Reasons to Hate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

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1 Karai's mutation

This whole tmnt is a night mare. Not good at all. Why make everyone a something with something. The snake does suit her. She is nothing but a tease and a brat. She would tease leo even if the rat raised her. All girls that are pretty love to tease. I feel sorry for them. You can't get by on looks a lone. Are leo and her going to have crazy looking kids. And them all feeling sorry for her. No thank you from her. Leo got her that way. Maybe to make her his. No. And how she wanted them all dead. She is just two faced. Good one minute bad the next. Not cool.

Why are they in season 5 shipping thus leo and karia. Weather they are blood related or not. Some how there fathers dna mixed in. And he got touched by a rat. So no. And she is also there sister does nothing more nick forget. Gives kids the wrong idea. If they are blood related or not. In any blended family. I can get it on with them no just sick nick. Her father rise them and she is related to them to. No we do nit ship it

If she becomes the new venus we will all die.

God she thinks the family has to accept her now because leo got her this way. She is always mean to him. I think don april and raph don't really like her. She is to faced.. saying I like you to him now. We do not ship this bull. Always getting them in trouble and not really helping. Also putting on the sweet act. And leo falling for it.she calls him a freak plays with him. Only nice when it suits her. That teaches kids the wrong thing. Please don't bring her back in the reboot. Leo and karai incest. Yuk.he needs someone kind and treats him with the respect he needs.not a bitch that walks all over him. But treats him as there true love. Hate seeing them together. They are bro and sis come on now.

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2 April serves no propose in the show

I mean this is the worst generation of April
It's like the whole show depends on her now and only gives her the good stuff
1. She's prone to mutagen
2. She's half alien mutant
3. There's a character who likes her
4. She has telekinetic powers
It's like the writers are making this 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' into 'Teenage Mutant Ninja April' I mean every single plot in the new season revolves around her
Can Nickelodeon fix this? Please?

April has potential to be an interesting character, but she has very limited combat scenes and her Kraang/mutant side isn't well explored.

April is Only some kind of Kraang Mutant. Not really interesting.

I totally agree is mostly April how as more screentime the the turtles

3 They made Mikey a moron

They show in one episode that he is able to sneak up on Leo, who is often thought as the best at stealth and then in the same episode they have Mikey trip and get them caught. This doesn't change. It's rather depressing to always see him as a bumbling idiot.

1987 Mikey Is A Silly (In A Good Way) Party Dude And Creates The Best Catchphrase

I agree with everything on this list except that remark about Donnie. I think Rob Paulsen's voice is very unique and actually kinda fits the character well. Even though I do hate this show. - MontyPython

Damn right. Those who disagree with Mike isn't a moron and claim that Don is a lying douchebags. Hell, this version of Mike's my least favorite one of him because of how irksome he is. And I'm glad that Raph clobbered him for pissin' him off.

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4 They try to mix anime style animation with the regular animation

Yuk I see the reboot is trying to go back to the 87 turtles. Over 200 shows of 87 and 170 shows.of 2003. Better then this cross over between the two shows. Incest beasitly cougar crap. Horny turtles. In those of other shows the shipping was cute. Also in the comic books. No wonder this show list a lot of watchers after season one. You dint have to watch all the sick filler shows. To know whats going on with this bull.

Anime sucks and makes this show's characters look odd when they do the anime expressions. LMAO

I hate here in Oz they have all the shows out of order they are playing worlds collide after the rabbit. Which is later after the two parter.yes it is leo and karai incest us almost here.yuk. Nick you be in trouble again. Shes says she likes leo. But what way as a mate a friend or a brother. Makes ys sick they are sister and brother come on now. No. This whole tmnt us just wrong. If they kiss no. But look at there body language it reads like family to ne. Not girlfriend boyfriend bull. No more incest in your shows nick come on.bad all over.

If leo and karai kiss in season 5 that is incest man. And the way they do this cartoon is lamo. Saying I like you now to leo. Bitch. Because she can't get a guy. No just wrong. Kill her off. She should be dead not her real father. Come got him killed think about it. I see why a lot of fans all ages hate this show. Just wrong. Nick does another incest in a shiw. They will be sued ha.hate karai and together. They just don't jell. And there personalities don't work. And they are brother and sister. Just sick nick no. Bad all over.

5 Turtles are narcissistic

Hell they are leo in front of karai. God if nick does another incest in a show they ate going to be in a lot of trouble. Again no think of the kids. This show I can see why we are on late in oz. And not showing the ep where karai says I like you to leo. Why like him now. God we hope it all ends soon. When shows are on late you know they have lost to many watchers. It is more like a adult version of the tmnt. Not for kids under 13. To much adult themes and bad things for kids. No.incest beastly cougar no morals bull. Kids should have a fun child life. Not with this bull.

