Top Ten Best Running Shoe Brands

The Top Ten

1 Brooks

Brooks makes amazing trainers and are my favorite brand which is why I think they're the best running shoe. Nike though has amazing spikes and racing shoes. Brooks makes amazing spikes and racing shoes too, but I'd prefer nike for a spike or race shoe.

Nike is a fashion brand that creates shoes that make your think, "these are bad," or "These are okay." Brooks shoes are what you put on when you only want to have to say one word: amazing.

Nuke is a lifestyle/fashion shoe. It is not a running shoe. Brooks are for true Runners.

They don't hurt my feet and they are really really light

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2 Nike

I agree, Nike is ore of a fashion shoe, but it did not say best preforming running shoe, it said best running shoe, therefore Nike seals the deal.

Brooks shoes are much more superior than Nike for running. If you prefer Nike, You're obviously not a runner

Nike #1 brooks really?

Nike is amazing

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3 Asics

Asics are the bestm

ASIs is great and I bought two GEL Galaxys!

Is the ''BEST'' ever very comfy and I have become faster.
My knee joint all has to absorb less shock

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5 Saucony

Pretty cool shoe

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6 Skechers

This brands shoes go run and go ride the wrold best runing shoes

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7 Newton

Amazing shoe, should at least be in the top 5

Newtons are definitely the greatest brand of this time and will only get better, also though I don't run in Hokas, these two brands are probably together the greatest brands of this decade.

8 New Balance

I have some really awesome new balance shoes: lightweight, easy to run in, and good for all sports. Asics is also good but not that good. But Brooks at the top: never even heard of them

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9 Adidas Adidas

The boost in the missile is something else - ultimate impact protection, plush comfort, best energy return - something more.

Honorable mentions: Asics, Altra, Brooks, mizuno, New Balence, Sketchers
5. Saucony
4. Newton
3. Nike
1. Adidas

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10 Under Armour

For me under armour is the best I have charged speed form and charged 2.0... Lightweight, easy to run... Charged 2.3 great.. Under armour the best!

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The Contenders

11 Mizuno

Try the creation or prophecy. I only run in mizuno or brooks.

12 Altra
13 Reebok

Top shoes...specially new range.

14 F Sports

Really nice shoes with nice padding really comfotable more than nike air max which costs 13000.

15 Puma
16 Fila
17 Champion

Champion's are ugly, cheap, and not very durable shoes. Will always get what are those comment and your friends will laugh at you.

18 Jordan
19 DC Shoes
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