Top 10 Reasons to Hate Invader Zim

Invader Zim is one of the most overrated,stupidest,most generic and pretty much,the worst show in existence!
This list presents all the reasons for why everyone should hate this show!

The Top Ten

1 Zim is a lame main character

Please don't post on here if you like Invader Zim, there are people out there who dislike/hate the show not everyone worships it like you and cried when it was cancelled and said Nickelodeon sucks now.

This list is horrible, Invader Zim is amazing!

I 100% agree. - Trollsfan536

All he does,is to constantly bitch,yell and scream like there's no tomorrow! Zim is an insult to aliens everywhere.I suggest ignoring this stupid narcissistic little cockroach named Zim and go watch shows better aliens in them.
Zim is also an idiot,because he can't do anything on his own - he's such a dumbass! He can't even conquer a single planet! - popa

2 The animation is poorly executed

The Colors Of Invader Zim Looks Like Vomit Or Mucus And The Character Designs Looks Like Made By Pablo Picasso

It had two seasons, how can the show be so popular? The animation is just after it went downhill.

Yes, and one of the characters looks like ground beef and one looks like wild style from the Lego movie! - Trollsfan536

The animation style is like that on purpose. If you didn’t know that you don’t deserve to be here.

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3 The art-style is ugly and gruesome

The Character Designs Of Invader Zim Looks Like Made By A Korean Cartoonist

Unappealing,gory and disgusting - the animation of Invader Zim can be best described using just these 3 words. - popa

4 The jokes are not funny

Eh hoo hoo hoo! Eh hoo hoo hoo! - Trollsfan536

DJCosmic get of the list, this is not for fans who worship the show and behaved like a three year old when it cancelled and lives in delusions that Nickelodeon sucks now.

90% of the humor in Invader Zim only contains of screaming random words such as : piggy, waffles, pizza, moose, bacon, potatoes, filthy humans and all this type.
Please, just ignore this show and go watch something else! - popa

It has some other humour if you would actually look at the screen. - DJCosmic

5 GIR is annoying

He is a ripoff of R2 D2. - Trollsfan536

GIR is not funny,cute or likable.He's just downright mentally-retarded.I swear,every time he comes on screen I just wanna punch this little runt! I just can't stand him. - popa

6 The other characters are bland and uninteresting

Dib,Gaz,Tak,The Tallest - These characters are boring and they have no personality. - popa

7 It's got bad voice actors with no experience whatsoever

Seriously,the voice actors of this show are AWFULLY BAD.They just make me cringe.
Richard Horvitz seems to haven't been able to hit puberty yet.His voice still sounds like he's 14 years old girl.
Is there a change he's related to Justin Bieber?! - popa

Justin Biebers voice broke.

8 The theme song is just downright stupid

If it was rebooted fans would want the doom song as the theme song.

Its just "Doom" repeated.

9 What people like in this show is what they hate in modern Nicktoons

Every Nickelodeon fan is such a hypocrite.

I mean when you see ugly stuff in Sanjay and Craig you're like, "Oh man! Cut it out! " but when it comes to INVADER ZIM you're like "HAHAAHAHAAHAHA! "

10 It's overrated

Indeed it is.It's another show where popularity = equality, which's not true, since it suffers greatly from "Darkness Induced Audience Apathy": no likeable characters or plot to hold your interest and as such, you'll fall prey to a pretentious "hype".

The Contenders

11 The stealing organs episode
12 The dialogue is cringy
13 If you say anything negative about the show, fanboys will attack.
14 Gaz is like a ninja turtle.
15 Fandom worship

They worship this show like it's the holy grail

16 It was made when animation went downhill. Crude, weird, inappropriate.
17 It's a show

That looks like it was drawn by a 6 year old.. Gir sings a childish "doom" song (oh wait it is a kids show forgot with all the worshipping saying it's a mature show). Most of the characters have stupid three letter names. Zim, Gir, Dib, Gaz, Tak.
Its too stupid and childish to win three awards and a new movie.

18 Lame fight scenes

Seriously, fighting in traffic? LAME! - Trollsfan536

19 Names are stupid
20 The theme song is just the word "Doom" repeatedly.
21 Gir is not cute
22 It is stupid
23 Fanboys attack the list
24 Most of the names are three letters
25 Gir is stupid

Everything he says.

26 Zim always wins
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