We'll not really all of them...
But raph though...UGH

Yer leo give us a break. And that bitch karai. Go away let thus sick show die. All of them go and mate with there horny bitches and die. Leo is a bastard. And karai us a horny snake heat. No.

Yer leo in front of karai the snake bitch saying I like you now. God they are bro and sis come on. Raph don and apri don't really like her look at the body language. And mikie calls her sis a lot. God no. She us nothing but trouble. Kill her off. We do not ship this incest bull

6 Horrible theme song

This is the worst tmnt theme ever, usually tmnt has great theme songs, but this is truly garbage! I rather become turtle soup!

The theme song looks cheap and has a bad rap.

1987: Great 80's Pop Theme Song
2003: Cool Rock Metal Electronic Guitar Theme Song...

2012: Horrible Rap...

A lot of fans hate the show so much one thing to another. Just read all the things here on the whole list and we hate the song.oh and karai and leo incest.

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7 Donatello's voice is annoying

In 2003 TMNT, he's humble and loves helping people. In here, he's annoyingly loud and awkwardly obsessed with April

He sounds like a nerd.

Where is his original 1987 and 2003 voice?

Actually, I love his voice and I think it fits his character! Would anybody like him talking like raph, leo or mikey? (sorry I said that my little cute mikey you are awesome I am your biggest fan cute little mikey LOVE YOU SO MUCH)(sorry I talked for mikey justn I love him so much)yes I like donnies voice

8 They hardly ever fight the foot clan

The foot clan have become some sort of lame robots in this incarnation.

They have their hands full with the Kraang. (Not so bad as the Kraang are interesting.)

God no why not. And now in season five karai tells leo l like you. God as a boyfriend a friend or her brother. Come onno nick you have incest in akids show no. Hope you kill his mate bifch off. They don't work well together she is a bitch. Look at there body Laugage we say as friends we hope. Bro and sis. Not ghe other thing. Hope nick gets sued.

9 Donatello has a crush on April

Do they actually promote bestiality?!what nick?! what?!

1987 and 2003 Donatello never had a crush on April. Why does he suddenly have it now?

I don't think this is acceptable...they're making a humorous action-packed little kids show into a cheesy soap opera like most of the shows on nick

More like horny turtles hope the reboot is a lot more fun. Gid 87 and 2003 are better then this. All if them want to have sex god no. Should be called the teenage mutant turtles mating dance. No karai and leo incest. Mina and raph a cougar mikie and renet beastly same with these to. Yer her and karai are mutants but god no. Karai us so ugly. Inside and out. And her and april are prick teases and sluts.

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10 They are making this a soap opera for teenage girls

Two guys fighting over one girl? CHECK.
Love interests for each character? CHECK.
Plot revolving around Mary Sue that isn't even worth it? CHECK.
So much drama because of love? CHECK.

As a dude, I found it extremely offensive that there is so much Anime, Drama and Soap Opera in an Action show.

I really 100 percent agree

Bad horny turtles why. Here we go. Leo karai incest. Raph and mona she is praying on a 15 year old. Saying I live you and kissing to nuch in one episode. Also saying your a nice boy to Raph. God no what does that teach kids. Don and april beastly same with mikie and renet no. You wreck thus show nick. if we see leo and that bitch kiss my friends will be sick. No and april and karai are nothing but prick teases. And mona a cougar and renet and shimmy no. Are karai and shimmy gay. Makes you wonder don't it just.

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11 Turtles are too cruel

I really don't see it a problem. They're teens. Teens are meanish, but the turtles have brotherly love moments with some people along with themselves. Heck, even Raph and Fishface bonded in a weird way in an episode.

Yes they are mean to one another picking on one another. Leo putting karai frist. Before his family. No 87 and 2003 they were always there for each other. No matter what. In a good way.thus teaches kids the wong thing. Leo and karai get a room. Sick.

Yes they are leo all high and mighty karai is a bitch. April hates karai. And the clown bitch hates april.

Yes they are mean. Belittle each other. Putting karai frist leo sick incest. a lot of fans hate it. Teaching kids the wrong thing.. they should of killed her off not the rat. Sge hates april and thinks I like you leo will have him under her little finger again. Leo is so full iof himself. Mainly around his snake bitch.

12 It's Getting a 5th Season

Thank god. Are they all going to mate with the females then die. Lets hope so. No wonder it lost a lot of watchers after season one. Lets hope the reboot is better. Worse reboot ever. Just blow it up and die.

Please go away and die worst version of tmnt ever. Horny turtle incest and beastily crap.

Let's hope it'll be the last one!

