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1 About Every Episode Is a Robin Hate

There are so many reasons why I despise Teen Titans Go with a burning passion. But the way they paint Robin as the antagonist in nearly every episode is just so petty and ridiculous! Speaking of petty and ridiculous, it seems as though every character in the show is just that! It especially hurts because I know the people who created Teen Titans can do so much better than this. Teen Titans was my favorite show when I was a kid, along with Avatar the Last Airbender and Invader Zim. They really inspired me and turned me into the person I am today. I cannot see Teen Titans Go having such a positive impact on the kids who watch it. All the show teaches you is to hate and disrespect your friends. Poor Robin. Demoted from a legendary, complex, iconic superhero, to an antagonistic, obsessive, two dimensional JERK.

This show really pisses me off because robin is one of THE BEST DC characters out there (including nightwing) And the new show makes him look like a loser and a pointless part of the team and his team mates always treat him like crap and are ALWAYS trying to replace him! - Zombieman99

Robin in the original series is a awesome and serious. In TTG robin is too bossy and dislikeable. He doesn't have respect as before and really most hated. They have just ruined robin.

Sadly, that's true. The teen titans original show was so much better. I think we all loved Robin in Teen titans. Teen titans go makes Robin look so stupid. I don't get it.

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2 No More Robin x Starfire

This pisses me off too because starfire is always looking for a reason to not go out with robin! She tries an ACTUAL ROBIN, a mutated mockingbird! (bestiality) and A DISEMBODIED VOICE?! - Zombieman99

Two characters who were very well developed and we're just taking there time with each other, have now been reduced to a one sided relationship because one of them is to dumb to recognize someone's feeling but would actually try to marry a bowl of chili. It's stuff like this that make me glad I'm a GumballxPenny shipper

They ruined a ship that was well made, and I didn't grew up watching Teen Titans, I only have started watching it last week and the original Teen Titans was awesome and better than Toddler Titans Go Away, thanks for ruining a ship, writers of Toddler Titans Go Away!

They ruined a perfect couple in a cartoon!

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3 Cartoon Network Calls It "Your New Favorite Show"

They think everyone on planet Earth is going to like it. Even the way they say is like that it's mandatory by law for you to enjoy the show. Well Cartoon Network, I have something to tell you. NOBODY WANTS TO WASTE 15 MINUTES OF 2 CHARACTERS SAYING WAFFLES! You'd get more excitement watching an orphan baby with Autism get run over by an 18-wheeler only to fly into a lake and get eaten by crocodiles. How about an episode where the boys are afraid of cooties? But, aren't they teenager because only kindergarteners believe that thing.

Once I was going to see Inside out and there was a really loud TTG preview. The second I walked in the room it was like, "TEEN TITANS GO! YOUR NEW FAVORITE SHOW! " They showed the most disgusting clips. God, it was so noisy I almost fell down!

Well guess what Cartoon Network it's NOT my new FAVORITE show it's my new LEAST favorite show! In my opinion I'd rather watch anything but a few cartoon teens singing about waffles! Honestly, I don't even like waffles!

Most of these aren't even reasons. CN wants you to like it. What's so bad about that?

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4 Cyborg and Beast Boy Are Jack Asses

They're jerks who always try to ruin or take everything as a prank. I mean one episode they completely ruined everyone's good future just because of responsibilities?! - Zombieman99

These two are the reasons why this is one of the worst shows ever made. On top of that does anybody Rembrandt when these two were actually funny

In a commercial of TTG, He said " I can't feel my butt". Of course this show has too much potty humor and butt jokes. Just watch we bare bears if you hate butt jokes.

Beast Boy has the worst voice I've ever seen. Also his sentences never make sense. His sentences would be like Oh's sentences. Like " We've gots to get more fans" That is wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG!

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5 Robin Is Unlikable

He's Possibly The Worst Character In That Show.

First of all I wouldn't slap a girl in the face because I AM A GIRL idiotic face? Really?!

Robin is likable in the original show, but in this one it's the complete opposite - Ohno

Robin in TTG is very bossy and mean. He can sometimes become evil and ruin the titans fun for no reason.

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6 Robin Only Cares About Starfire

How could robin actually love starfire?! She has a horrible voice, she's insane, and has the iq of a dead fly! This shows cleverness is -280%!

Starfire backwards is Firestar. Like from Warriors.

C mon! I mean robin only cares about star! And star is way too perfect! Star is already very strong yet robin always help her only! He is too soft towards her and it makes me feel so disgusted what

In TT, Apperently, Starfire and Robin <3 Each other. But now both of them have changed and Robin can't tell that Starfire won't give a crap for him.

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7 They Hardly Fight the Hive

It even shows the city being attacked by three villainous teams from time to time! And it's highly offensive to what the Teen Titans stood up for; Justice. NOW apparently all they fight for is "Pizza."

If people actually think these people are superheroes, then they have to see a an experienced doctor because these people are dumb, lazy, and gross! There like 1% superhero!

I thought this show was going to be like the original, but with modern animation. I was wrong. They're just lazy, and barely even save the city. Just terrible

Yeah all they do Is just sit down and watch T.V. And never fight crime.

