A clown like Donald Trump is in the race for president


I am dumbfounded by how well Donald Trump is doing in the polls. I only met a couple people who actually want Trump for president, yet he is still the front runner on the Republican side. There is no way he believes half of the garbage he says, but he is acting like an idiot for the attention and ego boost. Many Americans are eating that garbage up like candy. This is what leads me to believe that many of my fellow Americans are stupid. The government is not a business, and most entrepreneurs only looks out for himself/herself rather than the greater good. Trump has no experience with what it takes to run a country and makes us look like bigoted, self absorbed, arrogant fools without compassion for suffering refugees. Perhaps Americans are smarter than we look though. People could be propping him up because we want a crazy fool running against who we really want to elect (while also highlighting what is wrong with the Tea Party Republicans we did elect), but then I can't explain ...more - BigBob

Nuance this, balance your rhetoric however you want. Fact remains, Americans (US citizens, anyway) have now officially gone MAD. The clown has been elected. How fitting. Good luck with that y'all. There is clearly NOT a 'well-balanced' person for every insane one in the US. Maybe 0,8 to 1, but that is not enough, is it? To be fair though, it's not like you really had a proper choice. Like you would want (another!) Clinton, ew. Would have been just as bad, perhaps even worse than Pubes II.

More importantly though, could we all (worldwide!) PLEASE get more on top of the worst insanity of all? I get why history has saddled us with legacies such as these, but why would 300 MILLION PEOPLE (effectively) only have 2 (main) options to choose from with regard to governance (that affects not only their lives, but lives globally), and (even worse) only once every FOUR YEARS?

Completely nuts. Like R.E.M. put it quite well a while ago: MAD WORLD.

How can you take Donald Trump ( now president and not in the race for president ) as serious? He is now accusing Democrats and former president Obama for wiretapping his Trumptower ( there's no evidence found but he's acting like a paranoid individual ), he demands that Mexico should give the money for building his wall at the border, he is banning countries ( mostly Muslim countries ) for going in the US ( which is against freedom of religion and therefor against the US constitution. Not every Muslim is a terrorist! ), he says that giving money to reduce the global warming iniatives is a waste...of your money, he wants to kick out illegal immigrants who are not criminals ( why don't give them tests, papers and make them legal if they pass instead deportations? Not every illegal is a criminal ). The day that something really serious will happen in the US and prove his capacities as a leader, people will wonder about his reactions. People will say " Are his reactions serious or is he ...more

And people with the intelligence of cancer are going to vote for this clown? Because he "speaks his own mind? " Last time I checked, mudslinging will never get you votes! I'm from America and I'm so disappointed that almost every moron breathing in this country is gonna make our country not great but worse again! I'm on the verge of getting my citizenship elsewhere because I highly doubt anyone in this country would be wise enough to vote for a reasonable candidate.

When I watched Donald Trump on The Apprentice reality show, for some reason I believed that he was competent. Now I have been introduced to the real Donald Trump. I know now that he is incompetent. He is an ignorant idiot with very little intelligence. His stupidity and bullying definitely contributes to his ability to be a clown. Donald Trump is a disaster waiting to happen, not only to the United States but the entire world. God help us with this idiot!

This is such an obvious con job. Repeating a lie over and over again does not make it true. Unfortunately, it seems like Americans are too stupid to care about facts even when he IS called out. His supporters can never seem to come up with reasons why they like him in interviews, almost certainly because the reasons are too nefarious for T.V. (racial hatred, bigotry, just plain stupidity? ). Who knows, but this is very heartbreaking to watch. The optimistic American dream is being co-opted and replaced with pure unmitigated hatred, and I can only assume his supporters don't see what's really happening.

Even when violence breaks out of his rally, he dismissed it, saying it wasn't "really" violence. I shook my head, knowing exactly what he's really thinking: "You ain't seen nothing' yet." If this man hits the national platform, America could have a civil war on its hands.

The thought of this scares me for the world as America is a first world nation and they do require a smart leader to oversee their trade and economy.

Complete and utter stupidity. A true awakening for those Americans who think that racism is dead, or not, probably racism deniers and trump voters are one in the same. American liberals, grow a pair and stand up for what is right. If Bernie loses, which it looks like he might, you lost your best chance of actually making a difference in the world. Shameful.

