Worst Things About Lego


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1 It's so expensive

I know right, a dumb little set with like 100 bricks in it is worth 20 dollars. I could build it in like 5 minutes! - SammySpore

Especially here in South Africa!

What why is the Lego simpsons house £179 when it should be like £50-£130 - Harri666

2 A really good theme being replaced by a useless one

There were a lot of good Lego sets now most of them are stupid

Space Police III-Alien Conquest... proves my point - Destroyer334747

Bionicle g1 > ben 10, enough said - VideoGamefan5

3 Lego land Windsor being rubbish and full of wasps while the other Lego lands are brilliant
4 Overrated

Everybody acts as if these blocks and especially the figures rained down from the heavens themselves.

Everyone treats it like a boss while they treat other companies like mega bloks like crap.

5 Their adverts

They have none

6 Lack of Lego shops
7 Stepping on them hurts like a mo fo

That hurts like hell, barefoot feels worse. - Connor360

Especially at night on the stairs

This is the only bad thing about Lego


8 Discontinuing the good sets
9 Lego Friends

Worst Lego theme ever

10 If you have a giant collection on a shelf, then you need to keep them dust-free

That's what I have to worry about. I have quite a few Lego sets (I recently had to get all of the unique pieces off my Laval's Fire Lion to build a new model) and they always get covered in dust. Good thing a few of my stuff are in a box. Maybe the biggest set I have is the Epic Dragon Battle.

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11 When pieces get lost

We get it back if we order from lego service free - Cyclne

12 Lego Star Wars
13 The cult surrounding it

I swear the company laces every brick and figure with some kind of crack. That's the only way to explain why the toys and every movie, game, and T.V. show featuring them is so worshiped.

14 You always get stuck at one point of building searching for a block
15 You've gotta break them down

And Build it. Break it again.

16 Comes apart

Without glue it could fall apart.

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