Reasons Lord of the Rings is Better Than Harry Potter

I like both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but Lord of the Rings is much better. This is my personal opinion, so please don't take it too seriously. Any other reasons are welcome!

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1 It has a deeper meaning

You go away from Lord of the Rings feeling you've actually learned something. The characters are faithful and brave. Their acts give you something to think about. Frodo and Sam's friendship is constantly threatened. Even the most comical characters do at least a few things right.

Lord of the Rings is the best book I have ever read. The Harry Potter books are a ton of fun, really enjoyable, and I love them, but no one will ever beat Tolkien.

There is very little character development in Harry Potter. Harry learns about magic and then for the rest of it he goes with the flow, and just yells at his friends for no reason. Frodo, has inner conflicts but manages to go along on his mission. Sam can defeat a giant spider, and Ron can defeat a cup. LOTR also has better themes than death.


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2 It is Christian

Tolkien draws lots of parallels to the Christian faith. Read 'The Magical Worlds of The Lord of the Rings'.

There are so many themes that are even indirectly Christian. There's a degenerative universe going on, in The Silmarillion there was a theme that their only hope lay with the Gods, selflessness, and even the most despicable of characters (gollum) can earn redemption.

Read "Finding God in the Lord of the Rings". Awesome book!


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3 It doesn’t rely heavily on magic

Frodo's mission is very hard. No blasting obstacles out of the way, teleporting or immobilizing enemies. Just lots of walking, climbing and running.

If Frodo and Sam want to get up a mountain, they walk. Simple. No teleporting, just do it the old fashioned way. Also, I think that magic is a huge distraction, for both reader and writer because the reader is always thinking, couldn't they just do that with magic? And the writer always has to make up reasons that they can't do stuff with magic.

Unlike SOMEONE I know (Harry) Frodo actually struggles. He doesn't yell "Wingardium Leviosa" or whatever and get it done,he actually nearly dies. See my point?

4 Harry Potter copied Lord of the Rings

Then you could say that Tolkien copied the ancient myths and legends

Harry Potter was inspired by Lord Of The Rings. It wasn't a complete copy of it, but it was definitely inspired by it.

This is actually true. Without Lord of the Rings there would be no Harry Potter.

Harry Potter did not copy LOTR you stupid idiots! Whoever hates any of these franchises is a retard

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5 It comes with a back drop of thousands of years of history and is rich in fully developed languages

Absolutely. I always enjoy reading the appendices at the end of Return of the King to learn all about the history of Middle-Earth. The Tolkien Bestiary also does this, even listing classic characters like Sauron as god-like!

Unlike Hogwarts, Tolkien gave Middle Earth a history spanning many 'ages' and many millenniums. Accompanying this history are several languanges (yes, full languages) that help to give validity and reality to the universe.

Tolkien devoted a significant portion of time over his life to developing the world of LotR, it is a man's life's work. If vague references are made to facts throughout a series of children's books then it won't build up as big a universe than a dense series of adult books alongside a large book designed to build up the world Tolkien's works take place in and a hefty amount of notes written on the legendarium.

The Simarriolion. Unfinished Tales. The Atlas of Middle Earth. And much much ore

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6 The characters don’t do evil to achieve their goals

In Lord of the Rings, wrongdoers are punished. The characters choose the nobler path. The message in Harry Potter seems to be that so long as the characters are against Voldemort, they can do anything they want, including illegal spells that ought to land them in jail for the rest of their lives.

Don't evil witches ride on brooms?

This is the stupidest reason I have ever read for LOTR being better than Harry Potter. If fictional characters never do wrong things, then these characters are very poorly written ones.

So your telling me if you had been alive during world war II, and had the ability to sign a petition to kill Hitler,you wouldn't sign it cause murder is wrong?

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7 Lord of the Rings makes sense, Harry Potter is just random magic stuff

Millions of people have read the books. The fact that you "read a little bit of a book" and found that it makes no sense proves how ignorant you R. If you read the first few pages of Lord of the Rings would you understand everything? Better yet, would you want to? A good book does not reveal all of itself at once. If it did there would be no reason to read on. You're supposed to want to find out, not just deem it stupid because you don't understand everything yet.

Your must read full books and you will be know LOTR is the most realistic fantasy series of all time


LOTR is a sub-creation under an overarching creation by God. HP is just random plot meandering, inventing things along the way...

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8 The movie inspires people on how to do good and fight against evil.

Hold on, Pippin was never in league with the orcs! Also, the big villain Sauron in LOTR, gives the book a huge advantage. It doesn't make you stop to think, "Well hey, you shouldn't have hurt the big faming eyeball. It was only an immortal wrath of a being, captain of the god of death, just trying to rule and terrorize the world! " So you don't really care that hundreds of orcs were killed. Whereas in Harry Potter, the Death Eaters are confused and mislead lunatics, but are in fact humans, and have their own lives. And Voldemort is a raving mad orphan boy that nobody really likes, so yeah, advantage to LOTR. Also, I think that Harry Potter should not have been written for kids, like come on. Is it really smart to have nine year olds learning about teenage social problems, serial killers, and mass murderers without noses? Real good lesson for little kids. I mean, not to mention the Lord of the Rings movies were way, way better.

