Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rap

Rap is a terrible genre of music, and really should be removed. Barely any of them have any raping ability they sing about the same things. It's sad.
From swagfags like Lil Wayne, and douches like Kanye West, and girls who sold their body, Nicki Minaj it's rare for there to be a good rap song. And if that isn't good enough, they wreck my faverote pop artists songs!

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1 The Lyrics Are Basically Cursing, Bad Grammar and Dirty References

Rap lyrics are very vulgar!

That is a generalization and an inaccurate one too. I don't ever hate things without exploring them complexly and giving them a fair chance. I gave rap a fair chance and I ended up loving certain niches of it. You can be uninterested in rap, or not feel like exploring it, but don't reign hatred over something you don't know anything about. I believe rap surfaced as a byproduct of living in difficult places and situations, so its rough, uncensored and blunt. Sometimes, that's refreshing. - keycha1n

Yep this takes the cake

I hate rap so much. I'm so glad there are some people who agree with me. Rap is gross, just unneeded profanity.

2 The Rappers Have Terrible Personalities

Take Kanye West as an example and you need nothing more.

Nicki Minaj is a dramatic brat, Lil Wayne is an idiot, Kayne West is a racist. - ToptenPizza

Haha. Never mind Axl Rose or Liam Gallagher two rock icons who would start fights on stage. Two excellent songwriters who let their egos and terrible personalities destroy their career. Rock stars are no different from rappers lol.

Some have good personalities, others, not so much... - Therandom

3 They Autotune Too Much

Not every rapper uses Autotune - jameshoward

All rappers suck

Listening to rap, I might as well be listening to dubstep with a person instead of a computer. - ToptenPizza

Not all do. 2Pac, Eminem, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and countless others don't. Also Eminem is the most popular rapper and never autotunes. So I think you just know Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj and the bad side of Kanye and that's it (there is even a good side of Kanye) - venomouskillingmachine

4 Rapping is Essentially Talking Along to a Beat

Poetry - RoseWeasley

This is the definitive reason

It's basically a rhythmless poem with a beat in the background

But it's actually in a rap voice or something, then it has to be fast (Lil Wayne or Kodak Black or crap rappers like that don't but Eminem and 2Pac do). And then you have to rhyme it. - venomouskillingmachine

5 They Recycle Songs

The whole genre should be called Sampling - Jeffar

An example is Anaconda is recycled from baby got back. A chimp would realise the similarity - ToptenPizza

They aren't creative. Real musicians, who have real talent write their own songs and actually sing them. Therefore, they are the ones who deserve the big money

It's called sampling. It's used in rock, pop, country, and every other music genre as well. - venomouskillingmachine

6 The Songs Are Completely Meaningless

Open your minds and explore the world of rap further... Honestly most everything on the radio is trash, why base your opinions of rap off of what they play there? - keycha1n

Listen to Kendrick Lamar and tell me that all rap is meaningless.

Listen to Eminem and tell that to me again

Well, this could be said for all songs if you really think about it. - Therandom

7 The Rappers Did Nothing to Get Famous

Even Soulja Boy opened the door for many more stupid rap dances like the Quan, Whip, Crank The soul boy, and Nae Nae. UGH! Even other pop artists like The Weeknd, Adele, The Wanted, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake are way better!

Yup, no question, except maybe did some drugs

Most become famous for appearance. Thanks to this generation

8 The Music Videos Suck

3 Rap music videos? Two too many.
Each one is a variation of the other.
Bling, biatches and booty. People say it is unique. It lost its uniqueness on the first video.
It is monotonous, boring has no message and is quite simply shocking.
White lines it isn't. - Jeffar

And I am quoting my 26 year old. - Jeffar

It's naked women running around while the rapper does a porn shot with them. - ToptenPizza

so true

9 They Wreck Any Pop Song They Touch

This is so annoying. How many Mariah Carey songs were basically ruined because of rappers? Same with Christina and Beyonce.

It's so annoying! Whenever there is a pop song I love, there is this rap part which ruins the flow of the song! For example:
Everyday-Ariana Grande
No Broken Hearts-Bebe Rexha
Steady-Bebe Rexha
And these are just some of the songs that I like that rap has ruined! There are so many others! I hate rap!

Maybe metalheads wouldn't hate us so much if they turned on the radio, found a catchy pop song with an artist who can sing well and the song is pretty touching, without some idiot jumping in doing a stupid dance while rapping stupid lyrics that have little to do with the song. - ToptenPizza

Implying pop songs aren't already wrecked.

