn't be training with younger kids,learning cheesy dances isn't gonna make her better. It could possibly make her feel that she isn't good enough to be with the seniors group. And if Abby and her mom weren't fighting that much Brooke would have a comfortable environment around dance and feel like she isn't being sabotaged with problems between Abby and her mom. She is by far the most flexible dancer there and there is no doubt about that and she has a natural talent to dance.

She did so well considering all of the hate she got from Abby. Abby can be great, but she obviously shows a lot of favoritism, Paige being one of the kids that she is hardest on. Paige is gorgeous and I hope that she doesn't give up her dreams just because people put her down. At the end up the day I can't help hoping that Abby being hard on her was just an act of support and really believing that Paige just needed a small push to do great things. Plus besides, you have to be pretty great to even be on the ALDC anyways.

5 Paige Hyland

Paige is a beautiful talented performer and gets hardly any attention. Paige gets choreography that abby spends no time on at all she most likely throws it together during Maddie's private. Paige's personality is so energetic! I love seeing her laugh and smile and wish that she could be doing that at dance. I wish I could just punch abby in the face! I love you paige! Your my favorite.

Paige doesn't have any support from her dance teacher gets screamed at 24/7 and is always at the bottom of the pyrimaid with her sis Brooke. She is so athletic and pretty but gets treated poorly. She is nice to everyone! I also like client but she's 1st. In my opinion Maddie is stuck up and is the favorite to miss Abby. She literally cries when she doesn't get a solo or when she doesn't win. GO PAIGE!

The sky was the limit for this beautiful girl. She was held back and beat down verbally because she may have stolen some of Maddie Z glory! The Hyland girls were amazing and had they been given the same attention that only Maddie rec'd, they would have rubbed her face in the dirt!

6 Nia Frazier

I love Nia. She just doesn't cry all the time. She always puts on a brave face. The only time she cries is when she is injured or is so stressed. But when she is a little stress she always tries to calm herself down. She always is turned away jobs because Abby only wants certain girls to have them. Nia has been there for awhile and is very loyal to the team. She is a beautiful dancer and would be the next big star in hollywood. Her mom Holly is my favorite because she always stands up for Nia. Holly will push nia as far as Nia wants to go and doesn't stress her child out. Also Holly is there for all the girls. A lot of time the moms are there only for there kid in the group dance and there kids solo.

Nia has no choice: she's exceptional. There is no choreographer, director, producer, parent, teacher, boss, etc. that who would not jump at the chance to work with this young lady. Charming, versatile, effervescent, and diligently committed, Nia is the kind of person you want on your team. What she lacks in natural ability will quickly be eclipsed by that fierce determination to become a truly great dancer and what's more, to make her teammates great as well.

7 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.

Mackenzie is a very good dancer and she's very flexible. Some haters make her feel bad but she doesn't give up! Mackenzie is compared to maddie, her older sister. I think they are both great dancers, but I like Mackenzie more. She is also so cute and she has a great voice. She is the youngest girl, but that doesn't mean that she can't do like the other girls! Maddie is maybe better at lyrical, but Mackenzie is in higher gymnastics class than maddie and she can do a lot of stuff maddie couldn't do when she was younger. Abby always cares about maddie more than about kenzie, but Mackenzie is better than maddie, that is my option.

I love her dancing. I love watching her and the rest of the group on Dance Moms. She can really dance. I just started watching Dance Moms in March when it was a least halfway through the 5 season. I hope the show has lots more seasons. She is one of the best in my opinion. I hope she goes far in life. She is so funny and pretty. I was shocked when she beat Maddie but happy also. I did not like that their mother said that Mackenzie should have not beaten Maddie. I was hoping that Mackenzie would beat her because she can dance evan though she is the youngest. I hope she wins more on Dance Moms.

8 Kalani Hilliker

Kalani is a very technical dancer. Abby claims Brynn to be the next Maddie, but clearly it should be Kalani. Kalani is getting older in her teenage years, but I doubt she will leave after this season. She would be a dramatic loss to the team. Kalani was saved with a wild card by Abby in AUDC. She is getting less flexible, which is where Brynn comes in. However, Brynn is lanky like me and is more flexible than Kalani, but Kalani is a perfectionist. All her moves are crisp. Kalani is a great role model to the girls, too.

