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1 Honda Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

I have a Honda and the power band is very power full

Honda sucks everyone I had broke down before my yamaha and all the Hondas left me stranded on the mountains

Their overpowers. Never die. Easy started. Don't break.

I only came to this list to see Honda at number one, and I was right.

Honda makes the best dirt bikes, hands down. Great prices, great bikes. They're a decent price, not horribly expensive, and I love the classic Honda red. I'd have to say I'd like to see Yamaha at #2 as well.

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Lol hater, you obviously never owned a Ktm...

This bike is just too good

Ktm = kill the mechanic

Own a 2017 450. Nothing compares. I’ve owned honda, yamaha, suzuki. You just don’t find a bike like it with more balls to the walls. Oil changes are way to often though

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3 Yamaha

I just like Yamaha it's always held up to my riding and I'm hard on stuff

There are awesome

I like the colour blue

Best bike ever would never ride any thing else

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4 Kawasaki

I have a 250 it is an amazing bike mine is
So powerful fast I win all my races with it
I also got a 85 Kawasaki that to is great

They are more durable then many bikes

Yeah if you won all races you must be a better than a pro. Or a pro racing with kids that never even been on a bike.

I own a Kx85 and it is a good bike to learn on.

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5 Suzuki

Runs smooth and fast and has a good power band

Killer bikes amazing power

Great power band and super smooth, I have a 125rm.

Love it

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6 Baja

They are decent bike but not the best when it comes to offroading

Dude I've owned 4 of these, and they suck aaas. iowned two 125's, 1 90, and a 250. baja are the worst bikes eveer made.

7 Aprilia
8 Beta

Beta easily makes the best bike on the market. The motor and clutch deliver smooth power. Handles better than any other bike I've ever ridden.

Betas are the best

One of the best bikes I've owned. Very user friendly just like a Yamaha but more refined. Better handling then my KTM.

9 Husqvarna

One of the better bikes I've ever ridden. Thought it would be garbage because of the fact that I'd never heard of one before, but it definitely surprised me. I enjoyed riding it much more than my Yamaha.

Fast bike the 85 is nice just the turning on it sucks

Good race brand

If ktm is number 2 then husqvarna should be up there with them because ktm makes husqvarnas. I have a 150 husqvarna and it is the best bike I have ever had. U can make it up any hill and it just lugs it up all the way so husqvarna should be up there with ktm.

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10 CCM

The Contenders

11 ATK
12 Sherco

Used in professional races and they win

13 Gas Gas

Gust no

14 Bultaco

Best bikes ever made


15 GM

I don't know I made it up

16 Maico

Great bike.

17 Tao Tao

I'm 11 years old and Tao Tao 125 is a great beginner bike

18 John Deere

I have a John Deere dirt bike super fast and good for off road

19 Apollo

I love it, it was my first bike and is still doing it strong after 2 years


20 M2R

Great power they take anything in their path from enduro all the way to full blown mx tracks.

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