They elected Donald Trump as new president


This clown just cares for his own businesses and the profits of money he can make. Do you really think that his economic plans doesn't involve his businesses? Wall street is waiting for pro-business reforms ( they're already corrupted. They showed it in the past and they are greedy more than ever now. ). He wants to cut corporate and personal taxes. Meaning that big businesses ( and certainly the ones he have ) will make bigger profits. Where is he gonna cut corporate taxes? In the contributions they have to pay for their workers. Then only he can cut personal taxes. But that same cut will give the working people less money in the end because to win back that money he will inventing other taxes that will not affect big corporates but the working-class people. He's a capitalist greedy pig. Besides that he's a racist too if you look at his program about immigation, control of non-americans living there and even minorities like Afro-Americans. The United States are now The Divided States.

Trump is elected by stupid people ( a great majority don't know anything about politics, economy etc... ) because of populism. Trump and his billionaire staff want obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the paperworks and just dumb enough to passively accept their increasingly boring jobs with lower wages, the longer work, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the moment you collect it. Trump, Kushner...( in fact the whole conservative propaganda ) are trying to sell at the people that we're becoming a socialist communist state that want to take the money of the hard-working people and give it to lazy people who don't want to work, to immigrants who are stealing jobs etc... Truth is that good, hard-working people, white collar, blue collar ( it doesn't matter what color shirt you have on ) continue to elect these rich arrogant corrupted manipulators who don't give a damn thing about them, who don't care about them at all ...more

Stupid Americans. This is why a list like this exists.

" America will be great again ", " America number one "...The exact words ( only the name of the country is changed ) were said in the thirties in Germany. Have Americans not learned lessons about nationalism and populism?

Donald Trump displayed all the skills and talents of a brilliant con man during the primaries and campaign. Anyone ever exposed to one, or who just saw one in the movies, could spot that a mile away. He also displayed clear signs of a serious personality disorder, believed by many medical professionals to be narcissistic personality disorder. As such, he is clearly a fraud and a fake, a professed racist and misogynist, a bully and a braggart. He has a clear resemblance to the personality of Mussolini, with strong authoritarian and fascist tendencies. He has a filthy mouth and displays disgusting, insulting behavior time and again. Most American parents agree they don't want their children to hear him or to emulate him. He has zero knowledge of anything related to government, foreign affairs, science, history...just about anything (he does not read books). He has displayed no empathy for others, yet holds the fate of all 7 billion humans on earth in his sick, greedy little ...more

He wants to kick out 2 million illegal immigrants ( he says " illegal criminals " because to be illegal in a country is a crime. ) and at the same time he will celebrate thanksgiving in his big house in Florida. How more hypocrit can you be? How is it possible that Americans can accept a racist as a president? Are they really that stupid?

Trump Says He Always Wanted a Purple Heart. Translation: Trump Always Wanted to be a Wounded Soldier. He Became a Draft Dodger Instead.

I'm scared to death of a Trump regime. I get physically ill when I realize we the morons put him there.

He will maybe succeed for the national economy but that are short term sollutions. What about dealing in the future? what about global socio-economic problems and issues, relations with all other big economic countries ( if countries don't agree with his policies in foreign affairs ), potential wars and crisis in Middle -east countries etc...? What about Healthcare in the United States, taxes that he wants to cut down...? So many things that will cost money on a global scale with money that are depending on his idea of economic growth. But will this be enough in the future to fill the dept he shall creating? I believe that he isn't qualified or at least not qualified enough to be a president?

Number one reason was that clown like trump can be a candidate for a president in US... well that ship have sailed now

Trump Says Capt Khan Wouldn't Have Died if He Were President. (Trump Supported Invasion of Iraq)

If he's still president in 2020 you can say that Americans are very stupid.

Why would anyone vote for a president who denies climate change?

Guys. He won. Start building your bunkers.

Trump Hikes His Own Rent During Campaign - Pays Rent With Campaign Contributions.

Trump's Colossal Business Failures Allow Him to Avoid Paying Taxes for Decades.

Trump Insists on Death Penalty for Innocent Black Teens (Central Park Five).

Trump Hires Thousands of Foreign Workers Over Qualified Americans.

Yeah, that guy is a hypocrite. He claims he wants to put Americans first and to build a wall over Mexico, yet he's hired immigrants to do his work in the past. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Trump Bribes Florida Attorney General to Avoid Prosecution.

Trump Suggests 2nd Amendment People Kill Hillary Clinton

Trump Lies About Willingness to Release His Tax Returns.

Trump Looks Up to Putin, Overlooks Murdered Journalists.

Trump Lacks Convictions; Panders to Protect Interests.

Trump Prevented Blacks from Renting in His Buildings.

Trump Exploits Children's Charity for Personal Gain.