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8 Lack of Any Action

I never watched the original teen titans, but I'm sure there was more action and less BUTT JOKES! The only humor in this show is potty humor and good god I HATE POTTY HUMOR! At least there's decent shows like gravity falls that don't have butt jokes

Yep its true I mean were is all the butt kicking that's what I enjoy the most in each action show and teen titans go isn't one

I did not exist when the Teen Titans were on but I am 100 percent sure I would have liked it much more than I like Teen Titans Go! My best friend loves Teen Titans Go! and I just don't understand how she likes to watch a few cartoon teenagers singing about WAFFLES! I'm never rude about it but in my opinion this show is really dumb.

Every episode just makes me more ashamed of what my childhood show has become

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9 The Titans Whine and Cry Too Much

I want to see if they try a jack in the box and baby toys just like SpongeBob And Patrick!

Their way too sensitive and cry and ooh and aah over a soccer ball

Pretty soon the'll likely have an episode were they might have to reframe preschool does anybody agree with me


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10 Starfire is an Annoying Hypocrite

She is such a idiot. She uses "The" in pretty much every sentence and she is such a hypocrite. She has me face palming every time. Her character is so much more different than the old starfire I used to know. What happened to the cool alien princess from Teen Titans? - Myebi

She is the worst character of the show. - EpicJake

The worst cartoon character of all time! HOW CAN THIS BE YOUR FAVORITE SHOW WHEN SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST?! I think there's two words to describe her. What were they again? Oh yeah. Annoying and PRICK!

One episode mutilating her fellow teammate like hell than the next... SHE IS A PACIFIST! That idiot is willing to stoop so low just to fulfill her moronic desires. She thinks people won’t notice her hypocritical behaviour cause she uses her ‘beauty’ as a charm!

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11 The Waffle Episode

This episode is the most annoying episode in a cartoon EVER! Now I can't eat pancakes or see a waffle in another show without this annoying episode popping into my head! All the songs in this (cat scream) show are idiotic and painful to hear!

Waffles, waffles, waffles. Ugh! So annoying. - EpicJake

No...please not the waffles episode. That is a awful, annoying, and unfunny episode I have ever seen. Why would anybody in their right mind make a 1minute episode saying nothing but waffles. I can't even eat a waffle without hearing "waffles" every time. - Chaotixhero

Evil beware we have waffles

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12 Raven is a Demon, Not Goth

She always was a demon

She is the most Stupidest Demon EVER! and doesn't deserve to be one

Demon or no demon, she's still cool.

In the 6th Season of The Original Teen Titans Series, what if... Raven was Both a Demon AND
a Goth Girl

13 Beast Boy and Cyborg are annoying

Cyborg is super annoying because he talks about jink, movies, and beast boy. And beast boy he is not brighter he has a small brain and also he brainless he doesn't know why the sky is blue. It like his brain is like 0.1% small!

In the old teen titans cyborg and beastly less annoying in the go version they are super annoying

In the original teen titans they were annoying but not as much as now

Beastboy is always trying to get in ravens pants. Its annoying

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14 Cool School Copyright Issue

They changed the lyrics of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's song "Baby Got Back" but didn't change the flow of the lyrics and the background only to avoid copyright and make the song "Kid Friendly"

This show is turning into CN's Breadwinners!


15 It Airs All Day Everyday On Cartoon Network

They should air GOOD shows like Steven Universe (my favorite show), Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Regular Show. (I'm neutral over Clarence by the way)

This show should be cancelled and killed with fire I'm sick of having to race to the remote to change the channel from this abomination of a show.

They should just call it Teen Titans Go Network! They already changed New Thursdays to New Titans Thirsdays!

I still watch it because T.V. is just bad these days I don't really pay attention I only go on my phone

16 All the Titans Faces Are Either Hive or Trigon

Seriously where is Slade?! (deathstroke) - Zombieman99

They talked about Slade (who in my opinion is one of the best villains in the original show) and how "epic" the battle was and that really ticked me off since they shadowed it and then went into clowns...where do clowns even fit into this?!

How come they never fight slade - Matt92647

I know they could put intresting villans like catwoman,general zod,or even deadshot!

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17 Horrible Character Redesign

Starfire was downgraded from an anime person to a dumb thing that looks like a stick with a basketball for a head and pink feathers glued on!

They are the same designs from the original except theiy are smaller and have big bobble heads - Chaotixhero

Those Characters Barely Even Look Like Their True Selfs.

I been waiting to say this for a long time...I ALWAYS HATED TTG BEAST BOY'S HEAD! I mean, The Not Square but is Square, That Flat Haircut, Those Eats, It's just a ugly mess.

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18 Episode Titles Don't Make Sense

I've got to give them points for coming up with these titles. Where do they come up with them?

I can come up with better titles while having alphabet soup

The TTG titles are always named after something what somebody says in that episode.

Is it just me,or is every single episode is what they say? Does anyone agree?

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19 Breakfast Cheese

These episodes make Starfire more like Princess Clara from Drawn Together because both are more than willing to become hypocrites. Besides she's is a knockoff.

Umm.. I didn't get what " Breakfast Cheese " has to with anything here.

OH MY GOSH! Why would Starfire ever let Robin pet a black widow? WHY?!?!?! Those kinds of spiders I'm really afraid of!

At the end
They say they want cheese for breakfast

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20 Everyone Won't Stop Complaining About It (Which Only Makes It More Annoying)

Lets face it, letting out your anger on this show FEELS GREAT

I just do it cause I love to.


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