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41 They rip off the Looney Tunes V 1 Comment
42 This Show Has Bad Graphics V 1 Comment
43 The Titans Are Cowards

Robin Cyborg and Beast Boy are the biggest cowards of them all! Cyborg is pathetic because he's afraid of the dark..Beast Boy sucks because he can't do anything on his own and Robin is too scared to face Batman!

44 Characters Are Ruined

I totally agree. In the original they are so creative, and cool. And now the show has destroyed their character

Totally agree with this! I mean sanjay and craig was better then this ruined teen titans reboot

Robin is too bossy and dislikable, terra cares less about the titans, raven is a brony, cyborg and beast boy are slackers, and starfire is weird. THEY RUINED IT!

I can't they ruined our beloved childhood!

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45 It's Too Short

You mean it's too long, TTG shouldn't have any episodes at ALL.

46 Starfire Is Gross

She tried to marry a pot of chili...A POT OF CHILI! This girl also licks Silky and even licked Raven several times! Starfire is absolutely disgusting!

This idiot drinks fish water and lets out raunchy burps in the episode titled "Fish Water" and actually enjoys drinking that nasty water. Starfire is absolutely disgusting and she makes me wanna puke!

She was a little gross in the old version, but still awesome! But in TTG, she is CRAZY DISGUSTING! I absolutely hate her yucky Tamaranian ways and I almost threw up after watching "Parasite". I mean, she eats alive worms and fell in love with her disgusting parasite! WHO DOES THAT!? She burps all the time, is lazy, and is useless. WHAT HAS HAPPEND TO HER!?

1.She tries to marry a pot of old chili
2.She licks Silkie and Raven
3.She talks to a body Zit

V 2 Comments
47 The Show Doesn't React to Criticism Very Well

When they are criticized they made an entire episode saying they don't care if their criticized. If they don't care why announce it

They bring it up in the show a lot. It's like the show is one big stupid joke - Stevenuniversefangirl

They do care, if the TTG creators see this comment SCREW YOU! HAHAAHAHAAHAHA

48 The Leg Day Episode

This episode is too disturbing to describe..let's just say the titans take their narcissism and self absorption to a whole new creepy level..enough said! Watch the first half of this rancid episode and see if you don't get disgusted and wanna throw away your T.V. set and get a brand new one!

49 The Titans All Act Like Immature Jerks

The titans are dumb jerks and they thereto robin like crap and in episode's they called him baby hands and think his uncle jokes are lame I hope robin beats the crap out of them because they are bullying him

50 The Smile Bones Episode

Dear Lord stay off from this episode it's a shame to watch both beastly and cyborg are so greedy by stealing food from their friends in the real show they ate food but they didn't take food from their teammates and they always happy for what they done for them in Go they just take things without even asking and even let their friends begging for food I hope somebody steal food from them and die of hunger

Beast Boy and Cyborg, it's called teeth, not smile bones. Are you dumb or what?

Hey uhhh Titans? Uncle Grandpa called...HE WANT'S THE BELLY BUDDIES TITLE THAT YOU STOLE BACK!

51 Teen Titans Go Mocks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Truth Justice And What?
This episode is so Atrocious and Grotesque and is an Insult to TMNT Fans. DO NOT WATCH!


Proverbs 15:12

“A scorner loveth not one that reproveth him: neither will he go unto the wise.”

When the Teen Titans mock the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they Mock the

52 They Changed the Show to Appeal to the 5-7 Audience

Making Raven like a parody of M.L.P., Cyborg and Beast Boy acting like idiots, the slapstick humor where Robin gets beaten to a pulp, Starfire not understanding anything. It's all stuff that children today find funny. Because we are older we don't see it the same way that they do. This show has the same randomness that Uncle Grandpa, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball all have. Those are shows that appeal to a younger audience. So remember this is a kids show.

53 They Throw Tantrums Like Caillou

Caillou is more mature than those.

What no they don't

54 It Makes DC Universe Look Bad in Front of Marvel

It just reminds us we could be watching Deadpool, or the Justice Friends, hell maybe even Action Leauge now

55 The Titans Attack People for Small Reasons
56 The Animation Is Lazy

Yes! You're Right The Animation In This Show Is Super Lazy. There's Not Really A Lot Of Shows Out There That Have Animations That Are Worse Than This. Or Even Just As Bad.

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57 No Intelligent Characters

Jinx used to be so awesome, but now she's nearly as dumb as Starfire and never ever fights back!

Every Single Character In This Show That Isn't An Enemy Is Stupid. Even Raven.

They all have no concern for anyone else

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58 Less Comedy

You cannot find much comedy to this poop. Starfire is the most digusting titans you ever seen. The Titans gets fat but Starfire doesn't. All it does is teaches you HOW to be disgusting and being a cheater. So don't watch this then. Watch MLP because it teaches you friendship instead.

59 Abuse

I oughta punch Robin turn into The Hulk and then smash him like I did with Loki.

I only watch it because miss the old one so much

Robin abuses all his team mates in every single TTG episode. (I guarantee)

They don't act like friends. They treat each other badly. What kind of friend is raven.if they annoy you so much why wont you leave the other series starfire would never hurt her friends no matter what.they treat robin so badly.his just trying to be a good leader. Robins just a sad little man for the rest of his life. I really miss the other series

60 Characters Are Weird and Different

Robins too bossy and dislikable, terra cares less about the titans, ravens a brony, and cyborg and beast boy are just complete slackers. WHAT IS GOING ON?! They just ruined the teen titans.

Let me see:
Robin is bossy and unlikeable.
Raven is a emo stereotype but loves MLP
Beast Boy is mentally retarded
Cyborg is...okay I guess except he's in love with Jinxs...a villian
And Starfire is just stupid and at least decent

Hmmm oh and Batman is the new joker. Ha. - Chaotixhero

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