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61 The Episode the Return of Slade Was a Ratings Trap

I totally agree because the title didn't have anything do with the episode AT ALL! IT WAS MOSTLY ABOUT A CLOWN!

What Slade? It was some sort of Evil Clown. Seriously, where is Slade?

Spoiler alert: the Titans defeated Slade only off screen only talked about how they defeated him.
That's why Slade did not show up at all!

62 Star Fire Is Stupid

She is too lazy to walk to a door in No Power and marries a Cat Scratching Post in Matched. Starfire makes the word Stupid sound smarter then her.

MY GOD! She Is So Lazy. I Mean, She Can't Even Walk To The Door I Mean Seriously Even I Could Do That.

She says 'The' before anything!

63 Ruined Robin's Original Character

Robin was not a Retard.

But He Is Now.

64 No More Beast Boy x Terra

They were the best couple in the original Teen Titans (Betrayal being by far the saddest episode...)
In this one, Terra seems to hate Beast Boy and throw rocks at him...

Proverbs 10:12

“Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins."

Anger clouds the mind as does Hatred. Turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy.

65 She Thinks Robin is Crazy

On the episode sandwich thief she said of course robin and she whispers to cyborg "someone call the doctor " on the original series she would go crazy for robin.

66 They Don't Listen to Robin

Robin tries to make them more better but because of their abuse he's a depressed little man that's why he is a jerk

The reason I don't like teen titans go is because the titans disrespect robin in every way they don't respect robin as a leader. Of course robin is somewhat bossy. They are always trying to get rid of him too and cyborg says we like kid flash better or nibor

IKR that's why I hate this show if I joined the team I would give robin a hug and beat up beast boy and cyborg and robin would have something happy in his life for once mean sometimes they are the least bit nice but only like 3 times

67 It's Annoying and Obnoxious

This show is an insult to everything the real Teen Titans stand for, those bobble heads aren't the real Teen Titans, They are odd bodied imbecilic IMPOSTERS!

68 It Tries to Be Funny But Fails at Comedy
69 Everyone Won't Stop Complaining About It (Which Only Makes It More Annoying)

Lets face it, letting out your anger on this show FEELS GREAT

I just do it cause I love to.


70 Nonstop Advertising've got a point there.after the steven universe in too deep,it used to always be teen titans go after it and oh my gosh a song from teen titans go.they're annoying and there was this one was a ripoff of the monster mash.seriously,cartoon network.

71 The Ugly Artstyle and Bad Animation
72 They Sing Too Much

In season 1 they never sing but in season 2 and 3 the writers make then sing in every episodes like mlp

73 It copyrighted Caramelldansen
74 The Characters Look Like Ugly Babies

Especially Beast Boy.

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