Top 10 Robot Wars Series 9 Competitors

After the rebooted series got off to an excellent start with Series 8, the followup series had a lot of promise. Unfortunately it wasn't as good. This was due to the round robin format really start to show it's problems, and the show was becoming too spinner heavy, and recording the series in winter plagued numerous robots with pneumatic issues. In spite of that though, the memorable moments really stood out, and you got the occasional awesome fight here and there.
Bots are once again ranked on design and performance. Also Spoilers.
The Top Ten
1 Carbide

The robot everyone was afraid of the previous series returns even deadlier than ever. The bar now has a quicker spin-up speed, and the weapon motor was custom made by the team. Despite being in the same heat as reigning champions Apollo, it was no match for Carbide's ferocious spinner. It won it's heat quite comfortably, and in the Finals it got a knockout against every opponent it fought. In the Grand Final Eruption lasted longer than most, but as it was essentially limping it was really a case of Carbide hitting it until it stopped working.
Carbide ended up winning the championship with the most dominant champions run since Chaos 2 in Series 3.

2 Eruption

After a rather unfortunate early exit in the previous series, the Eruption team return just as determined as ever. It showed no mercy in it's heat. Flipping the likes of Behemoth and PP3D out of the arena, and flipping out Cherub TWICE. In the Finals Michael Oates' driving skills and tactical brilliance were shown at full effect here, it's only loss being to Carbide. After winning a brilliant fight with Aftershock, it made it to the Grand Final to fight Carbide again. Eruption was very heavily damaged going it, but it was prepared to give all it could take, and was able to last a good couple of minutes before Carbide struck the killer blow. Eruption ended up finishing second in the series.

3 Aftershock

The team that previously had Shockwave return with an all new design Aftershock. This robot was a different beast entirely. A big vertical flywheel, that can flip over and tear up bots, and self right if it gets flipped. It was very convincing in it's heat, taking out the expensive Rapid, making a wreck out of Sabretooth, and even writing-off reigning champions Apollo. The run ended when it fought Carbide and lost in an underwhelming fight. Whilst they fought two more fights afterwards, the damage Carbide caused proved too great, and Aftershock lost both of them (it's last fight being a very good fight with Eruption).

4 Ironside 3

In my eyes the most unlucky robot in Series 8 gets another chance in the most destructive heat in the series. Ironside 3 had opponents like Apex, Pulsar and Supernova to deal with. However, better durability and weapon reliability meant that Ironside 3 held up the best and won the heat. Compared to Carbide however it's heavier weapon takes longer to spin up, so it has to play a more defensive game. In the Finals Carbide broke it's srimech early on, and that cost it dearly against Eruption when it got flipped. It had some luck then against a heavily damaged Aftershock, before getting trashed by Carbide.
After it's previous elimination it was nice to see the team do better here, and finish a deserving 3rd place.

5 Apollo

The reigning champions title defence was never going to be easy, as it had the misfortune of being in the same heat as the dangerous Carbide. It performed brilliantly in it's first round melee, having a go at all the opponents, but it's first fight against Carbide didn't end well for Apollo. It made a comeback in the next two fights, even getting an out of the arena flip on Coyote, and it fought Carbide again in the final. The bot seemed to drive better, but the flipper just wouldn't work, and Apollo got knocked out again. It got the wildcard in the Grand Final, but as it was already quite badly damaged it was easy pickings for Aftershock.
Apollo may have lost the title, but the team still embodied the spirit of the show, and it still provided a lot of fun.

6 Concussion

Entered by a brand new team from Dorset, Concussion boasted a nasty looking drum spinner. It got through it's first round melee, taking out Tauron in the process, then after an initial scare getting stuck on the pit, it came back and got a win over Thor. It was all going well, until it got to MR Speed Squared. It's drive motors burned out, and it couldn't finish off it's opponent. It still got the win though, and went on to fight Thor in the finals. It won the fight again, but the motor burnouts were becoming quite the regular occurrence. In the Finals in then got knocked out by Carbide in no time at all.
For a debut entry this was very impressive, and the team would only get better from here on out.

7 Thor

Robot Wars' lone-wolf Jason Marston returns with a re-worked Thor. It had some teething issues in it's first round melee, but when it got going it took out Chimera 2. It then lost to Concussion when it's CO2 tank vented, and then it got flipped and was unable to self-right. It then made a comeback by taking out MR Speed Squared and Heavy Metal very convincingly. It fought Concussion again in the final, but try as he might, Jason just couldn't get a good blow in with the axe. Then the CO2 went again, and Thor lost on a judges decision.
I personally think Jason also made a tactical error in using the front plough, as opposed to the dustpan wedge, which I think would've worked much better.

8 Pulsar

This unlikely Finalist from the previous series returns with the bot re-worked from the ground up. It now has a srimech, and the drum is bigger and chunkier. It got quick knockouts on robots like Apex and Supernova, but reliability was a big problem here. It kept burning out it's drive motors, the first case being in it's first fight against Ironside 3 (where due to the confusing circumstances the judges declared the fight a draw). In it's Heat Final against Ironside 3 the reliability issues were too much of hindrance, and it lost the fight, and despite having the most points of all the finalists, there really was no chance to get it repaired again for the potential wildcard.

9 Behemoth

The Behemoth team return once again, and this time with some new modular scoops depending on the current situation. It got through the first fight with relative ease, but then lost to Eruption after getting tossed out of the arena. Against PP3D it used the new spinner-killer plough, which worked well, and got Behemoth a win. However in it's fight against Cherub the team used an experimental grabber weapon which had never been tested before. The weapon failed, and Cherub ended up winning on a judges decision, costing Behemoth's place in the Heat Final.
It was such a frustrating way to go out, and Anthony in particular was annoyed with his team for not listening to him when he wanted to go with the original scoop.

10 Trolley Rage
The Contenders
11 Sabretooth

Builder Gabriel Stroud had been competing on Robot Wars since Series 5, and up until this point had never won a televised fight. His moment to shine came when he entered the most deadly and compact version of Sabretooth yet. Riding high on the sails of getting through the first round melee, Sabretooth then caused a shock by knocking out Terrorhurtz. However, against Aftershock it got absolutely trashed. The repair job was heavy and it was never really the same afterwards. It lost it's next fight to Jellyfish, then in the Heat Final against Aftershock, it didn't stand a chance.
Still, it was worth it to see Gabe get his moment of glory.

12 Tauron
13 Ms Nightshade
14 Coyote
15 Rusty
16 Crackers'N'Smash
17 Meggamouse
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