I also find it hilarious when people say things like "Hillary Clinton is so stupid! Don't vote for her, she used her work email for non-work related matters! " Ah, yes. The email scandal is horrible. Let's vote for someone who's going to put a ban on Muslims because the first amendment doesn't exist anymore and build a wall between Mexico and America instead. - pandagirl

It's embarrassing that it even has gotten to this point. We are looking at two presidential candidates who are pretty disliked among their respective parties (and the country) and yet we're stuck choosing between them. It's literally the reason "lesser of two evils" is a coined phrase. Seriously, we're stuck between choosing between an idiot who can barely do their own job and lies every other sentence and Donald Trump. How pathetic is that.

The American electorate has to be incredibly naive and gullible to be taken in by someone like Trump. "Telling it like it is" may be good if it leads to open, honest and respectful discussion of issues, but it does not entitle Trump or anyone else to lie, exaggerate, belittle, or harass anyone else. To expect everyone to conform to a single view of America is a prescription for intolerance.

One can only assume some moron like him could win a presidential election in a world where there are only two guys living, one is him, the other is, I mean, maybe that one will be found in like another century. Damn moron.

A reality show billionaire/ bully/ baby is our idea of an erudite and sagacious leader. The type that our children should emulate and a great role model for what matters the most in the USA. The concept that Americans would elect an outsider to the highest political office in the country is tantamount to asking your dentist to pilot an F-15 jet fighter and expecting him to do a great job because he collects airplane models...

And the other is a notorious criminal who has done nothing but lie and get herself involved in scandals. It's not like we really have a good choice here guys. I'm not necessarily a liberal anymore, but I believe Bernie is the most trustable candidate. He's fairly consistent with his values, and you can tell that he wants to work hard for this country. - ethanmeinster

It would be better to say clowns like Trump, Cruz, and the rest of them. For whatever reasons, (some of) the American public think they're the greatest people since sliced toast, while the "Rest of the world" just shakes their head and thinks, "you actually WANT this guy to win, like seriously?

If he get elected and if he put his policies in practice ( building a wall on the borders and so on... ) it's guaranteed that riots all over the country will explode. Also, don't be surprised if muslim extremists will plan a lot of attacks on American ground if this clown becomes president.

I'm cheering for Bernie Sanders (primarily him) and even Hillary Clinton if either one of them are chosen to compete against Donald Trump. They at least have experience and aren't going to be quick to destroy foreign relations with the world and aren't racist jerks like Donald Trump. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why not elect Trump after all he's paying for himself not like all the rest who are getting paid by all the other major corporations for their own benefit he doesn't care about us he cares about his own money not your's or their's neither does any other politician wake up america we don't live in the greatest democracy in the world we live in the most corrupt! Where else can you buy an election oh yeah that's right Russia and all the other "former" USSR communist countries!

Yup. I'm an American (not by blood, I was just born there. But honestly, Maui isn't part of the mainland so do I need to be called an American? We've earned the badge of stupidity! ) and I'm surprised Trump is even qualified to run for president! I bet that if he wins, he'll get impeached within his first five minutes!

People always tell me that America doesn't have race issues... today they just proved how wrong they are... Americans are stupid and I have completely lost all faith in my country.

Just says what a beautifully ignorant citizens they are. A third world country school dropout has better awareness than graduated Americans, mind you these days poor nations have higher education than USA.

I'll admit that it's stupid and he may just destroy our country. But a lot of Americans like that he doesn't worry about being politically correct. I'm not saying he's good, I'm honestly scared he's going to destroy our country, but all of our other politicians are just plain dumb.

Americans are voting for Donald Trump. WHY?! He has no plans except for trying to negotiate deals. What if he makes the wrong deal. Who is going to suffer? America. Plus, he divides the country, not unifies.

When you have a. Candidate that does not understand finance, foreign policy and gets picked as the GOP nomination then it shows Americans are stupid. Most people think that the president has great power, but the reality is a president does not. Congress holds the power. People blame the president for the countries woes when in reality it falls on Congress. There are many websites that break all of this game
Down and I don't feel like writing a book. If people stopped watching Fox News or at the least compare Fox info against the BBC, Canadian news and any other American news agency they would realize how much garbage they are told and how much information is flawed from Fox. Add the fact that the Russians are trying to throw the election to Trump and people think this is an act of kindness for the American people...well stupid is as stupid does.

Trump oppresses all minorities to get the majority. He pulls every sly tactic possible to get a vote, and... Somehow he's one of the most popular presidential candidates? Every time I hear "Donald Trump" I have to check my calender, and make sure it's not April first.