Yer here in oz they are putting them a round out of order. Rat and cubs are atrer worlds collide. Is so nick is not in a lot trouble with karai saying I like you to leo in worlds collide. So they be be a couple
Come on nick they are brother and sister. Or is it incesr we say yes. We hate when they are out of order. AND A year behind oz. Come on most of theses are already on dvd. A lot of parents don't like it one bit. Karai and leo make a lot watchers sick. Incest incest incest bull.

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13 Shredder is nothing but a bastard who wants revenge

Hell yeah, he is. But what makes me hate him is how cruel he is to animals, which I like more than humans. When he killed Splinter, that made me want murder him.

Of course, I remember when some Shredder-loving loser on YouTube praised that damn samurai for killing that rat and posted "F you all! " to his (the Shredder's) haters.

Not only that. He's also an ass who bullies animals like hell. One example is when he slapped fish Face. And that makes me all the creatures that he mistreated would gang up on him, murder him, and be rewarded for those actions, especially since I'm an animal lover myself.

The Avengers could pretty much kick this version's shredders butt

Shredder was always nothing but a bastard who wanted revenge

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14 That annoying booyakasha catchphrase that won't go away

That catch phrase should seriously disappear.

Therefore, I prefer cowabunga since booyakasha's too weird for me.

What took Mikey this long to say Cowabunga in Meet Mondo Gecko? It's a Season 3 Episode!


15 They just make up stupid plots for episodes instead of using Shredder

First 8 episodes for season 3 is mostly fillers. There are other episodes in season 1 and 2 that are fillers as well.

Shredder probably fights them 4 times in 3 seasons.

No. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward Is Full Of Stupid Filler Episodes.

Dude, this Shredder has so much scars and is terrifying. What happened to the 1987 or 2003 or Mirage Comics Shredder?
And why are the Kraang so Evil?

16 There Are No Holiday Special Episodes

1987 Turtles Have Holiday Specials Like:1. The Turtles And The Hare (Easter)2. Super Irma (Halloween)3. We Wish You A Turtle Christmas (Christmas, Obviously)2003 Turtles Have A Few Holiday Specials Like:1. All Hallows Thieves (Halloween)2. The Christmas Aliens.2012 Turtles Has Already 4 Seasons Running And Still No Holiday Special.

Like Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Summer Specials... Nothing.

I understand but you can't hate the show because of it

I am going to punch you Nickeloedeon if you don't put a holiday special in this show.

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17 No Crossovers

Yes the rabbit is all most here. We see in oz they are not showing when worlds collide that God. They look like going to the shows we all want. We think they were fillers so everyone has there girls with them. Mona is on earth now. And karai tells leo I like you. What a sick incest show.

Seriously, where is Leonardos best buddy Usagi?


Thank goodness us here in Australia is going to get to leos best friend. And not worlds coldine. That one has karai saying to leo I like you. To her bother for god sake. A lot if fans say that is incest and sick. Thank god it is all mist gone. I think we will all cheer. Oh we hope karai dies my friends are saying hope it happens. Bitch she is. hope the reboot is better then this bull.200 plus for 87 and over 170 for 2003. 124. For thus incest bull of a show.

18 Donatello's character depends on April

His emotions depend on April like, come on this show is nothing but a soap opera for little boys and teach3s them nothing
No wonder they don't like this franchise much

Yer him with april. And leo with his nitch bitch karai. Raph and mona and mikie and renet. God go away. We all hope leos bitch dies.

19 Turtles are too serious

2003 Turtles are Very Serious in a good way because they care about each other.

These turtles 2012 are too serious and they do not even care about each other.

The 2003 Turtles blend Humour and Serious (Especially in Back To The Sewers.) These new turtles (Except Michaelangelo) do not know when to have fun.

At least in 2003 TMNT it was clear they loved and cared for eachother. In 2012 it just seems like they're roommates that hate eachother.

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20 Too much sexuality

Casey so many times touches April's ass I hate that thing in one scene where there are two many april's she hits her booty into mikey.
In one raph actually touches mona lisa's chest and these things go on and on it never ends seriously I am confirmed creators of Nickelodeon are sex addicts
tmnt 2012. Is it really for kids

Yes we hate it we say it is not good. My boys wont watch it any more and they hate karai and leo.they love the 80s turtles. And the 2003 for older viewers don't mess with the classics or not even the comics for that matter.

Hell yer. Not good at all touching bottoms and breasts. No.also shinny and karai akways getting there own way with there looks no we think they are both ugly and both bitches. The way she treat leo. Then now says I like you because her other bros like din and raph and even april don't like her you can tell from there body language not good. She is a nasty two faced bitch.

April is such a stupid oversexualised bitch. They purposely made her ass look like an inflated denim cushion and have had so many scenes where they focus on it and her waist is so damn tiny. She's such a terrible character and an ugly ass slut

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