Reasons Canada Is Better Than The United States

I live in Canada, and It is FAR better than the USA. Here are my Top 10 reasons why Canada's better than USA.

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Better Healthcare

Healthcare is basic right, it should not be a luxury for the very rich

People from the USA need to come to Canada to get healthcare. Reasons why some Canadians need to go down their is because the States has better Doctors. Except they are only in it for the money. Canadians will live an average 3 years longer. USA is a very violent. I know this from the news on T.V.. And in Canada as a Canadian I look at news based on the USA and hear a tragic death struck a terrorist attack happen. Remember that shooting in Orlando at a bar? Yeah that happened in the USA. The worst part was that I am pretty sure they were Muslim. USA keeps on making terrorist jokes on them. The USA is violent and they seem to be addicted to war. Why? Why do Americans think they are so good when really the government starts war? Forced Canadians to join? If the USA goes to war with other countries it should not be Canada's problem. If the USA barges in a war it is not Canada's problem. The American government chose too. Not the Canadians.

I'm Canadian and I think this list was just created by some shallow canadian. Smarter people? More beautiful people? Sounds like an excuse to bash the US. But I do agree, our health care us better. Our healthcare is free! In the states, you are constantly paying, even for a kleenex you use in the hospital. Its a reason many americans cannot afford healthcare, its sad.

I have relatives that live in canada and it really depends which state you live in
I new some people who had to get a operation down quickly and they would have to wait a month and so they had to go to america to get it done. Also the socialism will end up being the countries down fall
Other than that I love canada to

Less Crime

The United States also has a MUCH larger population than Canada and has a higher tourism rate than Canada so what do you expect? Also, the US has immigrational problems with Mexican illegals so what do you honestly expect? Canada is lucky they don't have to deal with the problem. Guess everyone can't resist coming to the beat country in the world. But these are the reasons why Canada has less of a crime rate!

I live in the USA and when I grow up I might move to Canada because I just want to.

Our gun laws in Canada says that we're not allowed to use guns anywhere no matter the age. Then I here the a 4 year old got his moms gun and accidentally shot her near the chest. Now she's paying for hospital care and in court (this incident was 2015). As for us here in Canada, we only get rabid dogs that are taken under control by animal control.

Canada has WAY better crime rate then the us! I live there and its awesome! :D


Both countries are very clean. Countries like China and Pakistan have those problems.

The reason why Canada is cleaner is because the USA has a MUCH higher population and Tourism rate. Canada only has a few cities and it's bigger than the USA. There's States in the US that have a higher population that Canada so honestly what do you expect?

I have lived in Canada for 42 years, & it is the cleanest country in the world.

It depends the area. Country wise, Canada is cleaner because of the large wilderness

Better Exploring

Not bull at all actually.

Canadas Better

This one is the SHIIT, Canada has amazing exploring! Well we don’t have florida sun and coconut palm trees, we have exploring! You want to walk along rugged coastline? Well you can head to Vancouver island or Newfoundland for amazing rocky hikes that are breathtaking. Maybe you want soft coastline, well there are actually a handful of sandy beaches in Prince Edward Island and in the gulf islands of because. You like mountains? Well the Canadian Rockies are the best place to see them. Just head to Jasper or Banff or even do both, to see the amazing glory of Canada and our national animal the beaver!

Bigger Country

How does that make it better?

Canada is only a little bigger than the USA, can’t we just be good ol buddies? Because they are both in the NATO alliance and USA is Canada’s only neighbor?

Nicer People

Not true at all Canadians are very rude and automatically hate you if you're a conservative or a Christian

I live in Canada but some people here are plain rude! Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of nice people but where I live (Brantford, Ontario) some people are rude. About a month ago when I was walking home from school with my friend some 15 year old teen pushed my friend to the ground and starting throwing threats to me and my friend such as "If you touch me I will slit your throat" and "To weak little mama's boy? " This drove me insanse because we didn't do anything to him. I then rammed into the teen and he fell down to the concrete letting go of my friend in the process. When then ran of as quick as we could before he could get us. He did chase us while saying more insults. He then gave up. Won't forget that day...

