Favourite European Airlines


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1 British Airways

Amazing Airline. Nobody Should Hate This Airline, This is the Best Airline EVER!. Epecially with it's New A380's and B787's, Along with it's A320's and B747's. - JandS3000


Good network and service and home airport Schiphol Amsterdam. Sky blue colour of the planes. 100 years next year.

Charming and efficient. - pitralon

3 Virgin Atlantic
4 Turkish Airlines

The best airline in Europe. They’re service and food is good since they have a chef on board. The best indeed. - HoldenFanatic

The best so far

9th? I flew with Iberia to Rio from Madrid and plane was older than my grandpa! Only one broken T.V. , no alcohol, no permission to walk in the plane. I flew to Paris from Istanbul with Air France and it was ok. But I flew to New York, Paris and many other cities with Turkish Airlines and it was the best. Even in economy class food is good and everything is at your service.

5 Iberia

Spanish Airline. It is Located in Madrid. But The Only Consern I Would Have Is I Wish that They Keap the Old Iberia Style because It blend's in into the Name of the Airline. - JandS3000

7 Vueling
8 Alitalia
9 Lufthansa
10 BMI Regional

The Contenders

11 Flybe
12 Finnair
13 Air France
14 Brussels Airlines
15 Easyjet

Its Not A Bad Airline They Give You Packaged Holidays And Super Cheap Flights But They Fly Out Of Regional Airports As Well As International!

16 TAP Portugal
17 Swiss
18 Aeroflot
19 Aegean
20 Air One
21 Meridiana Fly
22 Air Serbia

Lots of people don't know this airline but it's a Serbian Airline, I've been on it many times and trust me, flight attendents were nice, food was ok, and seats were cozy and comfy. And pliots are highly trained. The flight was very smooth. And in avaition history there were no air serbia plane crashes

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1. British Airways
2. BMI Regional
3. Flybe
1. British Airways
2. Iberia
3. Vueling


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