How is Kalani No.10, Kalani is the most hardworking and that is a fact. She and her mom Kira had to clean out the studio because they didn't have enough money to pay. Kalani from a young age learnt the value of money and dance because she had to work hard for it. In my opinion she should be number 1 because she works hard for everything she does, harder than anyone else

Kalani Hilliker is a great role model for all the young dancers out there. She is really sweet and positive. On the show, she doesn't cause drama. (Mom doesn't count) If you follow her on Instagram, you will see how many things she does from modeling to T.V. shows. She is a really good dancer and you could learn a lot from Kalani

9 Sophia Lucia

I love Sophia Lucia! She is cute, pretty, and just an amazing dancer! She has a great personality and has awesome sportsmanship like if she doesn't win a competition, she doesn't cry and throw a fit. She has amazing energy and is very humble about her great gift. I really wish she was on Dance Moms for a longer time because she has amazing talent!
Although, Sophia has better technique, skill, and energy in my opinion, I do agree that Maddie has much better face differences and tells a story in her face. But, I really enjoy watching Sophia dance and show her amazing qualities and talent!
Keep up the great work, Sophia! Just remember that you are an AMAZING dancer and you should keep dancing and follow you dreams!

Some of My Favorite Solos From Sophia Lucia-

1. Titanium
2. Superstar
3. My New Reality
4. Tap Diva
5. Baby Face

Maddie it's a wonderful dancer. I really enjoy watching her dancing every single time. She is amazing in almost all the styles but even this, Sophia is better than Maddie. Sophia has super flexibility! She can stretch her legs 270 grades! And also, she has always the energy enough to each solo and music style. She can control each part of her body to dance in an exceptional way. Sophia also has a record Guinness for do 55 consecutive pirouettes! That's completely incredible!. But in another side, I think ALDC has the most beautiful choreographers I've ever seen, that's another reason because Maddie always looks beautiful and perfect, but if Sophia also could have more choreographers like ALDC has, maybe she could give more amazing shows and it could be better. Right now almost everybody think Maddie is better because they look at her dancing in an incredible way on Chandelier ( I also love a lot this choreography! ) but nobody has seen Sophia because she doesn't have an important music video and a few people in the dance world know her. If she had a video like Maddie, she would be more famous than Maddie. I like both a lot! But I think Sophia is better

10 Jojo Siwa Joelle Joni Siwa, also known as Jojo Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTuber. She joined the masked singer in 2020.

Jojo is a really sassy girl. She is always full of energy, happiness and fun! She is very beautiful, cute, fabulous and talented! She is very good at hip hop and jazz because she is super energetic. She's not good at lyrical and ballet, just because she doesn't like ballet and lyrical. I mean, look, I love dance but I hate these kinds of dance! She can do try all the styles ( expert ballet and lyrical), not like maddie who can do only lyrical. Some mothers don't like her, but it's just because she is great and they feel jealous because their daughters can't be talented as Jojo.

Jojo is always full of energy that really brightens up the stage! Unlike some of the other dancers on the team she can do every type of dance. Also she is such a sweet and sassy (in a good way) girl! I think deserves more attention, especially from Abby. Also every time I see her dance she gets better and better. Not to mention that she is great at having emotion when she dances, unlike Kendall.

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11 Asia Ray

Have you seen the solos she did when she was 6 years old? She is the most underrated dancer I know, she's got star quality! As much as I love Kenzie I have to say that Asia was born to dance and was the best dancer on the team, and she can act and sing to! She does as good and even better than the older girls in group dances, I wish she came back to the team to replace Mackenzie, if she was on the show again, she would become a lot more famous and get the credit she deserves!

Asia is a good dancer, but her face is so stupid like with her eyebrows. I get she is sassy, but that sass can be super annoying to watch. that's why Mackenzie is much better than Asia, because she doesn't have the same "sassy look" on her face. more of a cute-elegant look to be honest!

Asia is absolutely amazing! Like how many turns this little girl can do? and her facial expressions when she dances are just incredibles! Mackenzie is a better technical dancer but obviously Asia is a way better performer.

