10 Reasons to Hate Microsoft

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1 They named their new console ''Xbox One''

Steve Ballmer: Ok, let's introduce… the Xbox One!

Crowd member: I thought the first one was already released.

Steve Ballmer: SHUDDUP! It's just like the Xbox but with Netflix built in!

(Cricket chirps)

2 Steve Ballmer is the worst CEO ever

I'm better off having Bill Gates than him - JARHEAD5000

3 They bought Minecraft
4 All they care about is money.

I would' we thought they'd apologise to Nintendo for trying to be as popular as they are

5 Censorship in China
6 They don't care about gamers.
7 They make you pay to play online
8 Lack of JRPGs on their console
9 They fail at everything
10 Gay reference controversy

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11 They're greedy
12 They copy Nintendo and Sony


13 Xbox One's UI
14 Microsoft and Sony both rip-off the Sega Dreamcast

They were trying to help SEGA by adding Windows ME into the Dreamcast - HaloFanboy

Stupid, the first PlayStation console came out years before the Dreamcast. - MrCoolC

15 The Kinect

This is very fun, but it's RIPPING OFF NINTENDO! First, every single one of the sporty games is a ripoff of Wii Sports, and Kinectimals is a ripoff of Nintendogs.

16 They Brought Rareware

When they were working for nintendo, they made revolutionary games like donkey kong country and banjo kazooie, and for the shooter fans, they made the first successful first person shooters. But when Microsoft bought them, Microsoft got them to make crap sequels to there good games that were mostly terrible, causing the founders of rareware to leave. - Tisme_draGON

Ikr! They act like it's the greatest thing that they've ever made!

17 Windows 10 Ads
18 Passwords
19 Windows 10
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