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1 Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

I have a Honda 110 dirt bike and it is almost indestructible! This thing has been to hell and back but still drives like it did years ago. Honda 4 strokes are my recommendation for a beginner or a 2 stroke for an expert or excellent driver because they are easy to work on and they have just the right amount of Power you will or might need.

I only came to this list to see Honda at number one, and I was right.

Honda makes the best dirt bikes, hands down. Great prices, great bikes. They're a decent price, not horribly expensive, and I love the classic Honda red. I'd have to say I'd like to see Yamaha at #2 as well.

If Honda is a poor bike then why is it second on the list. It's the second fastest bike out of all. I have a 2015 crf 450 and it's MEAN. Then my 2015 yz 450 is my second favorite.

We own 4 Honda's 150, 100 and two 80's. These bikes never die, they're great!


Own a 2017 450. Nothing compares. I've owned honda, yamaha, suzuki. You just don't find a bike like it with more balls to the walls. Oil changes are way to often though

Love my 250exc best bike ever plenty of speed and it's light as. KTM should definitely be 1st, best suspension, power delivery, weight.

Better suspension, lighter bikes, smoother power delivery and clutch what more could you ask for.

I've never had one of these. Where I live is a Atlantic cycle and they don't sell ktm's. Only Yz,Kx,Rmz,and Crf. Not trying to brag. But I'm probably one of the richest families in Maryland. And I get 4 new bikes every year. But I sell the old ones. And burn in hell if you think I'm lying.

3 Yamaha

I got a 2003 yamaha yz250f. NEVER needed any real fixes and I ride hard. Even been owned by 2 before me and they never had a problem with it either. Keep in mind this is a 14 year old bike and is still running very strong. Yamahas are the best and most reliable. I even have a friend that has a 2012 ktm 250sxf and his takes 10-12 kicks to even start the dang thing up. YAMIS

Yamaha is the true winner KTM sucks, I have owned about 3 of them and I killed them all good advertising but realistically hate them now. Yamaha can handle my type of riding and I will always be Yamaha fan

Owned several Yamahas over the years and not one has ever let me down. Ever. Can't go wrong with a Yam. Best reliability and durability you can get.

I have a yamaha 230 I am hard on my bikes.
I have had yamaha all my life 50,90,125,230 they have all done me good

4 Kawasaki

Yeah if you won all races you must be a better than a pro. Or a pro racing with kids that never even been on a bike.

This is so powerful I literally did a back flip and fell foward and it didn't even bend my fender because this brand has hard plastic.
This deserves to be in #1

I recently got a KX 65 and I absolutely love it I'm 11 and it has a ton of torque and it hits speeds around 60 mph in sixth gear. I am super satisfied with my KX 65 two stroke

I have a Kawasaki KLX 110 and it is awesome my friends say their great to and in my opinion Kawasaki is the best!

5 Suzuki Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu.

Great bikes, lots of power!

Have a 250. best low end power

6 Baja

This has got to be on the top 3, I have one of these and after some work it runs super good!

Super good quality, but It's little hard to put in neutral. But it is a super good bike!

7 Aprilia
8 Beta

Beta easily makes the best bike on the market. The motor and clutch deliver smooth power. Handles better than any other bike I've ever ridden.

One of the best bikes I've owned. Very user friendly just like a Yamaha but more refined. Better handling then my KTM.

Betas are the best

Got 3, want more.

9 Husqvarna

Husky is the Pinnacle of off road racing. Don't take my word for it just look at what the winners in off road racing are winning on. Exclusively Husky. They are a KTM with just a little more. I have been racing off road for over 30 years, I ride Husky. Right off the showroom floor you get what you need to win.

One of the better bikes I've ever ridden. Thought it would be garbage because of the fact that I'd never heard of one before, but it definitely surprised me. I enjoyed riding it much more than my Yamaha.

Awesome bikes. Period. Great control of vibrations (reduces fatigue and parts breakage). Swedish origin means excellence, as the long winter yields much thoughtful design elements, often copied, but never bettered

My Trusty Huskey has never let me down, In my opinion, best bike, basically the same as KTM because the companies are actually owned by the same people with same parts from engine to shocks but Husqvarna has a lighter frame.

10 CCM
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11 ATK

Atk ahead of the time

12 Apollo

I love it, it was my first bike and is still doing it strong after 2 years

13 Sherco

Bought a 250 for my 16 year old. Straight off the floor ready to race. He loves it and goes great too. Get on em.

Just try a Sherco! Best dirt bike ever

14 SSR

They have very good begginer bikes this is the bike brand I ride now.

Great beginner bikes

15 Gas Gas
16 GM

Best bikes ever

17 Bultaco

Best bikes ever made

18 John Deere
19 Maico

Purely the best, pulled like a tractor turned on a dime.

20 Tao Tao
21 Thumpstar

The best dirt bike & ATV's I've ever owned! The ordering process and customer service is very efficient and I would highly recommend Thumpstar dirt bikes & ATV's to newbies and advanced riders alike!

I got their TSX 140cc and it works perfectly. I bought 2 Dirt bikes for my kids to them. So far no regret. and customer service is Superb!

Great quality bikes! Tried it twice in Au. I hope they can ship here in Peru.

How come they are out of stock always?!

22 Atomik

Good for skids, and destroying it...

Great starter bike!

23 TM Racing

Great bikes smooth power and second to none. Low production means attention to detail and pride in the machine. High level bikes for sure

Have ridden dozens of high power race bike mainly 2 strokes and the tm 300 en is by far the most neat, best looking, fastest bike I have ever ridden, hand built italian machine that exceeds the competition in my opinion ( I grew up on ktms and still love them to bits, tm is a league of its own)

Not for people new to the sport, but they have amazing two smokes.

24 M2R

Great power they take anything in their path from enduro all the way to full blown mx tracks.

25 Rupp Industries
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