12 Brynn Rumfallo

I'm sick of everyone saying Maddie is the best. Her facials might be good but she has average technique and can't even get on the box of her pointe shoe. Everyone who says Brynn doesn't use facials needs to go look at her old solo Violet. Brynn is a all around great dancer. I can't believe some people say Kendall and Paige are better than her! (No offense to Kendall and Paige, there just suited for recreational dancing more than professional dancing) Same with Jojo above her, sorry but Jojo is the WORST dancer on the team. Her dancing matches her personality, there both horrible. The only person better than Brynn on the team is Kalani.

Brynn Rumfallo first appeared on Dance Moms for 2 weeks on Season 5, and the she came to be part of the Abby Lee Dance Company's Junior Elite Competition Team in Season 6. I loved Brynn since the first step I saw her in the show! Brynn is an amazing dancer with gorgeous legs and with the most tremendous flexibility. She has so much potential and she has a lot to offer to the team! I personally think Brynn should be Number 1 because she's so strong! And even though the moms keep tearing her down like mainly Jill and Melissa, Brynn manages to build herself back up again, because she's not like Kendall who's annoying mean and snobby and yells at adults. Brynn controls herself, and even though she wants to do something that isn't right, she doesn't do it because it isn't the right thing. Brynn WILL one day become a star! She's worked hard, she's super diligent. and the fame that Maddie Ziegler has is in my opinion pretty unfortunate because her fame is starting to get in her head! Brynn Rumfallo is the NEXT BIG THING! And I believe in her 500%. I don't think that the girls on the team or the moms like her but Brynn needs to remember that she needs to hold her head up high and forget about Jill, and the other moms. Handle it on the dance floor! You go girlfriend!

13 Nikaya "Nini"

She was good dancer and beaautiful but her mom was a troube person...
but her mom and her left because she knew she wasn't good for this team and she knew she brought trouble to the team that why they left so the moms didn't kill her the next week

She's really a sweet girl, and her mother is the only one that really has any sense.

She is an amazing dancer

14 Alexus Oladi
15 Elliana Walmsley

One of the best at technique. One of my favorite dancers with JoJo.

A star right there!

16 Jordyn Jones

Go Jordyn jones defineteley the best while an awesome dance she is an incredible rapper. Follow me on insta: @so_totally_porty my name is portia daquinag and I live in Sydney glenwood,2768, in lorikeet street.

I love Jordyn so much! She is definitely one of my favourite people X

Jordynjones...I just want to meet her she like one of the most best dancers In the world and I love her song whatsup

17 Lilliana

Lilliana has done amazingly well in Season 7! She managed to beat both Maesi and Brynn! She's the youngest on the team currently, but her talent is up to par with the others. She's flexible, she's amazing, and she's nice. She's going to be a star.

I think Lilly is the next Mackenzie (but if Mackenzie was the favorite instead of Maddie.) Elianna or Areana will be the next Maddie cause they has good facials and excels in lyrical.

Lilliana is one of my top threes in season 8! She is literally perfect! Great flexibility and she's is so sweet

18 Sarah Hunt

A beautiful and talented dancer with great facial expressions during performances. It is unfortunate that she was kicked off of the team because I love to watch her dance.

Sarah is a great dancer. She shows great emotions when dancing and I think her mom holds her back a bit

She is brilliant

19 Kamryn Beck

I think kamryn is pretty good but I hate how she always conpeted with chloe. She will never be as good as chloe

I wish she, and maybe Jade and Sarah H stayed.

20 Ally Serigne

Ally is amazing

21 Maesi Caes

She's an outstanding dancer. She slays everything, but she's best at hip hop which brings real diversity to the team. Have you seen her Titanium solo? (Before Dance Moms) her I'm Alive solo? They're amazing! She should be treated better than she is by Abby. Abby underestimates Maesi. And her mom stands up for her! Maesi is incredibly talented.

22 Sofie Dossi
23 GiaNina Paolantonio

I like her style of dancing.

24 Jade Cloud

Talented, beautiful, kind. Is there anything jade can't do?

She's very good!

25 Jalen Testerman
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