In Harry Potter, they have to do wrong to fight against evil, but in the real world, you never do illegal stuff and remain the "good guy". In LotR, all the evil characters are evil, and all the good characters are good. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, so please don't go blaming Pippin for being in league with the orcs.

Well to be fair, Harry Potter just literally says there's a bad guy, and you can do simply anything to stop him. Lord of the Rings, it's more serious and deeper, and there's always that thing about good vs evil. Everyone made mistakes, had problems, but they fought to keep on the right path, and look what they achieved.

Yeah, Harry Potter inspires people to get revenge on people who have wronged them. Stellar lesson for kids.

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9 The Nazgûl are cooler than the Death Eaters

The Nazgûl are invisible, speak in whispery voices and ride dragon-like creatures. And they're only nine of them. The Death Eaters are still human and although they're dangerous, they're not terrifying. Also, the Death Eaters follow Voldemort's orders all the time, while the Nazgûl do things on their own.

Nazgul are scary. Death eaters are not. enough' said

Don't get me wrong I'm a HUGE lotr fan but is one series being "more Christian" a legitimate reason for one to be better? I mean how about the actual story or character development! Things like that

The death eaters are guys in black cloaks and hoods. The Nazgul are friking giant dragon lizard monsters ridden by the nine (the ringwraiths).

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10 It's darker

LOTR is much scarier than Harry Potter


I mean Frodo cot stabbed by a Nazgúl, that was scary!
I did'nt get scared in Harry Potter! Sorry, bad English

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11 Harry can be a jerk

Hell yes I agree with this! Especially Harry in The order of the phoenix, he was like constantly shouting and yelling at his friends in Grimmauld Place. He's also very moody and a little 'too-good' for his age, which means he's too mature and a little fake. He doesn't have a good sense of humor and certainly doesn't have enough manners (no offense, it's the truth) as he likes to shout or being angry at his mentor and teachers. In the last chapter in Order of the phoenix, Harry shouted at Dumbledore but come off it, Harry shouts at anyone he think deserves it. He's just a kid, for the love of God. Stop yelling!

Harry gets angry at little things and yells at his closest friends. Frodo was only a jerk because he was under the influence of the Ring.

Harry isn't jerk! He just can be angry sometimes because for example in the order of the phoenix Voldemort is inside Harry's mind and that is very good reason to be angry.

I mean I like LOTR better but Frodo can be a jerk too.

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12 The language is grander

True, Harry Potter is easier to understand, but once you can make sense of Tolkien's language, it has great, deep meaning that doesn't grow old.

It is very emotional the farther you go and I actually almost cried when Boromir died.

5th graders are reading Harry potter, 11th graders are reading LOTR - LegoGeek21

You do realize HP is for young adults right?

13 It is a physical journey

Frodo has to actually walk to his destination, over rocks, marshes, mountains and rivers. All Harry does each year is go to school, and maybe to some other places on field trips, and the dangers come to him.

14 Sauron is a better villain than Voldemort

Sauron is the dark lord of evil, who in the first age crafted rings to take over the minds of humans and use them as his slaves. He controls an army of thousands and thousands of orcs. His spirit is still alive though his body died and he lives in mt doom.

Voldermort is some guy without a nose

Sauron is one of the greatest villains of all time. Everything about him is awesome (except the fact that he's f@*%ing lazy). My favorite part about Voldemort is that he has no nose, like King Hippo, but that's about it.

I like lotr better but I disagree with this!

What make sure Sauron scarier than Voldemort is that he's a mystery.You may not know his origin or what he looks like,but you still feel his presence and power,simply by the way people talk about him and how his ring,eye,and nazgul affect innocent people.

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15 Lord of the Rings has cooler species

Both have men, but does Harry Potter have anything as cool as a Balrog. And the creatures that are similar, like dragons, are crappier than in LOTR.

LotR: Men, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Balrogs, Dragons, Uruk-hai, Wizards, Hobbits, Numenoreans, Trolls, Valar, Maiar, Nazgul, Gollum, Goblins.
HP: Men, Dragons, Stupid small elves, goblins

16 The characters are on attack mode, not defense mode

The Lord of the Rings characters take the initiative to start the quest to Mordor. In Harry Potter the dangers just follow Harry around.

17 Lord of the Rings has a deeper meaning to it

It has a deeper meaning and the entire storyline is like another universe itself

In the J.R.R. Tolkien novel series 'the lord of the rings' you get this feeling like you have been transported to another world it is full of mysterious lore and is heavily based on back-story. while as for harry potter it takes place in present time and doesn't have much back-story to it. the feeling of the characters seeming real just isn't there.

18 It's shorter

The Lord Of The Rings Movies Are Longer In Run Time

19 Harry Potter Is Too Childish In Some Parts While to Dark In Other Parts

The Tone-Meter For Harry Potter


20 It spans a shorter time period

In Lord of the Rings, the majority of the action takes place over one year. Harry Potter takes place over seven years. If I were Harry, I wouldn't have been able to relax over the summers.

Well he didn't relax over summers really

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