Canadians: We are one of the nicest people!

Also Canadians: Obnoxious American brats!

Canadians are much friendlier than US-Americans.

Less Overpopulated

So are we gonna ignore India? Because USA is bigger than India but USA still has less population.

There are way too many Americans. There's always traffic. I love how there are Canadians, but not so much you wonder if you'll get to work sometime this century.

Less people, larger area.

Um the USA is not overpopulated, in fact, USA isn’t even near overpopulated!

Good Traveling Destinations

No they don't ameroca has the most visited cities in the world there's new york and la and Florida and we have Disney world

No Donald Trump

I would love to move to Canada! Trump bought his presidential spot with the help of the Russians!

"That is true Canada is really luck"

We might have to build a wall to keep these Donald Trump fleeing Americans out of our beautiful country!

True, but we have to deal with dumb Doug Ford!

Not As Many Rednecks

I am also a Canadian, and the Trailer Park Boys is just something to watch. It does not define our country. You don't have Spiderman or Captain America in real life, do you? I have live in Canada for 55 years and I have been to 80% of the country and I have not seen or heard of any rednecks. I was in New York CIty once and I saw a PACK of rednecks, drinking beer, drunk laughing, and throwing up.

LOL! You should come live in Alberta if you think that. Redneck here, Redneck there.

Everybody says alberta has rednecks but not any more than any other province in canada

You sure about that? I beg to differ, lived in both countries, I am Canadian but it feels way more hick in Canada

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Calmer Country

We don't like to stir the pot. Why can't the world just get along? We try to help other countries that suffer from injustices.

Metric System

Holy guacamole literally everywhere but the US and some place in Africa uses it, which to me speaks volumes about how superior it is (Sorry guys, but really! )

Metric system is better because of the easy math with powers of ten unlike the American cancer of conversion

The Metric system is awesome. The British system (non-Metric) is terrible. I am saying that, and I AM FROM THE US!

Metric system is stupid

Better National Hockey Team

Go Toews suck it Kane. Domi beat up American jerk Kesler. Canadian hockey players are better. Screw USA's national hockey team. Only reason why Brett Hull did not play for Canada was because Canada denied him so he came back for his revenge. Either than that Canada is way better.

They will only win things in the NHL. Which is not even international. Most of the American based NHL teams are mostly rostered and capatined by Canadian NHL players. Take superstars like Crosby and Toews. They will only win in world juniors. Canada won the world juniors back on Jan. 5th getting gold Sweden silver and USA bronze. Look out USA Canada is coming to dominate you guys. We Canadians are sorry that we can't hear you over the sound of our gold medal. The USA will say: I'm sorry but who cares? Your Canada. Everyone expects you to win. Canada says: I'm sorry but who cares either? No one expects you guys to win anyway. So boom rosted.

America can take their national hockey team and shove it up there ass.

Remember 2010 Winter Olympics?

More Beautiful People

How would people know that? I am canadian but know that USA has way way more people than Canada. So that is not sure.

How would we know?


Um yeah

Sexy Girls

Sexist and racist. This list has so much wrong with it, I don't know where to begin

No Hillary or Trump

So true.

Alright you’ve convinced me: I am moving to Canada.

More Beautiful Cities

Edmonton is infinitely more beautiful than Calgary. Calgary craves acceptance internationally, while Edmonton doesn't. Calgary's economy is in the toilet because it relies on oil and gas too much. Calgary has always been a me too city to Edmonton. Calgary is closer to the Rocky Mountains than Edmonton,but Banff and Lake Louise are littered with tourists. Jasper is the most scenic and beautiful mountain destination of them all in Alberta, and Edmonton is much closer than Calgary to Jasper. Jasper is Canada's sexiest secret.

Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton etc.

Toronto > New York
Montreal > Los Angeles
Vancouver > Chicago
Calgary > Houston
Yup, just named Canada and US' 4 biggest cities, Canada is better in all of them lol

More Intelligent People

The other vote here made me ashamed at modern American society. Also, statistically, Canadians are more educated than Americans. I'm not even Canadian and I know this.

