Top Ten Reasons to Hate Arthur

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21 George is boring

I'm pretty sure this person who wrote the "Eye of the Beholder" was listening to Metallica while adding this.

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22 Arthur and D.W are always arguing over the remote V 1 Comment
23 You can't tell what animal some of the characters are

My second grade teacher told me that Arthur was a "Prairie Dog", which is what I believed for a long time, until I found out on the web he was an AARDVARK!

That's why we have the internet for.

24 Arthur whines aggressively

Uh, no, that would be Caillou that whines a lot.

He is such an agressive brat it makes morbucks from powerpuff girls look like babybop from barney

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25 Arthur is very childish for his age

They should've made him and his friends only 5 or 6.

26 He won't shut up
27 D.W is ugly

She is so ugly I can't even look at her face

28 Arthur is too Smart for Little Kids

It was meant for children Arthur's age, with overprotective parents. And besides, why so they even bother teaching Children about swear words?

They say he is 8 but they act 12 with lockers, hard work, hanging out bully themselves. We never did this when I was 8.

29 D.W. is so picky

She got over her hate of spinach in one episode.

30 George, Sue Ellen and Fern are boring

Sue Ellen's name makes me cringe

31 Dumb dreams V 1 Comment
32 It is offensive to Hindu people

HOW?!?! Are marshmallows offensive to Canadians now? - Puga

33 It is overseen
34 No crossover characters
35 Muffy's dress
36 Arthur asks stupid questions
37 His games are too simple
38 The Tibble twins are ugly

This is the only reason I hate Arthur.

39 D.W.'s first name is Dora.

At least she isn't an explorer

40 It's still on air
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