10 Offensive Songs

I don't enjoy a song with violent and sexual content, so I'm choosy with my rap. But I was surprised by the number of songs that are extremely meaningful and emotional from the rap world. A great example would be My Oh My by Macklemore and For Those Who Can't Speak, by Tenth Avenue North (if Christian rap is more approachable). - keycha1n

Macklemore doesn't make offensive songs. Listen to Wings or Same Love (an song supporting gay rights) - venomouskillingmachine

The Contenders

11 It Isn’t Music

This is so true.
If I wanted to listen to rap, I would get my mate to read poetry and roll around a tin box with marbles in it.
If I wanted to listen to music, I would put Dream Theater on. - Jeffar

Black Sabbath is music.

I agree with you 100 percent - Princesslove

I second this!

12 Eminem is the Only Good Rapper

My ass. Go look over at the UK's grime scene, then tell me that Eminem is the only good rapper.

That's not true - jameshoward

*cough* Lamar

He's good, but definitely not the ONLY good one. Just look up a list of rappers and listen to someone that people say is lyrical and stuff and then you'll change your mind. - venomouskillingmachine

13 They Are Drug Addicts

Not all of them - jameshoward

I'm pretty sure there are more rock stars addicted to drugs than rappers. You guys talk like ozzy ozborne, Kurt cobain, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, David Bowie, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, and Elvis Presley weren't all drug addicts. Drugs are used by many people in many different genres, placing them all into rap is pretty ignorant.

Some of them are, but so are lots of rock-musicians.

Its obvious, listen to their lyrics! - ToptenPizza

14 They're Annoying

Yes it's annoying I like melodies not beats. If I must be annoyed with a beat then at least give me melodic singing, not some self indulgent crap from guys who are full of themselves that does not sing but talks like they are at an auction, with the most annoying thug like voices. I hate country music as well so it's not about race.

There is only some of the clean version of albums but most of them don't have clean version they the explicit version of the album

I can't stand listening to rap

They just say meaning words fast

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15 Rappers Disrespect Women and Ladies with Offensive Words Like B Word.

Don't forget they're homophobic too

Not all rappers are like that. - jameshoward

This is why I don't like most rappers, I like some of them.

Some rappers just say it like a normal word to try to rhyme. - venomouskillingmachine

16 They Dress Trashy

A few of them do, because it's theor style. How does that relate to the music.

Girls dress slutty, boys dress--wait, they don't dress at all. - ToptenPizza

17 Lil Wayne is a Rapper

Addicted to lean & xanax at 17

18 It's Just Talking, No Singing
19 They Think They're Tough

So true but in reality, they are all cowards. - Princesslove

So true, but in reality they are all cowards. - Princesslove

20 All the "Popular Kids" Love It

All the popular kids love it at my school and I ask why to myself and just say that there low life people

The fanbase doesn't mean a single thing about how good it is - venomouskillingmachine

21 It Sounds Awful

I have the utmost respect for many genres I don't like like Jazz. Even Metal is hard to my ears but Rap...sorry I just can't...

Very indeed.

22 Instruments are Rarely Played
23 All Rappers Ever Sing About are Drugs, Girls, Money And/or Partying Like That's All There is in Life

Listen to some country. All they sing about are trucks, girls, and beer.

I agree, it sounds like garbage. However there are a few rappers that sing about things other than that, such as Dead and Gone by T.I. That's about the only rap song I like.

So true

24 Just Fast Talking

Fact. A two year old can rap because that's how simple it is and takes no form of skill. - Princesslove

No it's not that it's just they mumble too fast and make the lyrics slurred
Just plain garbage music man

Just please listen to good kid maad city...

25 Promotes Gang Violence and Violence in General

So true

26 It's All the Same

It all has the same message, same overly auto- tuned voices and in general, they all just sound the same

Same nonsense - Princesslove

27 Rappers Have the Dumbest Nicknames

I hate children

28 Rapping Takes as Much Skill as Using an AWP in Silver
29 They Ruined Every Other Genre by Stealing Its Theme
30 It Doesn't Portray Rappers in a Good Light

Wannabe gangsters who know nothing about music, writing or nearly anything at all, and who rap about drugs, hoes, hustling, cars, bling bling and dollars aren't a valid culture. Rap as it is presented in the media is a big joke. It takes no effort and little talent to make. It has no values. To think that it is associated with blacks more than blues or jazz? Are you kidding me or are you just racist? - Kricket

31 They Have Stupid Stage Names
32 It's Becoming Too Popular
33 Cultural Identity Complex
34 Rappers Always Get Arrested

Rappers do NOT combat police brutality. Police brutality doesn't exist in the United States of America. Rappers who get arrested fall into their situation by breaking the law.

This is really only true because rappers combatted police brutality and were arrested for next to no reason.

35 More Wack Rappers Than Talented Ones

After the 2016 and 2017 XXL freshman class there were more wack rappers on that list because of these lists

36 It's Loud and Obnoxious

At nighttime all I hear is the BOOM BOOM (swear words) BOOM BOOM etc and it kept me awake all night when I used to live in the hood.

37 They Never Really Rap Now and Then. They Just Mumble.
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