I remember hearing that on average, Canadians are the most educated people in the world, but please note that more educated doesn't always mean more intelligent

That's because the educated immigrants come here. The average Canadian born person is not any more educated than an American. - godlygodgod

Lol really doubt it also are you one of people that think people who get all a's are smart

We have the most educated however it doesn't mean the smartest people in the world. It just means we have more in the country that have a higher IQ than other ones.

Kind People

Genuinely kind and quiet. They do not bother others or intrude in their business. Very clean country. All the major cities blow NYC out of the water.

Yes we all mean here

Good People


They Support LGBT People More

True and Americans are just asses and they think there the best

Fewer Terrorist Attacks

Yeah, we wern't ever attacked by terrorists and had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Plus, when people traveling to New York got stuck in the airport for 3 days, us Canadians took them inside our houses and let them sleep there.


Better Politics

True! At least politicians are trying to help the country for its common good. The United states are only thinking about the allmighty dollar. Americans will always vote for the same rich capitalists who really don't care about them. Just look at racist greedy crazy Donald Trump and his billionaire staff!

No Donald Trump or Clinton

USA is a jerk.

Canada is the best country in the world. sorry did I offended the branwashed out their? sorry but we will not take america's crap anymore. canada is the best. americas the worst. deal with it.

Better Food

Less antibiotics less pesticides less herbicides

Fewer Guns/Gun Violence

Well mabe that's because we don't need guns, it is not like we're scared of getting shot on the street.
Canada is way safer...

That's not a big ass lie. Its been proven by the american government itself that Canada is safer. You guys are the ones with: sociopaths, cycopaths, bombers, and did you forget about 9/11? Meanwhile here, all we have are rabid dogs that are taken away by the police. France is safer than USA. Deal with it.

Need I say more?

We don't give guns to 15 year olds.

More Fun
Less Racist
More Respected

It's a widely known traveller's tip for Americans, when you go to another country, wear a Canadian flag pin instead of an American one and you won't be scoffed at by the citizens.

Please don't. If Americans wear the Canadian flag and do stupid things overseas than you are bringing shame to our country, even though you have no ties to it. - godlygodgod

Waterproof Money

We'll have an economy while people will be suffering without an economy in Atlantis- er I mean Atlanta, after the Great Big Storm.

Holding our own in a great big storm!
In a great big storm!
In a great big storm!
In a great big storm!

More Accepting

The majority of People in Canada don't care what sexual orientation or religion you are!

They do not care if your black or non black person saying the n word

Less Aggressive

We keep our heads in the sand in Canada and do not cause trouble. The US is always worried about terrorists and Nukes and oil but We never worry about that. We just keep our heads down and say the US is bad for policing the world. The world should just cooperate. Meanwhile, Canada will hide and talk about USA and laugh at "Obamacare" that costs Americans ten times as much as not having insurance at all! HAHA

More Classy People

Eih! :) and More Stronger and Funnier as well!

It's Like Europe

HA HA 39 reasons and USA only has 13. Beat that you obnoxious American dumbass uneducated brats.


It's not like Europe, it's really not like Europe.
Except maybe Quebec.

More Mountains
Prettier Flag
Nicer Cities

Hundreds of beautiful skyscrapers, modern architecture and things to do!

Less Drama

Americans are some of the biggest drama queens I've ever met. Some Candians are dramatic, but a good majority are laid back.

More Diverse
No War

I kinda meant civil wars.

That's not true. Canada was involved in the second south african boer war whitch lasted from 1899-1902. But still we don't really get into many wars. Canada joined ww2 to fight against the germans two years before america.

Less Religious

So true, I went down to Florida in the car and I saw so many religious signs while in Canada I've never seen any.

More or less religious doesn't mean the country is better. Sorry I am not American

More Healthy Lifestyle
More European

More or less european doesn't make the country better

Less Work
Less Gangsters & Drug Dealers
More Water
Third Trimester Abortions
Better Accents

Only legit reason. "Eh eh sorry sorry" is better than "Ya darn tootin y'all are wrong. And y'all never said that incest was unlegal" (Purposely misspelled.)

Better Leaders
More Peaceful


More Class
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