Top Ten Reasons Metalheads Are Cool

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1 They tolerate all kind of people

It's 2016 and people still say cool. - Puga

2 They may look evil but they're like everyone else

Just have to look in the inside...

True - SoldierOfFortune

3 Some are talented in playing instruments

I play trumpet, my uncle plays guitar, piano, and some drums, and a lot of people play guitar. - Metalhead1997

4 They offer you alcohol at festivals

Yeah, offering alcohol to possible minors is so cool! I'm not trying to be rude to Metal fans or anything and I know most of them don't do this but still, this entry is idiotic. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I think soda is a better option than alcohol.

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5 They really love their music
6 They usually have great sense of humor

Chuck Schuldiner (AKA the godfather of death metal) was a comedian. - Brobusky

7 They're very intelligent
8 They can be geeks

I definitely am. - Metalhead1997

9 Their T-shirts look great
10 They're nice

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11 They tend to live in cooler climates V 1 Comment
12 They don't often wear sweaters

And what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? - Merilille

13 They respect the opinions of others
14 They're not Satanic
15 They are not Normies
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