A higher percentage of Americans do not believe in evolution than almost all other first world nations


Look at Evolution, a peace of dust forms from nothing, somehow, and then collides with another piece of dust from which that piece came from nothing, and all of a sudden these two particles of dust form a planet a trillion times bigger then it. Not only one planet but millions of them, along with billions of stars. The theory of evolution sounds just as mysteries as God creating the earth if one asks me. This is why a good amount of scientists (not all) believe in Progressive Creation which means that God got the ball rolling and stepped in at times to alter the creation of life. We see this in the demise of the dinosaurs, how come the only time and asteroid significantly altered life is during the time of the dinosaurs. At no other time has an asteroid killed more then 70% of the population of earth other then the fall of the dinosaurs. An astroid hasn't even come close to 10% after than.

The bible thumpers in our country can't wrap their lil brains around scientific processes or conclusions so they fall back on magical beings so as not to have to admit they are wrong or have to think about complicated subjects. Theory of evolution. Theory of gravity. Atomic theory. They let the word theory distract them from proof.

There are no evidence for the evolution?! That only proves how stupid and uneducated you are. For the sake of the argument, I will not mention obvious things like fossils or DNA tracing and I dare you - observe how a human embryo develops after the inception in the first 12 weeks. And then watch a pig one, for example.

I'm glad that you really like a book, but there are a lot of other better researched and much better written works that you should really look at.

It's getting ridiculous. Evolution is pretty much indisputable.

It makes sense when it's taught appropriately and when you don't have religions brainwashing you to think other wise. "Oh how could evolution be true my God made man in a little garden." and then after that he also spun the sun around earth. Everyone knows that end up not being true but the brainwashing can be a bastard to shake off.

I believe in evolution and I even have two books on it in my room! The people who think evolution is not real are conservative religious people who believe in God to a very different level than the normal person. Like my great grandparents on my father's side would only read the bible to him and his sister and to themselves! They definitely did not believe in evolution!

American evangelism is a joke. Take the money away and see how many preachers there are

From what I've learned in my humanities courses, the US version of Christian fundamentalism is about as far removed from the teachings of Christ as you can get.

Some god-fearing humans show far less "humanity" & intelligence than many animals.

I am a Christian, and also a creationist. I spend a lot of time looking at evidence for both sides, so I am not an ignorant fool. Maybe those other countries should get on board with God. Jesus is a much better alternative to evolution. He chose to die to forgive everyone! Even those who despised, hated, and condemned him. Could you ever do something like that? Go to YouTube and look up Kent Hovind seminars. You might rethink your evolution theory.

Guys who cares if evolution existed or not it if you continue arguing about it the world is going to kill each other because of it. Get along!

The concept of religion is the SECOND most stupid thing that happens on this planet, following right behind religious people.

Now that makes me ashamed to be an American. Idiotic, no excuse for that.

Dumb people are dumb. I reckon this shows how the education system is failing US citizens.

I've seen and heard many accusing Americans for being stupid and ignorant. Well stupid people are everywhere but only you guys give them a front row in the society! I mean come on, people like Wendy Wright hurts my brain!

I don't believe in Darwin's Theory of evolution myself. Neither do most scientists. That's why they call themselves 'neo - Darwinists'. Tragically the evidence for evolution is as supportive of the theory of intelligent design as it is for the theory of evolution. What's worse is the theory of evolution requires a bunch of evidence that has never been found (i.e. The fossil record! ). But the intelligent design hypothesis is unacceptable for a host of other reasons. So far there is no good theory for the origin of the universe, natures laws, life or the species. These remain metaphysical questions with no good answers coming from the physical sciences

All fossils are evidence of evolution. Don't kid yourself, you cannot uproot the great tree of evidence with stones - ARandomPerson

Evolution is a not a fact and there is tons of proof.
Plus, evolution supports two of our country's biggest problems. Abortion and Racism.

Since Evolution claims that the human baby grows in the womb by looking like a ton of different baby animal specimens, Abortionists use the excuse that they are just taking fish babies from the womb and the mothers are brainwashed by that. And it's all evolution's fault.

As for racism, the racists say that some races evolved further than others. They think Healthy White Americans are the best race and that all other peoples around the earth are nitwits. Once again, The evolution problem prevails again.

I don't understand why Americans do not believe in evolution? LMAO It's so funny how nearly an entire country can be so arrogant and naive to the facts and the evidence of evolution. America, you claim to live by the "bible" when in reality you're not. From what I have seen of America and the people who live in it, you are the opposite of what the bible represents. You people can't even manage to follow a religion properly that has been around for over 2000 years. Why would you know about evolution? SMH

The bible was written by people thousands of years ago who didn't know a thing about the world; evolution is believed by world class scientists.

Really? Not just first world. All non-Muslim countries including Europe, China, Thailand and India have no problem with FACT.
I can't believe such a stupid country calls itself the WORLD LEADER.

It's all right if you don't believe in evolution, but even my American tin-can for a brain thinks its more likely.

Americans have truly evolved into humans who don't even know what to really believe.

When I think of Christianity I think of elderly people, possibly the most common Christians.

That is more representative of the Bible Belt sector of the American population maybe not all Americans as a whole.